When he pulled me into the dressing room

This story deals with force and coercion when he pulled me into the dressing room . If this is not for you please do not read. All characters are 18+ and of consenting age.

He barged past me as if I weren’t there, practically walking through me. The force sent me spinning and I dropped my books to the floor.

“Hey! Watch it, jerk!” I cried out.

He turned his head and gave me a cocky grin and raised his middle finger, before turning back and disappearing into crowds of students filling the hallway.

“Are you okay?” Sarah said, helping me gather up my things.

“Yeah, I’m okay, thanks. That fucking jerk. I hate him, fucking jocks with the their so called big dick energy, like nothing can touch them.”

“Just ignore them.”

“Easier said than done Jules.”

I got back to my feet and dusted off my trousers.

“Come on, we better get a move on or we’ll be late for class.”

The rest of the school day seemed to drag on for what felt like forever, but it had to finish sometime and that sometime was now.

Sarah and I collected our things and left the classroom with everyone else. We were just about to pass through the big double doors to leave the main building, when I realized I’d forgotten my favorite hoodie.

“Damn it!” I shouted.

“What is it?” Julie asked me.

“I left my hoodie in the locker room. I’ll just go grab it and I’ll catch up with you.”

Sarah went ahead and I turned back into the school and headed towards the locker room. The halls were quiet now that everybody had left, and I made it to the locker room in good time.

I opened the door and made my way to the locker I used during the first period. The room was empty or so I thought. I heard the sound of running water at the far end of the room and then just assumed someone must be in the shower.

Heading towards my locker, the sound of the water stopped. I looked towards the shower area and out he stepped. It was the jerk from earlier who sent me on my ass. He stood there, his athletic frame, his torso wrapped in a tiny white towel, beads of water dripping off his smooth chest. He instantly clocked me.

Oh great I thought, just my luck.

He swaggered over to me.

“Hey you!” He shouted.

I tried to quickly reach my locker, before he reached me, but no such luck.

He stood in front me, my back now to the locker. He slammed his thick hand against my locker door, the sound echoed around the empty room and made me jump.

“You called me a jerk earlier. Apologize.” He demanded.

His face was close enough that I could feel the heat of his breath.

I knew I had nothing to apologize for, but I didn’t really want to get into it with him. He was practically twice my size and all muscle.

I was just about to speak when he continued talking.

“Wait, you’re that gay boy aren’t you, the one always hanging around with the girls.”

He then stared directly into my eyes, all confrontational.

“I heard you like to suck cock.”

I said nothing back to him. Trying to ignore the comment.

He slammed his other hand against the locker, effectively trapping me between those thick muscular arms of his, again making me jump.

“Say it. Say I like to suck cock.” He said with a menacing look in his eyes.

This is getting a bit scary now.

“I, I…” I tried to stutter out the words.

“I like to suck cock.”

“I knew it.”

He moved his head to the side of my face and near my ear.

“Now suck mine.” He whispered.

I froze up completely. I could not believe this was happening.

“Get on your knees, take off my towel and put my goddamn dick in your mouth.” He whispered again.

“Don’t make me ask you again.”

My legs turned to jello and I fell to my knees. I was now face to face with his crotch, I could see his big bulge being kept at bay by that flimsy white towel.

My hands shook as I reached out to where the towel was folded into his waist.

I tugged at the fold and his towel dropped to the floor. There it was, staring right back at me. His colossal 8 inch dick, and he wasn’t even fully hard yet.

Despite my persuasion, I hadn’t actually put a dick in my mouth before. I had only seen it done in some of the gay porn videos I’d watch in my bedroom.

I could feel his eyes staring down at me. So I reached out to touch it, which seemed to have made it more angry, the veins around it surging with blood.

I took a deep breath and wrapped my mouth around it. To say it was a mouthful was an understatement.

I tried to suck on the swollen head, swirling my tongue around it the best I could. I tried to slide it further in my mouth, but it was making me gag.

“Yeah, you like that don’t you.” He muttered down to me.

He started to thrust, pushing it further into my mouth. It was taking everything I had to choke it down, my eyes now watering. He now pushed so hard, the back of my head hit the locker, and that’s when he’s decided to fuck my mouth. My head had nowhere to go, he thrust his massive dick into my mouth, back and fore, back and fore.

I could feel it starting to swell, he was going to cum and I’d have little choice but take it all. His little moans of pleasure, soon turned into a loud grunt and that’s when it happened. He emptied his balls into my mouth, the powerful eruption hitting the back of my throat, I quickly tried to swallow it, doing the best I could.

When he pulled me into the dressing room will continue in the next page.

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