Little Flows – 3

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“Little Flows” Part-3 Continues….

“I want to lick you,” Dania said. “I want to lick your pussy. But admittedly Tincy, what I’d really like to do, provided poor Max can get it up again at some point, is to lick off his cum-cream from your tits. I’d love doing that…if you’d let me, if you’d let Max…” she left off saying.

Once again Tincy looked over towards me. “Tell you what,” she began looking at my very spent cock. “IF…he can indeed get it up again, and provided he can do it…he can come on my tits. He can even play with them a little if he wants to. And so yeah…if he can, if he does, I’d enjoy seeing you do that.”

I grinned. I could feel my cock already starting to get hard again. Dania was grinning too, looking over at it as I did.

“Something tells me…that’s not going to be a problem,” she said, and then drew one of Tincy’s hard stiff nipples into her mouth and began sucking it.


Needless to say, it didn’t take long before I found myself sporting another erection. I wasn’t in any big hurry to bust a nut again however. Watching Dania as she sucked Tincy’s breasts was too nice to interrupt. And by the look on Tincy’s face, she was enjoying it too. I sat watching as they spun around on the bed, for a moment thinking they were going to enjoy a ’69’ with one another.

I was almost disappointed when they didn’t. Almost. What they did instead, was continue on sucking one another’s breasts simultaneously. So in a way, it was still a ’69’ of sorts, just not the way I’d expected. Dania looked up long enough to glance my way…laughing after she did.

“He’s drooling,” she said, chuckling. Tincy too looked over then, and winked. “Come on…come get some titty as you’re obviously feeling left out.”

In seconds I was happy as a clam. I had one hand on Dania’s breast, feeding that one to Tincy, and another on Tincy’s helping feed that one to Dania as the two continued nibbling, licking and sucking one another’s tits.

As I did that, admiring both the view and the sensation, I soon felt a hand once again on my prick. Looking down, I had half expected it to be Dania’s, seeing Tincy’s instead.

“Maybe she’s right,” I thought to myself. “Maybe Tincy really is a closet straight!”

For the longest time, we basically just spent it fondling and teasing one another, rolling about on the bed. Eventually I found myself in the unique position of being beneath the two of them as they knelt above me. Taking Dania’s left breast, and Tincy’s right one, I pressed the two of them together with my hands and then sucked both of their nipples into my mouth simultaneously.

“That’s different!” Tincy laughed…”Never thought of doing that before!”

“There’s a lot of things you’ve never done or tried before,” Dania quipped. “Such as having your tits juiced, think you’re ready for that?”

“Hell yes,” Tincy moaned, now laying back on the bed. “I’m so horny, I’m half tempted to actually suck his dick!”

I looked at her grinning.

“I said half tempted!” She smiled back, and then laughed. “I know…Dania likes to call me straight-curious, though I guess that would be bi-curious too if you think about it. But I don’t consider myself either really. But what I am finding out is that if I like the person regardless of their sex, and if I am attracted and comfortable with them, then I’m willing to explore things I’ve never done before.”

“So you’re admitting to the fact you find yourself attracted to Max then?” Dania continued to tease her friend.

“Yeah…but not enough to suck his dick. Yet,” she said smiling. “But I do think I am ready to feel it squirting on my tits…if he is.”

Just as Dania had done, I now found myself standing up on the bed again looking down at Tincy. Dania behind me now, once again working my dick up and down, pointing it towards her friend.

“Watch where you squirt it buster, or we’ll have words!” She told me, though she did so with a quirky little smile. The fact that I didn’t really have much control in the matter wasn’t brought up as Dania continued to hold onto my cock, stroking it, pointing it towards her. When I felt the second intense release of the evening once again begin, I was sure to tell them both long before it happened. There was a brief momentary look of concern in Tincy’s eyes as Dania pointed my prick directly towards her face.

Just a millisecond before that first spurt rocketed out of my dick however, she adjusted her aim. I stood watching my cum spurts splashing wickedly and wildly against Tincy’s breasts. It was almost as erotic after I had finished bathing her tits with my semen, to see Dania then kneel down beside her. Rather than just massaging my cum into them the way Tincy had done to her however, Dania took a long sweet time licking it all off.

This time I really was done for. I stood at the door preparing to leave both girls remaining naked as they kissed me goodnight. I took one step down the porch. “If you don’t have any plans tomorrow…call me,” Dania said.

“No plans…so I will,” I said waving, and then headed outside to my car.


It was well past ten before I woke up after sleeping in, getting a bit of much needed rest. While waiting for the coffee to finish I picked up the phone and called her.

“You feel like meeting me for lunch later?” she asked.


“Well, I have a couple of things I need to pick up at the mall, but if you wouldn’t mind coming with me, there’s a fairly nice little restaurant there. It’ll be my treat for allowing me to drag you along.”

I wasn’t too thrilled about shopping, but after some assurance that she wouldn’t bore me to tears dragging me from store to store, I agreed to meet her there. Once again, she looked sexy as hell. It was still odd not seeing her in her waitress outfit the way I’d been used to doing. She wore a sexy short skirt that truly showed off her magnificent legs, along with a simple white peasant blouse that was fairly low cut. I smiled upon seeing her dressed like that, already feeling a bit of a knowing throb down inside my jeans.

“You look great!” I said giving her a quick, yet warm kiss, which she received, kissing me back. I was surprised when her hand quickly ran down between my legs as we stood there, though fast enough that I doubted anyone had noticed.

“Thank you,” she grinned now, taking my hand in hers. “And I hope “he’s” had a chance to recover from last night,” she added, pulling me along. “Because I need a nice hot dose of man-juice between my tits.”

“You’re kidding me! Here? At the mall?”

“No…I’m not kidding,” she said, seriously eying me. “But you should already know that,” she added. “Unless of course, you’re really not interested.”

I looked around, wondering. “Where?”

“This way,” she grinned even more broadly, and pulled me along. A short distance away from where we’d met, I found myself standing outside of Victoria’s Secret. “In here,” she said, pulling me towards the door. I almost balked at her doing so, not that I was embarrassed about being inside a woman’s intimate apparel store, I shopped there myself a few times before. But it was in knowing what Dania was expecting to happen while in there that I was a bit unsure of.

“No worries. Trust me,” she stated.

We were met moments after walking inside by a cute little brunette who called her by name. “Well hello Dania, nice to see you again, anything special today?” she asked. But it was the way she had said it that told me there was more going on here than I was led to believe. “And who’s this?” She then asked me to turn towards me.

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