Night at a hotel and this happened

This is a story that happened in a hotel at night. She rode in the car, full of nervous anxiety. The night sky was dark, the moon and stars hidden behind thick clouds. He had adjusted the dashboard lights down so that the only light in the car came from the occasional passing auto. In those brief instants she saw his mischievous grin etched within his strong yet boyish features, making her wonder what exactly he had in mind.

It seemed to take forever to reach their destination. During the ride her mind busied itself with memories of their short make-out sessions over the past weeks that had led up to this evening. She felt her blood warming, her face blushing slightly.

Finally they pulled into the hotel. He steered the car to a parking spot right outside the room. Opening her door he waited for her to climb out and step past him so his hand could cup her denim encased ass.

Once in the room she turned, tried putting her arms around him, rising up on her toes, her lips lifting toward his. But he stopped her.

“Uh-uh,” he whispered, his eyes sparkling with mischief. “Not so fast, Sweetie.”

Indicating that she should stay where she stood he walked over to a chair while tossing his jacket aside.

“Undress,” he told her, taking a seat. “Slowly.”

He had set the room’s lighting so that he was in shadow while she was brightly illuminated. Staring into the darkness engulfing him she felt extremely vulnerable, unsure of herself, or exactly what to do, and so she did not move right away.

“Nothing fancy, just undress,” he seemed to understand her concerns. “The top layer, leave the bra and panties.”

Feeling only slightly more comfortable she removed her jacket and tossed it on top of his, then her blouse. The room was a little chilly and the cold air caused her nipples to stiffen, pressing at her bra. Somehow this helped her nerves slightly and her hands shook a little less as she pulled her shoes and socks off. Lastly she undid her jeans. Working them down her thighs, her hands steadied even more.

When they were added to the pile as well she straightened up, waiting in only her lacy undergarments. She felt his eyes travel over her body, felt them crawling across her abdomen and up over her breasts, displayed by her light pink bra. She felt them slithering down over her hips to dip between her legs where her matching panties hid her sex. At just over five foot her petite frame was complimented by her luscious curves.

Her long auburn hair framed her almost elfin features. The exposure made her insides stir intensely. She wanted to move, wanted to say something, to break the anxious silence. But she did not. Instead she remained quiet and still, feeling the chilly air conflict with her warm flesh.

“Now come here and help me undress,” he finally said.

Obediently she crossed the small space that separated them and helped him with his shirt. Then, at his indication, she dropped to her knees to remove his boots and socks. After his pants were undone he raised up off the cushion and she pulled them off too. When he was also down to only his underpants she knelt before him, lightly caressing his thigh, her eyes on his crotch and his hidden, semi-erect cock. Her tongue absently slid across her lips.

He reached out, his fingers touching her cheek, tracing her jaw line. A couple digits settled beneath her chin and applied a light pressure, causing her to look up as he leaned forward.

Their lips met. They kissed, their lips gently connecting and parting several times before joining and holding. Their tongues slid past their lips to swirl against each other. Without breaking the passionate kiss they slowly stood up, pulling the other’s body into their own, pressing their flesh together. He stood a foot taller than her and so she lifted up on her toes. She mashed her breasts against him, felt him rubbing his growing member against her.

Moments later they broke their kiss to move onto the bed. He had her lie on her stomach, her ass curving up, the small of her back dipping down. Instinctively her legs parted slightly. He laid next to her, his fingers lightly dancing across her back. He kissed her shoulder, his lips pressing gently to her flesh.

A warmth flowed through her. Sighing, she closed her eyes, allowing her head to settle heavier onto her crossed arms. For several long minutes his fingers danced across her flesh, slipping over and over her back, dipping down along her sides, tracing her ribs and the indent of her waist. He kissed her shoulder, leaned across her to kiss the other as well as her neck. She sighed some more, the combination both relaxing and stimulating her.

His fingers slid down across her lower back, then up onto her panties. They caressed her ass through the lace. She felt a dampness inside her, her legs reflexively spreading open a little wider.

He shifted beside her, repositioned himself so that his fingers could reach further down along her body, down onto her legs. This also allowed him to kiss further down her back. Between the kisses she felt his tongue flickering across her flesh as well. The new, dirtier action added to the heat building inside her.

His fingers tickled their way down both her legs, caressing her thighs and calves. He settled back, resting onto the mattress again. His fingers concentrated on her inner thighs, lightly brushing back and forth over her sensitive flesh, causing her legs to open a little more. His lips were centered on the small of her back and very top edge of her ass where her panties did not reach.

The occasional flicker of his tongue continued to interrupt his light kisses. Laying there, under his attention, she grew hotter. Her passions were stoked. She felt her embers heating up, and felt them starting to glow within her loins. Her crotch grew damp, her legs spreading even more. His fingers slipped near that dampness several times, slid teasingly close to it, only to retreat at the last moment.

Eventually he raised himself up to softly whisper in her ear, telling her to roll over. When she did she found him hovering above her, his eyes staring into hers. He leaned in. Their lips met again, their tongues swirling. She wrapped her arms around him, trying to pull him down against her. But he refused, keeping his body suspended inches above hers. She whimpered her desire into his mouth.

“Just lay back and enjoy it,” he instructed her as they parted a moment later.

His fingers danced again, this time across the front of her torso. Her abs quivered under their delicate touch. His lips and tongue became busy again as well, nibbling at her neck and kissing the flesh of her upper chest. He gave her front the same treatment he had given her back, taking his time, touching nearly every single inch of her bare flesh.

Keeping to the outer edges of her garments he teased her with the repeated possibility of having her covered parts caressed. His lips brushed at the flesh swelling out from under her bra then slowly worked down to where they could trace the top edge of her panties.

He added a third attack then, his teeth nipping at her flesh with quick, sharp tugs. His fingers delved onto her inner thighs, dancing and playing across her skin, drawing little circles mere centimeters from the bottom edge of her panties.

Night at a hotel and this happened will continue in the next page.

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