That will not occur Again

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This is a new story called “That will not occur again” let’s begin…..Famous last words. The very words I told myself only moments after Alice rolled out of my bed. I had no excuses for it either, and though I had said that, and meant it, that didn’t change the consequences one iota. I knew then I had fucked up my life, my relationship with Shane…Alice’s twin sister.

I had met Shane at a party a few weeks earlier, not knowing at the time she had an identical twin sister. I didn’t even find that out until we’d been dating for well over a week, finally invited back to her home where I got the surprise of my life.

Inviting me inside, she had poured us each a coke from the fridge, and then excused herself saying that she’d really like to get out of the clothes she was wearing and into her “comfy” ones. Not having a clue as to what that meant, I was content to sit there and wait on her.

I also happened to know that her dad was out of town on business and would be for the next several days. Her mother worked the night shift at a local bar waiting tables, so as far as I knew, we had the house entirely to ourselves. Not once had she ever mentioned the fact she had siblings, though in her defense, I’d not yet gotten around to asking her about that either.

Shane was a very attractive woman in every sense of the word. And I don’t mean gorgeously beautiful either, because she wasn’t. She wore her dark hair short, which was a bit unusual perhaps, but it gave her a carefree wild sort of look to match her piercing blue eyes. She was also the exact same height that I was at around five foot eight.

Though thankfully preferred wearing sandals or sneakers as opposed to wearing high heels. Like I said, she was far from being gorgeous, but she had a certain something that just exuded her sexuality and sensuality. That to me made her even sexier, her wild carefree attitude and demeanor, which to me being a part of her character is what made her attractive and beautiful in her own way.

Her smile could melt ice cream, and her eyes could make it hard again. I know, because she’d done that to me more times than I could count myself now, and we had barely started kissing one another with full tongues.

Tonight however, she had hinted at the possibility of something more happening. At least I hoped so. It wasn’t so much anything she said that even suggested it. Only that she was looking forward to spending some real quality time with me later on that evening.

We had spent nearly the entire day walking around campus at a local university. Now each of us graduated from high school, and looking ahead towards our individual futures, it had been through other friends who were going to the school who’d invited us for a meet and greet. Which is how we’d met. Shane had attended an entirely different high school than I had, though within the same community. And now…here we were, walking about campus, talking about the various classes each of us hoped to be taking, three of which we likewise hoped we’d be taking together.

Sitting there drinking the coke she’d opened and poured for me, I heard her coming down the stairs a few minutes later. In moments she came into the kitchen area where I was sitting. She had told me she was going upstairs to get comfy, but when she came in carrying what appeared to be a laundry basket, I had no idea what she had obviously meant by that. She was naked, except for a pair of blue and red striped bikini panties, which is the only thing she had on.

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed upon seeing her, which was a surprise in and of itself. Not even realizing I had spoken, possibly because she jumped, dumping the basket she was carrying in the middle of the floor.

“Jesus Christ!” She screamed upon seeing me, looking at me like I was some sort of a burglar or something. “You scared the shit out of me!”

Dumbfounded, I could only sit there looking at her stupidly. I felt as though I had just entered the twilight zone or something by the way she was acting.

“Well the least you could do is quit staring at my tits, and help me pick up this laundry!”

Even though I finally moved to help her, I was still in a confused state of shock, not at all understanding what the hell was going on here, though now…I really was looking at her tits as I began gathering up the scattered clothing that she’d basically dumped everywhere.

“I see you’ve met my sister.”

Now it was my turn to jump, spinning around to find myself staring at an identical doppelganger of the half naked woman in front of me. The one behind me, a bit more modestly attired though not by much. She wore a skimpy pair of cut off sweat shorts and a tee shirt that looked all but painted on.

“Your sister?” I said once again turning to look at the woman who now stood holding the previously dumped basket of clothing in front of her, now concealing her bare breasts, well mostly anyway. “You’re twins?”

“You must be the new boyfriend,” Alice said just before Shane introduced me to her.

“Yeah, this is my sister Alice,” Shane said, finally introducing me. “And yes…we’re identical in every way,” she added once again looking at her, seeing where my eyes suddenly turned at the moment as one of Alice’s breasts was still clearly revealed. Feeling suddenly embarrassed, I looked away once again lacking any words to say for a moment.

“Well, at least now I know I didn’t step off into some parallel universe, for a moment there, I really did think I’d just entered the twilight zone!”

That made them both laugh, which eased the tension considerably. I soon followed Shane back into the living room as Alice completed her trip downstairs to the laundry room.

“Sorry about that, I guess I should have warned you,” Shane told me. “Alice tends to run around the house like that whenever we’re alone. “I thought I could change and then warn her about you being downstairs, but she was too quick for me,” she added.

“Might have helped had I known you even had a sister, and a twin sister at that,” I stated once again the image of her beautiful well rounded breasts with the dark pink nipples capping each one filling my thoughts. “So…totally identical then?” I asked, trying to hide what I was actually thinking about, though Shane laughed.

“Yeah, you’ve seen her boobs…you’ve seen mine. So I guess now, you won’t need to huh?”

“I’m sure they’re not exactly identical,” I said guessing, “And besides which, I didn’t exactly look at them that long to really remember what they did look like,” I said trying to worm my way out of the situation.

“Ah huh,” she said, and then smiled. “But just so you know? We really are. If you were to see us actually stand there totally naked together, I’m willing to bet there’s no way you could tell us a part. We even shave ourselves bare, so there’s nothing there either that would hint at anything. And our boobs are exactly the same size and shape too. We wear our hair in the same style, simply because it is fun to fool people whenever we go out together, though we generally don’t always dress alike. Only when we’re in the mood to really fake people out. Then we do.”

“So you’re telling me I really wouldn’t know, wouldn’t be able to tell the two of you a part if you were to actually do that.”

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