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I almost died when she reached behind her and took my hard rod in her hand. She bent it forward, and sat on me just behind it. When she released it, I could feel it pressing against her. My imagination ran wild.

She slowly unfolded, moving my legs at will, wrapping hers around them, and sitting back. She was laying against my chest, her head beside mine at an angle. “Damn, I almost cramped up. My thighs are killing me.”

Always the gentleman, I reached forward and started rubbing the backs of her legs, from just behind her knees, all the way down to her delightful butt. Damn, it felt good on my end.

She turned to look at me, but didn’t say a word. There was a slight smile on her lips that I wanted to erase with my own daring lips. I wanted to press my mouth against hers, feel her lips open up, her tongue twining with mine. That’s what I wanted to do. Instead, I smiled back, and held her, my hands already daring far more than I would ever have dreamt of, squeezing the back of her thighs, almost at her butt, my fingertips just inches away from her warm, dark secrets.

Our bodies were already sweating profusely from being in the dark, cramped space. The threadbare carpet underneath us was rough, and smelled of decay. The cramped hot space reminded me of being in that attic all day, and had me second thinking about my job just for a second, before I came back to reality, and the glorious present, with my naked best friend laying on me, her entire spectacular nudity on display. I’d suffer the heat.

Her eyes slid past mine and peeked out the window next to us. “Oh my God, we might be here for a while.”

I looked out to see that the woman, Denise if our guess was right, was giving the lucky guy a blow-job. She was in the water, and he was seated on the side of the pool, maybe 20 feet away. They were turned sideways to us, and I could clearly see his rod disappearing in her willing mouth. The lucky bastard.

We both watched them for several minutes. I was getting hornier by the moment. My hands were still massaging Elena’s long slim legs, but I’d moved to the inside of her thighs without even realizing it. She was breathing hard.

“Shh,” I whispered, almost in her ear.

She started to turn a little and almost slid off my lap. I reached for her sides, holding her still, and left my hands where they’d landed, one of them half covering her breast, my fingertip just barely brushing her hard nipple. She adjusted just a bit, and settled back. She was soaked in sweat, as was I, and our bodies were slippery against each other. I could feel the sweat rolling down my chest, pooling against her back. The aching in my stiff cock was unbearably distracting.

“Sorry,” she whispered so softly I had to lean even closer to hear. “This is a precarious position.”

“I don’t mind, get comfortable,” I told her generously.

“Comfortable? I’d be happy with pain-free.”

While we watched the extended blow-job, and I have to say, the guy had stamina, my hands moved in and found her breasts. I was in heaven.

“Geez, Derek. Here?” she asked softly, but twisted against my hands, her slippery butt, sliding lower, pressing my hard-on against her.

I squeezed her breasts, pulling her tight against my body. My head was in the crux of her neck, and I tasted her skin. My hands had a mind of their own, capturing her hard nipples, pulling and squeezing.

“God, look at that,” she gasped, still staring out the window, while my hands had free reign.

I turned and looked out our little cross-hatched window. The mystery couple had switched places and the man’s head was between her legs. She leaned back on her arms, eyes closed, big breasts rising and falling with her deep breaths.

“Now those are some tits,” Elena said softly, resentfully.

“No thanks,” I whispered, kissing her moist neck, tasting her saltiness. “I’ll take over those fake things any day.”

She twisted and looked into my eyes. “Oh really?”

“Absolutely,” I said. Still fearing rejection, I hesitantly leaned forward and kissed her. She parted her lips and her tongue brushed my teeth, making my aching hard-on twitch. Sweet Jesus! I was kissing her!

She pulled away slowly, with a big smile. “Careful down there; I felt that.”

She leaned back against me, my hands still playing with her adorable little titties, tugging on those amazing nipples which were hard and had swollen to take up two thirds of her breasts. She sighed and we watched the action outside together.

“That’s making me so damn horny,” Elena confessed when our lady friend screamed out her first huge orgasm.

“You?” I laughed, catching myself from being too loud. “I’m rocking a twenty minute hard-on, and the sexiest girl I’ve ever known is naked in my lap. I swear I’m about to explode.”

“Poor baby.” Her hand reached down between her legs, and I felt her fingers slowly stroke me. “I don’t recall this guy being so big.”

“I guess things have changed a bit since 7th grade.” I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feel of her hand.

“Shit, I wish I’d known. I’m sure I could’ve gotten you laid with this thing. You’ve been keeping secrets.”

“Not from you,” I reminded her. “Never.”

Her motion changed and she caressed my cockhead. “I know. No secrets between us, ever.”

I squeezed her, kissing her neck. “Speaking of secrets, when did you start shaving down there? I was hoping to see if your hair was pink all over.”

That earned me a sharp elbow in the ribs. I figured it was worth it.

I moved one of my hands off of her breast, and slid it down her slender belly, reaching down and touching her moist folds. I loved the feel of her fat pussy lips, and rubbed her. My middle finger slowly entered her folds, feeling the moist heat of her insides.

“God, you’re being bad, D,” she murmured, rubbing her hand across my throbbing cock. “Look, there they go.”

I peeked, and saw the couple walking to the nearest lounge chair, not much more than a dozen feet away. The man sat down, his hard cock standing straight up.

The lady leaned over and sucked him, then straddled the chair and sat down on his rod. She slowly sank down, squeezing her big breasts. His hands reached up and joined hers, manhandling those massive tits, while she started to move up and down.

The scenario made me braver than I would ever have thought possible. I pulled my fingers out, pulled my cock back toward her, and slowly pushed the head into her sopping slit.

“Not now, Derek. Not like this,” she said softly.

I wasn’t to be denied, not now. Not with her naked in my lap. “I have to,” I confessed. I wriggled my hips, pushing up, my hand guiding me deeper into her, until I had at least half of it inside of her. Her tightness was almost unbearable, and I had to concentrate not to explode inside of her immediately.

“Derek, please. We can’t,” she murmured, but didn’t do anything to stop me.

“Just this, Ok?” I asked her, closing my eyes and savoring the feeling of being inside of her. Ignoring my own words, I nudged further into her.

“Damn it, D. Stop and think what you’re doing,” she groaned, leaning back and closing her eyes. “It’s me, Elena.”

“I’ve thought about it for years, Elena.” My stubborn streak was kicking in, and after going this far, there was no way I was going to stop. I pulled her up my body, pulling part way out, then slid her back down my sweaty torso, sinking back inside of her.

“Gentle,” she moaned. “You’re bigger than my boys and my toys.” She arched her back pushing down on her hips, and I slid in even deeper. Incredible. I was inside my best friend, and loving every moment of it.

I reached down with my hands and grabbed her soft butt cheeks, my hands slipping until I got a nice good grip on her ass. I lifted her up, getting a little space between us. It allowed just enough maneuvering room for me to thrust up into her. Up and down, deeper and deeper, taking this steaming hot girl. My very best friend. The little girl I’d walked to elementary school with every day.

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