Once upon a time in an elevator – 03

Once upon a time in an elevator – 03 continues…


“Oh my god, Natalia are you all right? I’ve been worried sick,” her husband’s relieved voice came over the phone. She was seated on the sofa at Athena & Tab’s apartment. The two women were in their rooms, so she had privacy to place the call.

“I’m fine, was stuck in an elevator, but no harm done,”

“Thank god,”

“How are things there?”

“Power is still out, but the phones are working. How are you going to get home? Need me to come pick you up? I heard the trains aren’t running,” Michael said.

“I’m just going to stay here tonight,” Natalia said.

“Where?” Mike’s voice came back. Natalia could hear the suspicion in it. Mike was terribly jealous of her and very possessive.

“Over at Athena’s,” Natalia said.

“The bull dyke?”

“She’s not that bad. I was stuck in the elevator with her and Tab. I know I have said a lot of bad things about them, but they are really nice people once you get to know them,”

“I don’t want you staying with no dykes, I’ll come get you,” he said resolutely. Natalia wasn’t sure about it herself, but the way he said it got her dander up.

“Oh, quit being silly, they aren’t going to do anything to me I don’t want. We need to change our attitudes, this is New York, not Peoria, they are just people and very nice people at that,”

“No, I forbid it,” he said. She could almost see the pout on his face.

“What are you going to do? It’s past eleven here, you won’t get into the city until three in the morning. And that would put us home by what? Five? I wouldn’t even have time to shower before you had to bring me back in,” Natalia said. Part of her wanted to take her husband up on it, but a stronger part of her wanted to stay.

“Get a hotel room then,”

“Oh for Christ’s sake. What? Do you think I am going to be seduced or something?”

“No, I just don’t want you staying with that kind of person,”

“What kind of person?” Natalia said angrily. That really wasn’t fair and she knew it, until a few hours ago she thought of gays in the same way her husband did.

“You know…gays,”

“I’m not going to discuss this any further. I’m going to go take a shower and curl up on their sofa. I’ll see you tomorrow,” Natalia said and hung up the phone. Clapping broke out and she turned to find Tab standing in the doorway to her room. She was naked and had a strap-on dildo around her hips. Natalia froze and stared. This wasn’t an elevator, it wasn’t to hide from the terror, she was making a conscious decision here.

The big woman’s body was a pale white color; it was obvious she got little sun. Her breasts were large and full, but sagged under their own weight. Her waist was thick and so were her hips, but her heavily muscled thighs were her most outstanding feature. They looked to be as thick as tree trunks and Natalia shivered when she imagined the power they could deliver. The harness covered her pussy, but a forest of red curls was still visible. The dildo was a pinkish color, large and smooth with a funny curve near the tip.

Tab approached her and smiled. Natalia smiled back uncertainty, she felt a little like bolting from the room and a lot like pulling her dress up. She felt her nipples hardening and her pussy lubricating in anticipation. The hours in the dark hell of the elevator had changed her. Perhaps Athena was right and she had experienced an epiphany. Tab’s naked body turned her on more than her husband’s ever had and the loving, but hungry look in the butch’s eyes sent a shiver of pure desire through the small blonde. Tab didn’t speak, she seemed to know instinctively now wasn’t the time for words. She just picked Natalia up in her arms and carried her to her bedroom.

The room was fairly spartan, but Natalia had no time to really examine it because Tab laid her gently on the bed and fell on top of her. Tab began kissing her and it was wonderful. Somehow Natalia lost track of time in the comforting safety of the big woman’s arms. Her dress was gone, but she didn’t remember it coming off and at some point Athena joined them on the big king sized bed. For a while there was a lot of kissing, touching and gentle caresses. Natalia felt a joy she could never have imagined.

Now she lay on her back while both women stroked strap-on dildos and eyed her. Athena’s body was lean and tight, her breasts just flat disks on her chest. The big black strap-on she wore didn’t even look incongruous, save for the color. Her body was simply not very feminine, but that didn’t make it less attractive to Natalia.

‘Who first?’ Athena asked.

“Oh hell, why worry about it?” Tab said and smiled.

“All right, front or back?” Athena said.

“What?” Natalia blurted out in alarm.

“Hush baby,” Tab said.

“I’ll take the back, unless you have any objections?” Athena said.

“Fine with me.” Tab said and jumped on the bed. She caught Natalia in her arms and pulled the smaller woman on top as she rolled over. Natalia felt Tab’s strong muscles and the long pink cock between their bodies. Tab reached down and caught the base and Natalia knew what she wanted.

“Go ahead, beautiful,” Tab said with a twinkle in her eye. Natalia and her husband only had sex in the missionary position, but she had heard of fem-superior. It wasn’t lack of knowledge, or even unsurety about how to proceed that stopped her.

Up until this point there was a logical explanation for her actions that wouldn’t force her to admit she was at least bi, if not gay. She had a phobia and people who had phobias often did uncharacteristic and even irrational things when confronted by their fears. Now there was no darkness, no silence and no excuses. If she didn’t stop this now she was going to become a willing participant in lesbian sex.

She wouldn’t be mounting Tab’s cock for security or to save her sanity, she would be doing it purely for pleasure. She realized she anticipated pleasure, even though she had never tried this. Tab and Athena had taken her body to heights she had never dreamed possible and Natalia wanted more of that. For at least ten of her twenty-six years she had thought of sex as a chore, something to be endured not enjoyed. She rarely masturbated because it was so shameful, but the most powerful orgasms she had given herself paled into insignificance compared to the ones she had experienced in the elevator.

Here, at the moment of truth, a good woman with strong conservative values faced an elemental woman with a frightening hunger for pleasure. The contest was short and the results weren’t even close. Natalia grasped the dildo and raised up on her knees until the plastic cock was directly beneath her. She brought it to her pussy and then slowly settled on it. She felt it pushing past her entrance and sliding into her silky cavern.

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