Once upon a time in an elevator – 02

Once upon a time in an elevator – 02 continues…

“Wait, I’m not…”

Her arms were pushed apart and lips pressed to hers, before she could assimilate what was happening a tongue was deep in her mouth, cutting off her words. This tongue was different, it was thinner and more agile, but Natalia lost her train of though when it began to forcefully fuck her mouth. She felt the cool air as the zipper slid down to her mid back. The noise was unusually loud in the darkness.

Hands were tugging her dress down and the ones on her wrists released their grip. Those hands moved around her waist and held her tightly while the others pulled her dress off her suddenly limp arms. She panicked for a moment when she felt the dress catch on her hips and realized she was nearly naked! Then another tug and the dress moved past her hips. She felt the expensive silk pool at her ankles and knew she was now standing in the middle of an elevator in just her underwear. She was terribly embarrassed, but also very turned on.

A pair of arms slipped around her body and she felt them pressed onto her thighs. She felt Tab’s wide body on her back as the woman stood up from her semi-crouch. Tab kept her hands open and her fingers spread as she dragged them up the inside of Natalia’s legs, over her mound, up her tummy and then cupped her breasts. She began to squeeze the sensitive orbs and Natalia moaned into Athena’s mouth when she felt a warm tongue flick over her ear.

“You got nice tits babe, how big are they?” Tab said in a sexy whisper. Athena’s lips moved from her mouth to her throat and Natalia moaned as the tall woman’s hands moved to her ass and began to squeeze. Natalia moaned again and her hips started to jog softly.

Her mind tried desperately to cope with the influx of sensation. Lips and a tongue were licking and sucking her neck, moving up towards her jaw. A soft tongue traced along her delicate ear. A large pair of hands was fondling her breasts, pinching and rolling her sensitive nipples through her silky bra. Another pair of hands was squeezing her ass through her panties. She felt like she was going to explode from the myriad of sensations.

“How big are they, you sexy little bitch?” Tab’s voice demanded.

“36-C,” Natalia gasped.

“Mmmm, nice,” the voice purred.

Athena’s hands moved into her the waistband of Natalia’s panties and the contact of her rough hands on Natalia’s smooth skin added another jolt to the confused woman’s system. Tab was tonguing her ear and really working her tits over. She didn’t even notice that Athena was pushing her panties down until the little scrap of silk was already falling down her legs to join her dress. Athena’s hand pressed between her legs and cupped her pussy. Natalia groaned and unconsciously spread her legs as much as her dress and panties would allow.

“Ohhhhh,” She moaned when a long finger pressed between her lips and deep into her tunnel.

“Tight pussy,” Athena commented. She began to forcefully thrust her finger in and out. Natalia’s hips soon matched her rhythm, pushing forward to meet her thrusting finger.

“I feel that tight little ass moving, you’re loving that finger aren’t you?” Tab hissed. When Natalia didn’t respond she pinched the girl’s nipples hard.

“Don’t you slut!” she demanded.

“Yessssssssssss,” Natalia hissed.

“That’s a good little fuck toy. That’s what you are, aren’t you? Your just a little fuck toy for me and Athena to play with aren’t you?”

Natalia was shocked by the words. They were so mean, so dirty, but she was too far gone to feel anything other than a sharp spike of pleasure. She was shocked to realize the humiliation was turning her on even more than the hands and fingers.

Tab’s hands left Natalia’s breasts for a moment to unhook her bra. Once it was undone she was standing there in just her garter-belt, stockings and heels. Tab’s hands returned to her breasts and continued to expertly manipulate them. The little blonde felt her pussy clenching and unclenching. She was about to cum and a shuddering moan escaped her parted lips. The hands suddenly stopped all movement.

“Noooo,” Natalia whined and tried to move her hips, but Athena’s finger slipped out of her hot pussy leaving her feeling terribly empty and wanting.

“You want some pussy?” Tab crooned in her ear. Natalia didn’t answer.

“Come on baby, tell mama you want some pussy,” Her fingers were now lightly circling Natalia’s aching nipples. Athena’s hands were stroking her hips, occasionally bumping her sopping pussy, but not enough. Natalia realized the teasing could go on forever, there was only one way to end it and she knew what that was.

“You don’t? Ask nicely and Athena will give you what your hot little pussy needs, Come on, ask mommy for some hot wet pussy,” Tab whispered. For a brief moment Natalia’s pride fought, but it was lost in a whirlwind of arousal and a budding discovery of her submissive nature.

“Can I please have some pussy?” Natalia asked in a little girl voice. She flushed with humiliation, but that very humiliation was a powerful aphrodisiac that was almost enough to make her cum by itself.

“Sure baby, there’s plenty of hot creamy cunt for you,” Tab said as her hands moved under Natalia’s arms and pulled her down onto her back. She felt the rough carpet of the elevator floor on her back and ass. For a brief moment there was nothing and the darkness and silence closed in on her with a vengeance.

The spiraling fear and panic overwhelmed her arousal and threatened her sanity. Then she felt firm hands push her thighs apart. They lifted her legs until her feet were flat on the floor and drawn up, leaving her pussy exposed. Natalia was grateful for the contact; she realized these two women were the only thing keeping her sane in the stygian darkness. She knew she would do anything to know she wasn’t alone in the dark.

“How do you want to work this,” Athena’s voice said. Natalia could hear zippers coming down and cloth rustling.

“I don’t know, lets ask her,”

“How ’bout it Natalia?’ Athena said gently.

“How ’bout what? I don’t understand,” Natalia whimpered.

“Who’s pussy do you want to eat, and who do you want fucking you?”

Natalia thought about her choices, she could just say stop it now, but if she did they might quit talking and touching her and she desperately needed that reassurance. She could do what they wanted, it meant having sex with them, but that didn’t seem like such a bad thing. Or was that her fear talking? It was so hard to think. The inner conflict died as the two women waited for her to speak. The silence and darkness were too awful to face, Natalia knew she would have to deal with the guilt later, but that was later, this was now.

“I…I want to eat Athena’s pussy,” Natalia murmured, her cheeks burning with shame.

“You get all the breaks,” Tab said.

“A little kindness goes a long way, you don’t have to be such a bitch to be a top,” Athena said.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. I think its just cause I’m so fucking ugly.”

“All right sugar,” a disembodied voice above her said. She felt the smooth skin of someone’s legs on her ears. At the same time she was aware of someone moving between her legs.

She felt a heavy body settle between her legs. After some adjustment she felt Tab’s kinky pubic hair pressed into her own soft, downy fuzz.

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