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I had mixed feelings about coming home for the summer. I was already in hot water for blowing the first semester grades with too much partying. Four A’s and a B in the second semester were all that kept me alive.

Dad wanted me to work for him for the summer, Mom was all for me doing an online repeat of one of my ‘C’s from the first semester. I wanted to hang out and take it easy, maybe go to the beach for a couple of weeks, head up to the lake to visit my new college girlfriend (woohoo!) when she and her school friends (WOOHOO!) got used to it.

I was mainly looking forward to seeing my old high-school gang. I was the only one going out of state, in this case to Rutgers, Dad’s alma mater. Why I needed an MBA to take over the family business was a question I didn’t even bother to debate.

In the end I was willing to work out a compromise. Working with Dad at his AC repair company paid well, and got me out of hot water, but it put me in 125 degree attics day after day. I had hated it in high-school, and hated it even more now. I’d also be spending half the summer retaking the course online. Some compromise, huh? At least I was going to be allowed to go to the beach some weekends, and to have one week off to hit the lake with my college friends.

That first week back from college was deadly. I’d forgotten just how hot it got up in those attics. Words can’t do it justice. And the beginning of summer was our busiest time. I almost wished I could take the evening shift – we provide 24 hour emergency service, seven days a week, at a price. The evening shift was cooler, and paid better, but the regular guys got the good runs. The summer temp help, even if he was the son of one of the owners, got the crap jobs.

I’d been able to spend very little time with Zoey and Elena, my two closest friends. Together for as long as I can remember, all my best memories somehow or other involved those two.

Elena lived directly behind us, and Zoey lived across the street at the end of the block. Crossing that street to hang out with the coolest kid in first grade got me one of the first beatings I remember, but it couldn’t stop me. After about two weeks of punishment, the parents finally gave in and gave me the run of the block. We’d been pretty inseparable ever since. And it had been the first real glimpse of a stubborn streak in me, that was both bane and boon.

The fence between my yard and Elena’s had a gap in it we’d carefully tended since second grade, and I was still as happy to see my buddy appear out of the bushes as I was when we first created that opening. Elena was my best friend and confidant, the first to know all of my secret crushes, and failed attempts at becoming cooler and more popular, especially with the likes of ‘it’ girl Tincy Propet and queen cheerleader Vanessa Quinlan.

We’d played doctor and learned about the difference between boys and girls in her bedroom, as young kids, and even more as middle schoolers. She’d been my first kiss, and we’d even practiced for the real thing, pretending what it would be like with a real boyfriend / girlfriend someday. After middle school she’d been my adviser, and fell back ‘partner’ when we couldn’t get dates to the prom or the Valentine’s day dance.

What we had now was a purely platonic relationship, although on occasion I’d thought about pushing the envelope, and she’d appeared, to my chagrin, in more than a few of my fantasies.

I knew nothing would ever come of it. She was too important to me to risk our friendship, no matter how tempting the thought was. And late at night, with the lights off, when my hard cock’s only companion was my hand, it was VERY tempting.

I got home from the last service call a total wreck. My day started at 7:00 am, and ended when the final customer was service, often after 6:00 pm. Yet today, I was pulling into the driveway by 2:30. I was a little surprised that Dad let me take off early on a weekday. Business must have been a little slow. Or maybe he understood how hard that first week of 10 hour, 120 degree days, was for me. I didn’t know how I was going to survive a summer of that torture.

Walking in the house, Zoey was in the kitchen talking to Mom about his school year, and his 4.0 GPA, making me look bad. The bastard. Everything came so easy for him. I was a little surprised he’d decided to stay local to go to school. I mean, sure, SMU is a great school and all, but he could have gone everywhere.

Elena, on the other hand, was doing her first two years at the Community College. Her family didn’t have a lot of money, and it seemed a good way to get her grades up and save a few bucks.

I took a quick shower, to clean up and cool off, but 10 minutes later I was still burning up. It was 102 degrees outside, another typical north Texas day. Mark and I headed to the backyard porch with our beers, Mom was pretty liberal about that stuff, and a sandwich which I didn’t really have an appetite for.

Zoey was giving me a hard time about working all summer. No chance to head down to San Marcos for some tubing, or Galveston for some beach fun. Not for me. Oh no, I would be sweating my balls off in some stranger’s attic 10 hours a day for $15 bucks an hour. Everyone else got $30+. Being the owner’s son wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

He was grilling me about my new college girlfriend, Lucy, and wanted all the intimate details.

“Got any pictures?” he asked.

I pulled out my wallet, and showed him her photo. She was pretty, and I was proud of it. We’d been together for almost 8 weeks, and the night before I left, we’d finally done it. Almost 19 years old and I was no longer a virgin.

“Fuck that,” he said tossing it back. “Got any good pictures? You know, showing a little, hell, a lot more?”

I reached behind the first picture, pulling out a winner. Lucy looked great, posing in a lacy black bra, skin-tight black shorts, and a fedora tilted back and showing her pretty face and long brown hair. We’d been practicing taking ‘glamorous’ shots, and this one was the best.

“Pictures of who?” I heard Elena’s voice, just moments before she appeared through the hedge.

“His college sweetie. She puts out.” Zoey practically yelled.

“Shh! Cool it Zoey, my Mom is in the kitchen,” I reminded him.

He just laughed, taking the wallet from me and looking her over. “Better. Now where’s the good stuff?”

“Well it’s about fucking time!” Elena laughed, stealing my beer. She was in jean shorts and a bikini top that she had probably worn when she was in 6th grade. She wasn’t much bigger on top now than she was then. She was cute, don’t get me wrong, and looked great in shorts, but as far as tits go, she really got the short end of the stick. We didn’t tease her about it much, she was pretty sensitive about it.

It only came up when we were really fighting, which was about every other month. Sometimes I was still surprised that the three of us had remained such good friends all this time. She had a temper that was absolutely volcanic, and Zoey was a horrible tease, and an obnoxious flirt. Of course it was up to me to resolve all major issues, the glue that kept this trio together.

Zoey, with the athlete’s body, big brain, and natural good looks. Me, the lanky (I prefer that to skinny) computer geek who was always an outsider, and Elena, the real trouble maker, who’d been suspended three times in High School alone, always the rebel, never afraid to take a stand no matter how ill considered or stupid. Her short, bright pink hair was an homage to her uniqueness. And yet, as odd a match as imaginable, there we were.

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