I’ve been in love set up

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The way I see it, life has a way of setting you up. Even when you see it coming, and can’t do a damn fucking thing about it. Looking back, I saw it coming then and didn’t do a thing about it, though in hindsight, what could I have done? Some things are just simply out of our control.

At least that’s what I told myself.

A little background then. My name is Jacob. I’m thirty-four years of age, reasonably attractive looking, or so I’m told. Not quite six feet, with brown eyes, sort of blondish hair (though I think that’s due to spending so much time sitting out on my back porch writing during the day). I’m not famous or anything, far from it.

But the little bit of writing I do, along with some of the artwork I sell pays the bills. Enough so that three years ago I bought a nice little place on the beach. Secluded just enough to give me the privacy I wanted, especially when I’m writing. It’s not a big place either, only three bedrooms, though one of which I had turned into my arts studio.

The very first year I had moved in, I wasn’t at all surprised when my older sister along with her husband (at the time) and the twins came for a week’s visit. Sophia and Hazel were just sixteen years old that first year, but it had been two years since I had seen them last. To say they had changed a lot during that time would be an understatement. The thing that I had always found interesting, though they were twins, you wouldn’t know it to look at them. Sure, they had similarities, the typical ‘family’ aspects, many of which they got from my sister Alex. But beyond that, they were about as different as night and day.

I poured myself a second cup of coffee and walked out onto the deck to watch the tide going out. I’d just gotten off the phone a short time ago with my sister. The twins were anxious and excited to be coming out to spend two weeks with me during spring break. And God help me…so was I.

Sophia was the taller of the two by at least two inches standing about five foot eight. She had long dark shoulder length hair, brown eyes with a slender figure, though she certainly had full breasts, and what I like to think of as a cute tight ‘bubble-butt’ that she too often enjoyed showing off, especially whenever she’d been around me.

Sophia had one of those class A personalities. She was outgoing, friendly, certainly popular beyond measure, and according to my sister, she’d been Boy Crazy from a very early age. I remembered when they were little, how Sophia always seemed to be the one that was stirring up mischief, and one way or the other, ensuring that her twin sister was somehow involved.

Hazel was just the opposite in so many ways. Hazel always had been the shy one, even around me. She seemed to have an almost permanent blush on her face, especially around boys, or whenever she was with her sister, who’d be going on about this or that, which would inevitably, for whatever reason, cause Hazel some consternation about the way her sister was currently acting.

I’d always thought both girls attractive in their own way. Sure, Sophia had more of the finer features of a true beauty, but she knew it too…and used that. Hazel carried a bit more weight, and though some might think her a bit more plump than her sister, in my mind at least…it wasn’t enough to make any big deal over.

For one thing, Hazel had slightly larger breasts, though of course even from an early age, she made a point to try and hide that particular aspect. Sophia would wear fairly revealing bikinis, especially that first year they came here to visit. I never saw Hazel wear anything other than a full piece suit, and even then, it was modestly fit to ensure that very little of her voluptuous looking cleavage was ever exposed.

Hazel tended to wear her own ‘dirty-blonde’ hair fairly short, which I think didn’t do her a whole lot of justice with her more rounded face. It was almost as though she made every attempt that she could to downplay her own beauty and attractiveness, especially whenever she was around her sister. It was almost ironic. I found my niece’s shyness even more sexy and alluring than I did her sister’s more obvious, flirtatious demeanor.

God… that had been a difficult week’s visit for me the first time they had come out to stay. Like I said, Sophia was just coming into her own back then, and I swear she was using me to test things out on, even with me being her Uncle. I’m just glad that Alex was there to chaperone things, and reel Sophia in from time to time, though she too found it very often funny that Sophia had at times made me blush!

Somehow, we all made it through that first week, though I’ll also be the one to openly admit it. I spent a lot of alone time in the bathroom during their stay.

The second visit was uniquely different. This time the girls came to spend part of their spring break with me, and for good reason. Alex was unfortunately going through a very rough period with her husband at the time, which a short time later resulted in their eventual divorce.

The girls…both girls, were a bit more subdued, though after a few days, Sophia seemed to come out of her self imposed funk a bit more, and seemed more like her old self. Especially during that last day and night of their stay, when “Uncle Jacob” had to play the role of spoil-sport to some extent, calling out towards Sophia to come back to the beach and put her bikini back on. The little shit had stood up out of the water just enough with nothing more than a smile on her face, forcing me to turn and head back into the house. Needless to say, I spent some time alone in the bathroom again.

I don’t remember even seeing Hazel wearing a swimsuit during that time. She seemed to spend most of her free time sitting in a lounge chair down near the beach reading books whenever her sister couldn’t entice her, or virtually drag her into town to take in a movie or something.

And so here we were. Now nineteen, the twins will be arriving for their two-week stay tomorrow. My sister Alex didn’t have the luxury of a two week vacation because of her work. But she would be joining us during that final week. If I could somehow manage to survive by then. The fact that the girls were basically adults now, would make it considerably harder on me, trying to ‘act the parent’ around them.

Alex had already warned me over the phone that Sophia spent a LOT of time outside sunbathing in the nude, and that I’d best be prepared for that. I frowned, realizing I’d probably be spending a lot more time inside and out during their stay than I would have preferred to. After all, I couldn’t very well go out and demand that Sophia cover herself up now any more could I? Though I also stood there realizing, I really didn’t want to either.

A lot can happen in a year’s time, and I don’t think there’s any better example of that, than the way the girls looked when they stepped off the plane.

Sophia was still Sophia in many respects, though if anything she was even more of a true beauty now. To my surprise, she had cut her hair short, really short…what she soon after told me was her “Sassy” look. Once again an understatement. She had also dyed her hair, and though always dark, it was now jet-black, along with her eye and face make up. I didn’t know much about the so-called “Gothic” look, but my sister had at least warned me ahead of time. As for Hazel, well she had changed too.

She wore her hair longer now, which seemed to suit and fit her better, though she’d left her own natural color in. And there was no mistaking it either…she had lost a little weight. Enough so to be immediately noticeable, especially through her face, which in my mind, made her look even more attractive and alluring, though that still shy smile of hers appeared as she leaned forward to give me a welcoming kiss.

Another noticeable change I noticed as she did that. She was wearing a tee shirt that was a bit tighter fitting than I’d seen her in before. And…it was low cut just enough to actually show off a bit of cleavage, which if you knew Hazel the way I knew Hazel, wasn’t usually in her nature to wear.

Sophia had all but jumped up into my arms in greeting, kissing me fully on the lips, bags and baggage hitting the ground causing others who were standing around us to take notice. I could only imagine what they were thinking. Hazel, once again blushing profusely, though once Sophia had extricated herself off of me, coming over on her own accord to at least proffer me a bit of a more chaste kiss in greeting, though even then adding still yet a bit more color to her cheeks in doing so. However, this too was just one more subtle change in Hazel that I had noticed. Never before now had she done that.

During the short drive back to the beach house, the girls filled me in on everything they’d been up to during the past year. Even Hazel had joined in on the conversation this time, actually interrupting one of her sister’s ‘stories’ in order to correct it. The fact that she had done so, and that Sophia had smiled even as she did, said a lot. Things really had changed for these two, and all for the better hopefully, though I was quickly reminded in short order that Sophia still maintained a bit of a devilish side to her.

“Uncle Jacob?”

“Yes honey…what?” I asked, looking over towards her. She had that ‘tone’ in her voice which for some damn reason always created this vision of her sitting there with this sexy-looking pout on her face, one finger pulling at her lip, eyes boring into you. It was a dangerous look. Even though I was the one creating it in my mind, I swore I’d actually seen her use it a time or two on me, which is probably where I got it from. Sophia was sitting next to me in the passenger seat, with Hazel sitting in the backseat looking out the window as we drove down the coastal highway.

“Are you gay?”

If I hadn’t been so focused on my driving, I think I would have driven us off the road. Even then, I know I slowed, though it was Hazel who had actually spoken from the backseat before I did.

“Jesus Sophia!” Hazel had a certain tone too. And she used it whenever she was truly disgusted, or upset with her sister.

Hearing Hazel cuss surprised me almost as much as what Sophia had just asked me, lengthening my pause before finally responding.

“No!” I exclaimed once again looking over towards her. “And why would you ask that anyway?” I ventured trying to sound not quite angry, but more manly for some reason.

“Cause we never hear about you having a girlfriend, or that you’ve invited anyone to come stay, or live with you…that’s why.”

I’m not sure I’d call that a justifiable reason for her comment, but she had a point whether it was real or imagined.

“I’ve had girlfriends. Plenty of them. Just didn’t seem to be dating any of them when you’ve come to visit before I guess. In fact, I was seeing a girl quite regularly up until a couple of weeks ago when she moved down to San Diego to pursue her modeling career.”

“Uh huh,” Sophia said, sounding unconvinced.

Once again I looked at her, glaring a little this time perhaps, though likewise taking a glance in the rear view mirror at Hazel who caught my eyes. She actually smiled, rolling her eyes as though sharing this miniscule disgust with her sister at even thinking something like that. I think it was the most intimate moment the two of us had ever shared.

I was more relieved and grateful when five minutes later we arrived. I helped the girls carry their bags into the spare bedroom. As always, they’d be sharing a rather large king sized bed together, which neither one of them seemed to mind. They’d been sharing a room together for years now anyway, so it wasn’t as though they weren’t used to doing that. When Alex arrived, I’d let her have my room, and would temporarily at least, take up residence on the couch. I really didn’t mind that so much either. I think I had actually spent more time sleeping there, than I had in my own bed.

As expected, the girls hurriedly changed and immediately headed outside and then down to the beach to spend the better part of the afternoon sunbathing. Unexpected…was seeing Hazel run by, following her sister. She was wearing a bikini.


I sat out on the deck pretending to read a book myself, one eye on the girls just a few short yards away, as they frolicked in the water together briefly before rushing back up to the beach where their beach towels were spread out waiting for them. Obviously, I had seen Sophia in a bikini before, but I’m not sure that what she was currently wearing could even be technically called a bikini.

And I wondered what my sister would think if she knew her daughter was even wearing this. Though I was just as quickly reminded of the fact, in agreement with it or not…Sophia wasn’t to be considered a child any more either. I heard myself sigh audibly upon realizing that. It was apt to be a long week.

And I know the little shit knew what she was doing as she bent over, spreading out her already spread out beach towel again. With her back turned towards me, I got a full view of those perfect twin ass cheeks of hers. And I mean ass cheeks too. There wasn’t a bit of material in any way shape or form that was covering either one of them.

Just this bright red strip of nothingness that seemed to disappear into her ass-crack briefly before making a reappearance at an equally thin line running around her waist. Once she had spread out her towel, she turned slightly, now looking over towards where I sat. There was no mistaking it in my mind at least…that little shop of hers had definitely been for me. But the show wasn’t over with either. I watched as her hands came up and behind herself, and before I knew it, her equally small top suddenly came away in her hands. She dropped it. Though I don’t really remember seeing that.

All I remember seeing for a brief moment was her full breasts, each one capped with delicious looking dark colored nipples. I looked away, not wanting to catch her looking back towards me again, which I was sure she’d be doing. I gave it a count of three before looking back her way again. She was laying down now, face up towards the water. Her breasts fully revealed in all their glory. It was impossible NOT to be looking at them, which is also when I suddenly realized that Hazel was sitting on her beach towel looking at me.

I felt like some kind of a pervert. I smiled, standing up and prepared to go back inside the house looking for some excuse to do so. Hazel had in fact smiled back at me, but even at this distance, I saw that all too familiar blush spreading across her face. It was a look that almost said, “I know Uncle Jacob…it’s not your fault.”

I walked through the sliding glass doors into the kitchen, looked down, and saw what looked like a tent pole sticking out of my own tight fitting shorts. There was no way in hell that Hazel could have possibly missed that.

It was time for a long cold shower.


The sun would be setting shortly. I had burgers on the grill for dinner, and the girls had thrown together some potato salad to go along with. And though they were still wearing their bikinis, both Sophia and Hazel had put on some wraps as well. Bad enough I was still looking at an abundance of well-rounded cleavage from both girls, but at least I wouldn’t be staring at Sophia’s bare cheeks. The thing was…I found myself stealing even more frequent glances in Hazel’s direction, and worse…caught myself playing stupid “look down the blouse games” when I should have known better.

Alex had told me earlier than she’d been allowing the girls a glass or two of wine with dinner for quite some time now. Well aware of that, I had picked up several bottles of wine to have on hand during their stay here. I had opened one, and then moved over to where the girls sat at the outside picnic table as they sat mixing up the last few ingredients for the potato salad. I leaned over to pour, acting like their waiter as the girls held up their glasses for me to fill.

First Sophia’s, and then Hazel’s. As I did that, I got perhaps the best unintended view (initially) of Hazel’s breasts. So full and inviting from my vantage point, with only the barest hint of what I could have sworn was a pinkish colored areola peeking up at me. I gained sanity long enough to realize I had nearly over-filled her glass.

“Ooops!” I grinned dumbly, trying to sound playful in the process, though I again think I caught Hazel looking down at herself as I turned away. “Dumb fuck!” I said to myself, feeling really sheepish now and even more perverted. I could only hope that she didn’t think I was actually trying to get a good look down her bikini top, even though that’s exactly what I had been doing. I heard one of the patio chairs scooting across the deck. I looked up as I stood there flipping burgers in time to see Hazel stand.

“I think I’ll go in and change,” she stated. “It’s starting to get a little colder outside,” she finished.

“Shit!” I said smiling, silently swearing at myself. Maybe she had noticed, or at least suspected what I’d been staring at. Sophia on the other hand looked up at her sister as though she were crazy. Even with the sun setting soon, it was easily in the high eighty’s outside. “Ok, burgers are about ready though,” I said trying to sound normal, once again smiling at my niece, though now worried the smile on my face was causing me to look even more idiotic than I already felt. Hazel merely nodded her head at me, heading into the house, though I caught an obvious blush in her cheeks as she did so.

Thank God nothing else happened that was awkward or uncomfortable the rest of the evening. We shared a nice dinner together, another glass of wine (or two) and actually had a few good laughs talking about previous visits. I actually breathed a sigh of relief when I went to sleep that night.

Little did I know what was about to happen, or how thoroughly things were about to change because of it.


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