John’s change when Stanley made into his life – 02

John’s change when Stanley made into his life – 02 continues….

My tongue darted out at the blood still seeping from my lip as I started to laugh softly. However quiet I think I may have been, apparently the teacher heard it over the two loudmouths to my right. His blue eyes bore into mine with a clarity that was startling.

“Is this what really happened?”

I shrugged. “Well, seeing as how half of the crowd were friends of these two oafs here, I’m fairly certain their story will be confirmed if you’d like to ask anyone else. So, sure, why not say I’m a big bully and picked on these two helpless idiots.” I flashed a grin. “I’m such a brute.”

Whoever it was behind me laughed, stifling it quickly at a dark look from the teacher.

The teacher looked back at me, but spoke to the two jocks. “You two will leave this dojo and not return. I will catch you here again, Mr. Richards and Mr. Sampson, and I will see to it that your scholarship sponsors hear about your actions. Is that understood?”

“Yeah, fine. Whatever man.”

Dog Face seconded the motion.

As they left, Moron brushed up against my arm and whispered fiercely in a stage whisper at me. “We’re not done, Preppy. Not by a long shot.”

“Just make sure you have a breath mint next time. You’re killing me here.”

Moron let out a growl.

The teacher’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “For your information, boys, I will be contacting your coach. I’m sure he’ll have something to say about your actions and will wish to deal with it personally. Should I, however, find out you’ve gone after this boy or any other student, for that matter, I can guarantee you will regret it.”

Both boys glared alternately back and forth from me to the teacher and back again, then left the room, wisely holding their tongues. When the door slammed shut behind them, everyone turned and watched the two leave the dojo, Moron spitting on the floor before he left.

When they were gone, I turned back to the teacher. I couldn’t believe he’d just let them off with a warning and open threat. How fair was that? “So . . . Can I go now?”

“After you tell me why you started the fight, perhaps.”

“I didn’t-“

“Yes you did and we both know it. If you had not started the fight, you would not have tried to start another one a minute ago. Do not lie to me.” It was those eyes again looking at me, as though they could see through me. Creepy was saying the least!

“Fine, I won’t.” This started the staring contest, a game I was very good at. Not many could beat me at this, not even this teacher.

When it became obvious I wasn’t going to answer his question, he sighed and shook his head in disappointment. Like I cared. “What is your name?”

“John Joseph.”

“Are you ditching class, Mr. Joseph?”

“Nope. I got thrown out for a week. You can call Professor Hannigin if you’d like to confirm it.”

“That’s not necessary. I am well aware of how Hannigin likes to throw out the occasional student in a fit of temperament.” He shook his head, a smile haunting his lips. “However, I will be contacting your Professor to inform him that while you are not in his class, you will be in my dojo learning some discipline.”

Surely I hadn’t heard right. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me well enough.”

“That’s not fair! You know damn well it was those two steroid junkies that made the mess and yet I’m being punished for it? What the Hell?”

“Life often seems to be unfair at first. I will confer with your Professor. Be here tomorrow morning at the same time as your other class would have begun.” He looked beyond my shoulder to the person standing behind me. “Stanley, please walk him out.”

“Yes, Sensei.”

“I’m sure I can find my own way,” I sneered, pointing through the glass to the door at the front of the room.

“Come on, Tiger, let’s go.” For the first time, I looked behind me at the one who’d pulled me from the fight. His dark brown hair had golden hues to it, framing his face in a way that should have made him look feminine but did quite the opposite. His caramel colored eyes held amusement in them that was sure to be directed at me. The gi he wore opened invitingly down past his collar bone, showing a bit more skin that he really should have been.

I disliked him instantly. Him and his stupid, unfair teacher. “It’s John.”

His smile widened in a charming manner. “Okay, John, after you.”

I glared over my shoulder at the teacher, then headed through the door Stanley was holding open, leaving Will behind to talk to his Sensei. In a rare sense of decorum, I removed my shoes before crossing the dojo floor, even though I had worn them in.

Near the entrance, I sat down on a chair to pull my shoes back on. Stanley remained standing, leaning on his leg on the chair beside me. “That was a pretty nice move you did earlier.”


“You know, the kick throw you did, making the big guy fly right over you.”

“Oh, that. My brothers and I do that to each other all the time. No big deal.”

John’s change when Stanley made into his life – 02 will continue in the next page.

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