Strange pleasure in summer – 03

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“Of course not,” she said.

“You know that your pills and vodka leave you helpless. You made sure that Jim knew you were taking them, you stripped naked, which you never do, got under a fresh new set of sheets, and waited for the inevitable.”

“You know, this is a sick fantasy you’re concocting,” she said.

“Janet, you wanted me as much as I wanted you. But you couldn’t do anything overt about it. You were hoping I could. And I did.”

“Yes you did. You abused my poor entire body. And where was Jim during my rape? Where is he now, for that matter?”

I didn’t know how much I could tell her. Her son had been fantasizing about his step-sister. Silly, stupid boy. “He was with us at the beginning, but he didn’t have you. And he left before we made love.”

“He abandoned me to you?”

“I think he understood what was happening. He doesn’t feel like I do. He didn’t want to do more than hold you and feel your breasts. He was like a little boy. He doesn’t want you sexually. I hate to say it, and can no way understand it. It’s Tanya he fantasizes about.”

She shook her head. “I guess that part is almost reasonable. She’s a walking wet-dream.”

“A weak imitation. A shadow. A dim one at that, compared to you.” My hand had wandered down to her hips, caressing her, my fingers sliding across her alabaster ass.

“Stop that,” she said, pushing my hand away. She only pushed it down to her thigh, allowing me to push her robe back, exposing her completely. Sublime.

“He held you, and asked me to be gentle. He kissed you and sucked on your tits like it was his sole purpose in life. When I was kissing you, and licking you, when we were sharing your tits, it was ok. But when he saw me between your legs, taking you, I guess it was too much for him.”

I saw she was looking at my hardness, and I felt the stiffening grow, until my cock was standing straight out, the same marble shaft of the night before.

“You were so amazing. We fit together so perfectly. A matched pair.”

“It doesn’t feel like we fit. It feels like you stretched me out to make it fit. Did you fuck my ass? I’m so sore back there. I can’t believe you’d do that.”

“No! Did I caress it, love it? Did I taste it? Did I slide my finger into its brown ripeness? Yes, I’ll confess to that. There’s not a place on your body I don’t know better than mine. But I wouldn’t violate you like that.”

“Like that? Oh, I understand now. You’d violate me every other way. I know I tasted cum in my mouth this morning.”

“You were magnificent. You sucked me so nicely, so easily.”

“You are a sick little pervert,” she said, the words striking like blows.

“I love you.”

“And what about this?” she asked, pointing below her waist to the triangle of hair.

“You had some stubble, so I cleaned it up. I confess to going a little too far. I’ll always ask in the future.”

“The future! Your future is to be dating a guy named Bubba behind bars.”

“Our future.” I pulled her closer. She pushed back for a while, but succumbed to the inevitable.

“Alan. You raped me. You fucked my unconscious body to ruin. I’m sore in places I didn’t know I had.”

“I know it was excessive. I couldn’t help myself once I was inside you. There was no way possible for me not to make love to you.”

“That wasn’t love.”

“No. Not at first. It was lust. Pure unadulterated lust. To have the embodiment of perfection in your grasp, and not to take it. It’s too sad to comprehend.” I was holding her breast now, and her hand was on mine.

“Don’t, they’re really sore.”

I leaned forward and kissed them, one at a time. I licked her poor sore nipples, sucking gently while they hardened.

“Stop that. We’re talking,” she said, brushing back my hair.

“We can talk whenever you want. I need you now.” I reached for her hand and placed it on my cock.

She squeezed it gently, then stroked it. “Shit. No wonder I’m sore, if that beast was inside of me. How many times?”

“Times? I couldn’t count if I tried. Eight? Ten? I lost track of how long I was inside you, maybe six or seven hours.”

“Hours?” she gasped. “Oh my God! I’m ruined!”

“Never. You were meant to have me inside you.”

“Nobody was meant to do it for six or seven hours. In a month, maybe. Maybe. When they’re your age.”

Her hand was still holding me, stroking me.

“You’ve concocted quite a scenario for why this happened, haven’t you? You make me out to be some devious, conniving whore.”

I pressed my finger to her lips. “Shhh. Not even in jest. You’re lonely. Unappreciated. You’re at your prime, and your husband has one foot in the grave, and is never around. Your step-daughter is out there living the life you never could have, she’s a spoiled, carefree college co-ed. You were pregnant at 15, burdened with the responsibility of a child in high-school. You never had your time for wildness. Smart but uneducated, beautiful but saddled with a son, always responsible for others, but no time for yourself. It’s your time.”

She shook her head. “It’s not like that. I wanted Jim.”

“Of course you did. You always did your best for him. Even this marriage. Now he can afford any college, go anywhere, do anything.”

“Fuck you. I’m not a gold-digger,” she said, pushing me away.

“No, but you’re a mother and a realist. You didn’t go after Bob, he came after you. You just didn’t run too hard.”

“I’m not a cheater. I’m not a slut. I’ve only had three men in my life, and I was married to all three,” she explained.

I reached for her shoulder, and eased the robe off of her. Then I pulled her close, her leg on mine, her breasts, those hypnotic orbs, pressed against my chest.

“Of course not. You are loyal to a fault. Your husband is overseas pounding it into every girl who’s willing, and you wait for him. You do without. You raise his children.”

“You don’t know he’s doing that,” she argued.

I kissed her. She started angry, then eased into it. Her body felt so good underneath my hands. “Don’t be silly, you know what’s going on,” I told her when we stopped.

“You couldn’t make a move, no matter how much you wanted, nor how obviously I wanted you. I understand. You knew if I made a move on you, you’d have to shoot me down. And after our sauna experience, it was easy to see that moment was coming on soon. So you took a huge gamble. Thank you for presenting the opportunity and trusting me to make the right choice.”

“Trusting you? I. Was. Unconscious. Completely out of it. So you found me naked. You could have been gentle. You could have taken your joy and explored my body, without leaving me practically an invalid. My pussy could have been enough for you, you didn’t have to fuck my mouth, and abuse my ass. Fine. You could have fucked me. Maybe even two or three times. But this? I trusted you and that’s what I got?”

She sounded like she was still trying to justify her actions.

“You trusted me to make the decision to have you. I couldn’t choose any other way.”

She buried her head in my shoulder. I could feel the tears on my shoulder. “I really hurt, Alan. You abused my body badly. Why couldn’t you just have loved me?”

“You still have no idea what you do to me. I’ve been with other women. One and done. Never like this. Nothing ever to compare this to. You couldn’t have known. I couldn’t have known.”

“I don’t understand. Once you’d had me, couldn’t you have just left it at that. Our little secret. Every so often I might pass out, and you might find me and have your way? Maybe I ‘kind of’ pass out, not totally out of it? Neither of our faults. Too much temptation for you, no control for me?”

She was sitting up, talking seriously, no longer accusing irrationally. Her hand had gravitated to my cock and she was stroking it. It felt incredible, but she was right. I had overdone it and I was sore. She looked shocked when I extracted myself from her grip, and got up. I was back beside her in a few moments, squirting our favorite lube onto my cock.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” she practically shrieked.

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