The football party with a twist – part 2

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If you have’nt read football party with a twist – part 1 click here. “God yes. Oh yes,” she panted, the pace of their fucking increasing, wet humping sounds resonating from their repeated unions.

“She’s really enjoying it,” Logan said.

“Fuck, she’s good,” Joe groaned.

Their hips rocked . . .

Faster . . .

Harder . . .

Her flesh glistened . . .

“Oh God,” she whimpered over and over, hands jerking at the two cocks, body arching.

Joe thrust into her . . .

Pumping his cock . . .

Driving . . .

In . . .

Out . . .

“Oh,” she drove her pussy onto him.

“So fuckin’ beautiful,” George moaned.

“Yes,” Bill agreed.

“Dirty little slut,” Joe grunted.

A few feet away Henry watched these men molesting his wife . . . and her loving it . . . like they had talked about . . . fantasized about.

In and out Joe’s cock pistoned . . .

Using her . . .

Filling her . . .

Fucking her . . .

In . . .

Out . . .

“Fuck yea,” Joe groaned, his thrusting growing stronger, his rhythm stuttering.

Seeing this, Henry realized that Joe was close to cumming . . . that he would soon unleash his load deep inside her. This would be the first time another man would do so since he and Pam had gotten together. The thought of it coupled with the image of his beautiful wife being so pleasured . . . so lustful . . . so naughty . . . so dirty . . . made him lean forward in excited anticipation.

Joe drove himself into her, rammed his cock into her pussy faster . . . harder . . .

Fucking her . . .

Using her . . .

“Oh, fuck me,” she whimpered, her muscles clenching and her hips driving up to meet his thrusts.

As his cock filled her again and again their crotches slapped together, wet fucking sounds echoing in the room. The force of their humping made her breasts roll beneath the fingers squeezing them.

“Yes. Yes,” Joe grunted, jackhammering his cock in and out of her.

In . . .

Out . . .

Harder . . .

Faster . . .

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me. Oh God, fuck me,” she cried, her back arching off the table again. She thrust her hips at him . . . fucking him as much as he was her. “Fuck me Joe!”

“Damn she’s hot,” Bill groaned.

“So damn good,” Joe grunted.

“What a little whore,” Ted moaned.

In and out his cock pistoned . . .

In . . .

Out . . .

IN . . .

OUT . . .

“Take it you slut,” Suddenly Joe let out with a guttural roar and slammed himself into her one . . . last . . . time. Cramming his crotch against hers, he held himself buried deep, deep inside her pussy and ground against her . . . his cock spraying his seed inside her.

“Oh god!” she gasped, her own orgasm exploding through her. Her body twisted and squirmed, back arching higher, neck bending, tendons straining. Her tits were thrust into the air, the milky mounds shuddering with her body’s spasms. She released the two cocks and her hands grabbed onto the edges of the table, fingers turning white with her grip. “Oh god yes. God yes.”

“Fuck she’s hot,” Bill groaned.

Hovering in the air, grinding herself against Joe, Pam’s hips made small humping actions, her pussy milking his cock.

“Oh fuck,” Joe moaned.

She moaned and whimpered as her orgasm continued crashing through her, her muscles clenching, abs quivering. Her mouth hung open, eyes tightly closed.

And Joe ground against her.

Even after he’d finished cumming, he held himself inside her as she writhed before him.

Then, eventually, she finished too. Her body settled back to the table, her flesh glistening with sweat. Laying there, panting, she opened her eyes and gazed up at the men around her. Releasing her hold on the table edges she reached out to George and Bill, her fingers wrapping around their cocks, a soft purr escaping her throat.

Sliding her legs off his arms, Joe guided her feet back to the pegs as he stepped back, his cock slipping from her pussy.

“I’m next,” Ted announced. “But I wanna look at that sweet ass of hers while I fuck her.”

Since no order of succession had been established, everyone accepted his claim. Henry could see a couple of the others thinking about claiming their shot after him, but they held off . . . for the moment.

“I need a shot,” Pam sighed. “And maybe some water.”

Logan quickly poured her the former, and Ted handed her Henry’s bottle of water as he helped her sit up. While she chased the tequila with the water the coffee table was moved out of the way. Then the men watched as she casually pulled her panties off and dropped them to the floor.

Now completely naked, she allowed Ted and George to help her off the table and maneuver her onto all fours where the table had sat. Settling in place she spread her legs in invitation, a couple drops of cum dripping from her pussy onto her inner thigh.

Ted knelt behind her, one hand resting on her waist, the other guiding his stiff cock toward her waiting sex. He set the tip at her opening and pressed forward. Most of his cock entered her as his other hand came up to her waist as well. Stopping, he pulled his hips back slightly. Then pressed forward. As Pam’s hips slid back to meet him the entirety of his cock penetrated her.

“Oh God yes,” she sighed, her expression radiating ecstasy.

“Beautiful,” Henry sighed, watching his wife take a second friend’s cock.

“Fuck yea,” Ted groaned, holding onto her and grinding his crotch against her ass.

“Oh,” she moaned, her hips rolling in appreciation.

Ted held himself deep inside her for a minute, grinding himself against her, before pulling part way back and thrusting forward again.

“Oh yes,” I whimpered.

“God, that is good,” Ted grunted, glancing in Joe’s direction.

“I think she needs another one right now,” Bill declared, kneeling in front of her with his cock in hand. He used his other hand to pull her hair up and away from her face. “How ’bout it, Sweetie, you want two at once?”

Pam’s eyes were glazed with lust as she stared at the cock hovering inches from her, its head shiny with precum. Her tongue ran along her lips then swept out to lick it away. Then she slid her lips over the head as Bill’s hips pressed forward, feeding her his manhood. Keeping his fingers wrapped around the base he stopped when her lips met them.

“Mmm,” she mewed, suckling on him.

“Oh Damn, she’s good,” Bill moaned.

Ted had held himself still during Bill’s penetration of her mouth. Now he pulled back, extracting a portion of his cock from her pussy, then pressed forward again. As he then pulled back again, Bill did too, stopping with only the head of his cock within her mouth. Both men pressed forward, the one stopping when his fingers met her lips, the other burying his full length deep inside her.

They did this again. And again. And again. Slowly they worked up a rhythm, pumping their cocks into her. At first their cadence was awkward, slightly disjointed, but within a couple minutes it smoothed out so that they were rhythmically fucking her two orifices.

Mewing and purring on all fours, Pam took their cocks. Her body rocked under their duel assault, her full breasts swaying beneath her. She closed her eyes as waves of pleasure rolled through her.

“Fuck yea,” Bill moaned.

“She’s being such a dirty little whore,” Ted groaned.

In and out they pumped their stiff cocks . . . fucking her . . . using her. Wet, slapping sounds sounded from her and Ted’s unions.

“Mmm. Mmm. MMM,” she whimpered.

“God, she’s lovin’ it,” Ted grunted.

“Yes she is,” Bill agreed.

“That’s my good little slut,” Henry chimed in.

The three of them rocked upon their knees, hips humping back and forth.

“Mmm. MMM.”

“She is a good little whore,” Ted smiled, staring down at her ass, watching her taunt orbs quiver under the impact of his thrusts.

“Fuckin’ sweet,” George groaned from the sidelines.

In and out of her the two cocks pumped, their speed and force gradually building. Between them Pam continued rocking, her body being jacked back and forth by their use of her.

The football party with a twist – part 2 will continue in the next page.

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