Little Flows

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This is a new story called” Little flows” To be honest, I never actually considered this to be a fetish, until I met Dania anyway. I think most guys (and some women too) enjoy squirting, cumming, watching their spunk spurting against a pair of luscious breasts. They don’t have to be large one’s either, just breasts. And not like it’s an all the time thing either, just once in a while, that dirty, naughty, somewhat kinky mood hits. And you want to squirt on a pair of nice looking titties.

I’d done it a few times, like most I’d imagine. But until I actually did meet Dania, I had no idea that for some…like her at least, it was almost an obsession!

I had met Dania a while back, a fiery redhead that had a wicked sense of humor, and a great looking pair of tits, though up until then, I’d never actually seen them. Just the swell of her full curvature as she leaned over the counter to refresh my coffee. Admittedly, I had often wondered if she was giving me a “look” on purpose, or was really that clueless.

I should have known better.

Across the street from where I worked was this small little diner. It was hardly ever that busy in the morning, only usually at lunch. So I rarely went there then, as Dania was generally too busy to spend much time chatting with me. But…I’d gotten into the habit of going there for breakfast before work.

In time, becoming one of her favorite and most frequent regulars. That of course had eventually led to our flirting with one another a bit from time to time, though I naturally assumed that’s how she was with most of the guys who came in to eat there. Dania was always friendly, always had a smile for everyone, not just me. And I couldn’t help but notice, I wasn’t the only guy that enjoyed the view whenever she leaned over the counter to pour someone else a cup of coffee.

And don’t get me wrong. She wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous either. She had her so-called flaws if you want to call them that. But I thought she was pretty, as did most of the guys who usually saddled up to the counter to order something to eat, always flirting with her just the way I did, ogling those amazing tits of hers.

As I said…I’d been going there for several months now. And in all that time, I’d never seen her without a smile on her face, or a bit of exposed breast without it being too obvious whenever she came over to take my order, or lean over to refill my coffee.

And then one day, I came in…and she had an entirely different look on her face. I could tell that something serious was really bothering her. She just wasn’t being her old normal friendly self, not with me…not with anyone. But, I did have one small advantage that most everyone else didn’t, we knew one another well enough that I had the courage to ask her what was wrong. It was almost as though she was hoping someone would, though she still fought back the tears in her eyes when I asked her that.

“I can’t talk now…but, I get off at five,” she informed me, which I already knew of course. “If you happen to still be around, meet me around back out by my car and I’ll tell you what’s going on.”

I quickly agreed to do so, and then fretted about all day, wondering what it was that was bothering her so much. By the time five o’clock came around, I was on pins and needles and immediately headed off across the street to meet her out by her car in the parking lot.

“Do you mind if we go somewhere?” she asked. Not here.”

“Sure…any place you’d like,” I told her, and then somewhat nervously climbed into her car with her as she pulled out of the parking lot and onto the street. We drove for several minutes in total silence, me…having no idea where we were going. Though I’m not sure she did either as minutes later she pulled her car into one of those parking garages a short distance away. She seemed to be looking for a particular place to park, so once again I waited until she spotted a place off and away from where everyone else was parked, and pulled in there.

“I appreciate this,” she began somewhat nervously. “But…I must warn you, what I’m about to say to you might freak you out a little. I hope not. Because I’ve come to consider you to be a friend, someone I can talk to, and hopefully…someone who will listen to me and not judge me for it.”

“I’m not in the habit of judging anyone,” I assured her. “Especially when I have enough windows of my own to be throwing rocks at,” I added, seeing her chuckle at that, a bit of that twinkle for a moment at least, back in her eyes again.

“Glad to hear that,” she told me. “But…you still might be a little shocked at what I’m about to tell you.”

“Shock away!” I grinned, wondering indeed at what she could possibly say to me that would even come close to being able to do that. And then she just spit it out, and ok…admittedly, she took me by surprise. Shocked me a little even…though not too much.

“I love it when a guy cums on my tits.”

That was probably the last thing I ever expected to come out of her mouth when she said that. And I’m sure by the look of surprise on my face, she realized it too.

“I’m sorry, I probably shouldn’t have told you that,” she said, and then reached for her keys intending to start her car again. Recovering from my surprise, I quickly reached over stopping her hand.

“No don’t…I’m not shocked, really…surprised a little yes. I mean jeez Dania, it’s not every woman you hear say, “I love it when a man cums on my tits!” At least she laughed hearing me say that, turning back around to face me. I sat back looking at her, my cock telling me it was interested in hearing the rest of her story too as it throbbed inside my pants. “Why don’t you tell me about it, because obviously, there’s more to it than just that.”

She relaxed as I said that, sitting back in her seat once again, one hand fingering the buttons on her blouse.

“I was hoping you’d understand, hear me out. Not easy to tell someone about, or even admit to it. But…the truth of the matter is…”

For the next half hour we sat there in her car as she related to me what had happened. Dania and her long time boyfriend of the past three years had suddenly broken up the night before. He had decided, for whatever reason, that her “fetish” as he called it, was out of hand. Going even further to call her sick and perverted because of it. And yet, hearing her tell me the details,

he had for the past several years obviously enjoyed it even more than she did. Until she began wanting it more than he was willing to do it for her. As long as it had been his idea, it seemed…he was all for it. Once she’d determined she liked and enjoyed it even more than he did…it had suddenly become a chore. And worse…now a sick twisted perversion according to what he’d told her.

“So…do you think it is?” she asked point blank after telling me the entire story. “Is it sick? Am I twisted for enjoying it so much?”

“No, it’s not. Perhaps a bit unusual in a way, yes. I don’t think there’s a lot of women out there that enjoys it to quite the extent that you obviously do. But…I don’t think too many women mind that when it happens either, and probably encourage it from time to time. You’re just a little different than most is all…but there’s really nothing all that unusual about it Dania. You just like the feel of cum on your tits…so what? I like cumming on tits, that makes me any kinkier than you are?”

It was nice to hear her laugh when I said that, though truth be told, I was starting to become aroused sitting here talking to her like this.

She had told me, frankly and openly during our conversation what it was about that, that turned her on so much and why. In the beginning, it hadn’t started out that way either. In the beginning, she had done so because her then boyfriend wanted it, and enjoyed doing it. And eventually, she did too.

Even more so. When she did, she began encouraging him to do it as often as he could, wherever he could, whenever they were together. And it didn’t really matter where either. It became a game, a naughty fun, dirty little game they played just between the two of them…once again, in the beginning.

She told me how they could be walking down the street together, and then she’d suddenly pull him into a semi-secluded doorway and simply start jerking on his cock. Seconds later, he was dumping a creamy load of sperm onto her breasts. It was always like that for her now, had been for a while now. She craved it, wanted it…needed it. Dania needed to feel the sensation of fresh hot cum covering her tits.

“I don’t know why,” she had told me, confessing her thoughts and emotions to me. “It just does, it turns me on to something fierce. I love the feel of all that hot warm cum clinging to my breasts. And not just there either,” she added, blushing a bit when she said that. “For lack of a better word, I enjoy feeling it on my pussy…my ass too. But I prefer feeling fresh warm cum, and lots of it…between my breasts. I just do! Maybe I really am sick…really am twisted,” she said once again, spinning around in her seat preparing to start her car again. And once again I stopped her.

“Dania, you’re NOT sick, and you’re NOT twisted! Everyone…and I do mean everyone, has their own little kinks, quirks, and fetishes. I’m no different than anyone else…even you.” I informed her.

“And to be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t even remotely consider what you’ve told me as being all that kinky or quirky. A bit unusual perhaps yes, but only because of the frequency of it that you enjoy feeling that so often as you do. But only for that reason. And to be perfectly honest with you, since you’re being so honest with me here, is the thought of doing that, is making me damn fucking horny! There, I said it. So…now I guess it’s your turn to be shocked at me!”

All she did was sit back and smile. “Really, the thought of that’s making you horny?” she asked. She was still nervously, and perhaps even absent mindedly, fingering the buttons on her blouse, another one of which she suddenly popped open.

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