Little Flows – 2

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“Little Flows” Part-2 Continues……

I sat jerking my cock, though Dania leaned forward stroking it herself for a while, fingering her own pussy simultaneously. I soon joined in, reveling in the touch of her slick wet opening, her amazing clit, nearly as hard and as big as her nipples were.

“Come for me baby, come for me. Squirt that hot sticky juice all over these tits…this pussy. I want to see you squirt, see you cum, feel your hot warm jizz all over my body!”

Once again for the second time that day, I was soon pumping out what felt like a gallon of cum, watching it squirt…splattering against her, saturating each one of her tits, and then on down her tummy, where I just managed to finish off the rest of it between the folds of that equally succulent looking pussy.

“Hmmm, that feels so good,” she said almost purring, though she quickly straightened herself up. “That should feel nice and get me through the rest of my shift. Might have to take a mini break and rub one out though,” she chuckled. “Unless you plan on sticking around after work tonight. Don’t know if you have any plans or not…but wouldn’t mind having you over and fixing your dinner if you’d be interested in doing that.”

I walked back to the office with a smile on my face, and her address in my pocket. Just imagining Dania going back into work, cum clinging to her almost everywhere was one of the most wicked, decadent thoughts I had ever had.

Maybe I was every bit as bad as she was.


Her place was easy to find, not more than a few miles from my own apartment. I was a few minutes early, but knocked on her door anyway.

“Come on in!” She called out. So I opened the door. I was surprised, a little startled actually. The place wasn’t exactly a mess, but there were boxes everywhere.


“Moving in actually…not me, Tincy.”


Dania laughed, worming her way through a stack of boxes to greet me. She looked incredibly hot as she did, but then I’d never seen her wearing anything else except for that waitress outfit she wore to work everyday.

“Yeah, Tincy…you know, the woman I told you about that I work with?”

“Oh yeah, Tincy! She’s…moving in with you?”

She reached me, giving me a nice long lingering kiss that damn near took my breath away. But then so did what she was wearing. A pair of almost too short shorts that was showing a good deal of her twin ass cheeks along with a tight fitting tee shirt that looked painted on over her braless breasts.

“I couldn’t afford to live here by myself, and I knew Tincy has been looking for a place to live ever since she broke up with her girlfriend.”

“Girl friend?”

Dania trailed her hand over my crotch, turning as she did heading back into the kitchen.


“Yes please…but you still didn’t answer my question.”

“Tincy’s what I call a closet straight.”

“Ok, you lost me. What do you mean by that?”

“Well let’s just say, she’s a lesbian, or at least living like one for several years now. I know for a fact she’s never had sex with a man, but…”


“Yeah, but…” Tincy handed me a wine sipping hers. “She enjoys watching.”


“You sure you want to hear this?”

“Now more than ever!”

At least the front room wasn’t as cluttered as we took seats sitting across from one another.

“We’ve been friends for a while now, spent quite a bit of time together in fact. More so when she was going through her break up. There were evenings when Brian…my ex, would fuck me while she watched, masturbating when she did. Sometimes, she even jerked him off…onto me. She enjoys doing that, but never once did she ever do anything more than that.”

“Damn…and you two?” I asked curiously, sipping my wine and already starting to get a woody.

“Men!” She laughed. “Brian was always trying to get us to do things too, but we never did…not in front of him, or for him anyway. No…the most we’ve ever done privately is finger one another, never even went down on her, or she me. But, like I said, she does enjoy jerking off a guy’s cock for some reason, so that’s why I call her my closest straight girlfriend. I think she enjoys doing it, a lot. More than she’s willing to admit.

And I think if she had gotten along with Brian better than she did, something more might have actually happened. But she never did like him, beyond watching him cum on me. So it never went beyond that. Anyway, she should be here any time now, hope you don’t mind.”

I was in fact a little disappointed, all thoughts of anything really naughty happening suddenly evaporating with Tincy’s expected arrival. Dania saw my worried look though and once again giggled as she stood up and walked into the kitchen to stir the pasta.

“Don’t worry…already told her you were coming over, and what we did today…this morning and this afternoon. She’s actually hoping we might do something while she watches. Provided you don’t mind her doing that of course.”

My erection, which had gone down a little, was suddenly full and stiff all over again.

“Mind? Me mind? Certainly not,” I said walking up behind her as she stirred the sauce, my hands coming up and around to cup her breasts, kneading them like a contented cat from behind. Neither one of us had heard the door open as Tincy walked in.

“Oh good…I’m not too late… for dinner.” She laughed as she tossed her purse down on the table, setting another bag down on the table. “Got the wine and the French bread like you asked,” she said smiling. “Hi Max, nice to see you again.”

Though I had seen her at the diner, we’d never really spoken as I hadn’t spent much time there during the lunch service. I was a little surprised to discover that she remembered me, though Dania had obviously had a little chat with her about our naughty fun time together.

And Tincy was as they say…gorgeous. Just under six feet tall for a woman, she had long blonde hair that she normally wore in a ponytail, at least she had every time I had seen her. Now…she was wearing it loose and full as it fell about her shoulders and breasts. Breasts nice but not quite as full as Dania’s, but certainly every bit as alluring.

But it was her eyes and lips that I found truly beautiful, light blue eyes, quite startling actually whenever you looked at her, and lips so full that even Angelina Jolie would have been envious. Most obvious even for as beautiful a woman as she was, was the lack of any sort of make up, short of a little eye-shadow she was wearing. And yet, she really didn’t need it to look any more perfect than she nearly was.

“Yeah, hi…nice to see you again too,” I said pleasantly, yet awkwardly as I do honestly believe those were the first words ever spoken to her.

“Time enough for a quick shower?” she asked.

“If you hurry,” Dania told her, covering the sauce she’d been stirring, turning the heat down. “And try to wear something decent when you come back out, we do after all…have company.”

“Spoil sport!” Tincy quipped heading off towards the back. “Not like he doesn’t have a woody already,” she added just before disappearing around the corner heading down the hall.

“That obvious?” I asked looking down, though in truth…it really was. Though so were Dania’s rock-hard nipples pressing against her tee shirt. I swear, I don’t think I’ve ever seen nipples as hard as hers could get.

“Wait until you see her tits!” Dania told me. “Though like I told you, with her…it’s only look, but don’t touch.”

“Fine with me…I’m not here for her anyway,” I said, nuzzling Dania’s neck, enjoying the smell of her as I did so. Natural, not fragrant with some sort of chemical perfume covering. She simply smelled fresh.

Dinner was perfect, simple but perfect. We sat chatting getting to know one another better, though Tincy hadn’t exactly conformed to Dania’s request. She might not have been wearing as tight of a tee shirt as Dania was, but she had thrown on what was obviously a satin, or perhaps even silk night shirt that teased her own nipples sufficiently to make an appearance. Sitting there with the two of them, “high beams on,” as we called it…was more than a little distracting.

“Well, shall we take our wines and relax in the living room?” Dania asked. “And how about some music Tincy?”

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