why do Radha love penetration? – A hookup story

This is a hookup story with Radha. It is a pleasant experience to hear and read about other people’s experiences. If I had a desire to have such experiences, it could be a memory refresher. Don’t many of you feel that way?

Anyway, let me tell you about one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had

I had an affair. If it is a relationship, it is not a relationship of its own, a distant sister of  mine.

They will be 45 years old. Name is Radha. I am 32 now.

Radha is educated.

One morning I went out to brush my teeth and saw her.

Good stuff even though I have an older daughter. Her house is in my neighborhood. If you look from here, you can really see what will happen there.

It was my pleasure to see that. Especially from my room upstairs.

Now our house is closed. I go there once a month.

Only she, mother and kid lived there. The builder is somewhere foreign.

Our house is an old family home. They respect my father and mother very much. I feel the same way.

When I come, I will help you here.

It will also help to clean the house. I will give something for that.

So once I went there and called them for help. They and I started cleaning the house.

She was wearing a maxi. It’s about 6 o’clock. By the time she gets home from work, it will be time. That’s why he came then.

Although she is 45 years old, she looks thirty-five.

The breast and the udder are fine.

There was no problem when the lower rooms were cleaned. But it was only when I started climbing up that trouble started for me.

The stairs are wooden. It has been shaken here and there.

She said she was afraid to cry. I said I will help sis and I started crying first.

I will take a step and then hold her hand.

She used to work in a maxi and a skirt.

The same goes for Kony.

I will break one of my legs on the top step and then grab Radha.

They step over and over my feet.

Oh.. That heat that day.

As for me, they are rubbing their bodies and standing in a mess.

Even though I thought about grabbing one, I managed it.

As it was night, she could not have seen my rise

That’s how I got them to the top.

A tear fell from her eye as she beat the top with the broom.

Boy… I got tears in my eyes when I blew it..

“Kuttan” is what they call me. Not only her, but everyone who knows me calls me like that.

I was slowly blowing into their eyes.

As soon as my face came close to hers, I started shivering.

When blown, hot breaths come out.

She seems to understand. She started clinging to me.

Now I am biting her lips. It was like an orange wedge in my mouth.

Slowly brought my lips down her neck. I was able to come down slowly because of her tight grip.

she was wearing a nice tight bra. Because of that the way of the cross was very clear.

I am slowly drawing the picture there with my tongue.

Seeing that her maxi was a hindrance to my tongues, I pulled it off. She did not object.

Now she is wearing a white bra and a black panty.

When I saw her in that form, I was totally shocked.

She is not the only one

A woman is more beautiful in just a bra and panty than without clothes.

I took off the rest of her.

 I am kissing her nipples.

For having good softness even though the breasts are old.

I was squeezing her other breast with my hand while sucking the breast.

There was a special seal from her.

I cannot describe here the pleasure of that meeting.

The pleasure of experiencing is one thing.

She is holding me tighter and tighter.

She has a kind of crazy enthusiasm.

It is not correct to say that eclipsed children look like chewing gum. Her enthusiasm is more than that.

My tongue is still composing poetry on her body.

Enough for the breasts, or enough for me, I went down again.

Now my face is in her navel.

A dash of oil could easily be poured into it. That’s enough navel pit.

She had a rather small belly. It is very soft. It is also good to bite into.

Biting on that stomach and biting on the breast are almost the same thing. It is so meaty.

I didn’t feel like staying and playing there much longer when I thought about things down there.

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I went down again.

An intoxicating smell greeted me.

I left there for a while. Then slowly went down to those woods.

The combined smell of urine and sweat was intoxicating me.

I used to take in whatever I could find while wandering around there.

Something was oozing from her vagina. It also had a unique flavor that it had never had before.

I don’t know how long I did that. Both she and I were in a condition where we could not stand or sit because our hands and feet were trembling.

There we lay on that bare ground. There was dust, marala, and whatnot. I couldn’t remember any of that then.

We were excited to tie each other up and roll over and play. Then she was on top of me.

When her burden was not a burden to me.

She was slowly biting my lips.

Slowly she went down.

She chewed my chest for a while.

All that time I was in a state of heavenly bliss.

She melts my boy with her breasts. Oh how nice to lie between those tender breasts.

She is gently licking my cock with her lips. She does it gracefully, like a big mitten.

Then slowly she opened the lid. And then there are her games. Sometimes she puts the whole thing in her mouth. Sometimes like a dog gnawing on a bone. Sometimes she would take the balls and put the whole thing in her mouth. I wonder how it fits both in her mouth.

She was giving me more pleasure than I was giving her.

She seems tired of it. Now she was slowly crawling on me. She came forward and bit my lips. Then she took my child and spoiled her

I didn’t think that it could be worn so easily. Her stomach was sitting so wet.

And she herself did everything. All I had to do was listen to her tightly.

. Maybe she thought that my milk should go fast so she reduced it

After doing it for a while, he was eating my lips.

Or because she felt tired… I don’t know.

All this time I was holding her breast and squeezing it. Every now and then she would tell me to hold on tight. We have spoken very little during this time.

Finally my boy did his job. She laid like that again for some time. Then he said he will come tomorrow and left.

It was a start.

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