That Will not Occur Again – 2

This Story is part of It'll Never Happen Again Series

“That Will not Occur Again” Part-2 Continues….

“Pretty well concealed,” I informed her. “And that seriously is the only real major difference between the two of you?”

“Mostly yes, I’m sure there are a few others, but they’re not nearly as noticeable, or as memorable as this is,” she said, slurring her words slightly. “And it’s not like you’re going to need to worry about finding it either,” she laughed. “I think our code word will be sufficient in the event you’re ever not sure about which one of us is which.”

“Blue,” I said laughingly…teasing her.

“Bluer,” she responded immediately. “Though maybe we should change the code now.”

“Oh? To what?”

“How about…suck me?”

“Suck me?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” Before I knew it, Shane had leaned forward her mouth suddenly surrounding my cock taking it in. My knees threatened to buckle in that very instant, though somehow I managed to hold on. I looked down, watching her mouth slowly slide up and down my shaft, taking me towards heaven, which I knew was only a relatively short distance away at this pace.

“Oh god baby that feels good!” I told her. Though once again I didn’t tell her, I didn’t have much to compare it to either. This was only my second ever blowjob in my entire life.

The fact that she was rather good at it, should have told me she was a bit more experienced than I was, but I honestly didn’t care at the time either. She was only moments away from making my eyes pop out.

Even when I warned her I was about to explode, she kept going. Another subtle hint that this wasn’t the first time she’d done this. But even then I didn’t care, didn’t mind. It felt too fucking good, and the fact she was more than willing to do this for me, said it all. In my mind anyway.

Only moments after that, I was tossing more cum than I thought was possible to produce down her throat, nearly making her choke on it, though she continued sucking me anyway, drinking it down. When she had, she finally came up for air, actually gasping for breath.

“Holy shit! You came a lot!” She told me, smiling. “But damn that was good!”

“You’re telling me!” I shot back, my head still swimming, a bit light headed. But then I knew…I knew I loved her with all my heart, not just because of the blowjob either, but the way she looked at me, the enjoyment and pleasure in her eyes as she sat there.

“Now…it’s my turn,” I told her as I knelt down on the floor in front of her.

I pried her apart with my fingers, once again exposing her hard little clit, simultaneously catching another brief glimpse at that tiny little white spot of skin, her precious birthmark. I kissed it, and then licked it, tickling her as she laughed, giggling preciously. I then lapped at her with my tongue, slowly drawing it up her wet slick furrow, tasting her essence, becoming even more drunk on it than I had with the margaritas.

Shane too was obviously overcome with desire, her hands locking fingers within my hair as she pulled my face even more deeply towards her, my mouth only then tenderly sucking her hard clit, drawing it inwards deep into my mouth. Her groan, the additional press of her hands on the back of my head told me that she too was now hovering on the edge of her own sweet bliss.

Feeling her come, one finger having now wormed itself inside her, the clench of her pussy as she surrounded it, trapping it inside. The even sweeter taste of her juices as they ran freely from her cunt, drinking from the scepter that only first held them until they overflowed. Overflowing now, greedily into my mouth.

It took a while for her to recover, though I was myself glad for it, only then finding my own legs, standing up once again.

“Guess we really should get back to the party shouldn’t we?” She stated. Though I myself would have preferred it if we’d simply then fallen into bed together.

“Suppose we should, but…let’s try and shut everyone out within the hour shall we?” I asked more than hopefully as she smiled back at me.

“Sounds like a plan,” she said. “A very lovely, and very naughty sounding plan.”


By the time we got back down stairs, I was pleased and somewhat surprised to see that a number of people had already left. And even those who hadn’t, had started getting dressed already. Alice was in fact already beginning to straighten things up, clearing off tables and tossing empty bottles in the garbage. She too was already dressed.

“Told everyone it was time to wind things down,” she said. “Didn’t want anyone besides me passing out here, so thought maybe it was time to send everyone home.”

Shane had already asked me earlier if her sister could go ahead and spend the night. She didn’t want her driving home drunk for one thing, which was a good idea. And the fact that I did have a nice comfortable couch in the living room, which could be made into a small bed made sense anyway. But…I also knew with Alice spending the night, the likelihood that Shane would then spend it with me in my room, was an added bonus.

Shane quickly dressed as well, and then the three of us along with some help from a few others, made short work of the big mess we had all made. It was just barely past midnight when the last of our guests finally left.

I laughed upon looking over towards the couch, Alice was already fast asleep. Shane then walked over, drawing the comforter I had taken out for her, covering her with it. She then smiled, taking my hand in hers and began walking up the stairs to my bedroom.

I was glad for a bit of the exertion required in cleaning up, it had helped quite a bit towards sobering me, though I was still not fit to be driving either. The fact I had a nice firm erection was something I was even gladder to find. Usually alcohol has a tendency to take me in the other direction. But as Shane removed her clothes, now naked and crawling into bed next to me, all I wanted to do was spend the rest of the entire night making love to her.

Looking up as Shane mounted me, watching her hand reaching down guiding my shaft towards, and then into that sweet wet pussy was a sensation I will always remember. As we slowly came together as one, now moving more in inches than in anything else, slowly coupling, we gradually began picking up the tempo.

Wildly now, passionately, we came together. The sound of flesh meeting flesh, the wanton decadent words of our pleasures being spoken to one another openly. The sounds of her lewd wetness, acting like an aphrodisiac, intensifying both our pleasures.

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