John’s change when Stanley made into his life – 03

John’s change when Stanley made into his life – 03 continues…

Stanley swung his arm companionably around my shoulders, leading me to the door. “Don’t worry. I’m sure the class will go easy on you so you won’t go home with too many bruises today.”

My ever present glare swung in his direction. “Yeah, that just makes me thrilled to be here.”



I’d already lost count how many times I’d hit the floor. All I knew was that I hurt and I didn’t want to do this anymore. It was my good fortune to have come into the class the day they were sparing for blocks and throws. The Sensei took pity on me and gave me to one of the newer recruits.

The bastard actually told the kid to try and take it easy on me since it was my first day. One would think I’d get to learn some of the moves before being thrown to the lions, but NO! To add insult to injury, the kid I was sparing with was a goddamn girl at least a year my junior, if not more. I think it was only my bruised and battered pride that kept me getting up for more as snickers from some of the other students needled me.

“Okay, hold on.” Will, who was apparently high up enough in the ranks the Sensei let him help teach and guide the students, came up behind me. Wrapping his arms around me, a hand hooking onto each wrist, he maneuvered my arms. His feet kicked lightly at mine, moving me into the stance he wanted. “Now, move like this. Becky, come at him slowly.”

My face was burning with humiliation, but I didn’t say a word as he moved me like a doll. His day would come, oh yes, it would come. Karma was funny that way.

When he finally let go, I took four steps away from him, glaring daggers at him. He stood there with his arms crossed over his chest. “Go ahead and try to block her, John.”

Why did I have this strange impulse to stick my tongue out at him and tell him I didn’t want to? Still, I put myself into the stance he’d shown me and when she came at me, I blocked.

Will shrugged. “Sloppy, but at least you did it.”

“Oh, go screw yo-“

I was cut off by the sensei calling out the end of the class. Thirty more minutes and I was out of here.

As students went into the back to change and began filing out, I watched the sensei disappear into his office to take a phone call and Will went over to help two other students who’d stayed behind. Stanley hurried over to me with his ever present grin. I wondered if he even knew how to frown.

“So, how was class, Tiger? Looked like you were having fun,” he said with good natured sarcasm.

If it were possible, I think my glare actually got darker. “I hate you.”

“What did I do?”

“You were chipper.” I walked past him to the cooler full of water and plucked out a bottle. My body hurts from head to toe. How did people call this fun, I wondered.

Apparently, he’d followed me. I jumped a little when I felt his hand on my neck, gently massaging the tense muscles there. God, it felt like heaven! With a little squeeze, he motioned his head back out into the room. “Come on, I’ll spar with you a bit.”

“And I would want to do this, why?”

“Well, it’s either me or Will and you are here for another half hour. Promise you I won’t be too rough.”

With a scowl, I realized he was right. I’d gotten the distinct impression that Will didn’t like me, so I was probably safer with Stanley. Pain wise, anyhow. “Fine.”

“Don’t sound so enthusiastic there, or I’ll half to hose you down.”

Thirty minutes later, I was even more sore than I had been when we’d begun. With all too much laughter, he’d thrown me over his shoulder and knocked me to the floor countless times, the bastard. He was actually enjoying this! And of course, he would soften the blows enough so that I knew what he was doing but could do nothing about it, cushioning my fall with a foot or pulling me back up just before I hit the floor.

The other students were still engaged with Will when I stormed back into the locker room.

Stanley followed me in, taking off his belt as he went. “You know, we could always have a rematch, if you’d like.”

“Screw you, buddy!” Having been humiliated, beaten more efficiently than the jocks could have, and all around having a bad day, I let my anger again get the better of me as I turned around and pushed him into one of the lockers.

I was so not in the mood for his condescending tone, his chipmunk smile, and sickeningly optimistic outlook on life! With a not so rare flare of anger, I shoved him into one of the lockers, the sound ricocheting around the empty locker room. “I hate you! I hate you so much it hurts! Do you know that, you happy-go-lucky bastard? Go fuck yourself ten ways from Sunday with a jumbo dildo and then lets see you’re new outlook on life!”

“Damn you’re sexy when you’re angry,” he laughed. I barely had time to go “Huh?” when he grabbed the front of my gi in a fist and pulled me in for the most electrifying kiss I’ve ever had the pleasure of receiving.

Resistance never even entered my mind as I gripped his shoulders, holding on for dear life as he literally sucked the breath from my lungs. His tongue plunged into my mouth, taking no prisoners as it dominated me, making me rise to the occasion in a matter of seconds.

When he pulled back and took in a deep, shuddering breath that matched my own, I opened and closed my mouth several times. I’m sure I wanted to say something to him, but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what that something was. Backing up until I hit the bench, I shook my head, turned and grabbed my Mocha and walked out of the locker room headed for the door. The only thing I knew was that my coffee was cold and I needed to leave right then and there before I did something I would regret, even if I was highly tempted.

I heard him open the door behind me. I knew he was watching me leave, not daring to say anything with the other students still in the room. It was better that way for me. If he had said one word, just one, I probably would have turned around and jumped on him, audience or not.

It was still raining outside and I really didn’t notice it until I stepped into a large puddle with my bare feet. “Crap!”

The only thing I’d grabbed from my cubby was my coffee! My clothing and shoes were still there, probably sitting in a wet puddle of their own. I could either turn around and go back in to grab them, or leave them there and hope they were still there tomorrow. Hmm, decisions.

The walk to the coffee stand left me soaked to my skivvies. Coffee won in the battle of whether I should retrieve my clothing or not, so here I was without a dollar on me, in a wet karate gi, no shoes, and a hell of a temper.

“I’m sorry, sir, but without shoes on, I can’t serve you.”

Alright, that was it. Reaching across the counter, I grabbed his lime green polo shirt and pulled him until his face was a mere inch from mine. “Listen, you little prick. I come in here every day, you know this. I order the same thing at least three times a day. You know this, too. I have had a really bad day and it’s not even noon yet, so I need my damn caffeine. Give it to me now and put it on my student comps.”

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