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Feely Friday was a lot better than I imagined it would be. Though we spent the majority of it at the house, simply because the twins…and Tom, who had warned me that nothing was out of bounds, regardless of wherever we were. If anything, it was a nice long precursor of foreplay to keep everyone excited and on edge for the following day. And though I was a little nervous about being the one to officially deflower my niece, I was also really looking forward to it.

Not surprisingly I had found the girls making breakfast without a stitch on. Reason being, it would make things a whole lot easier for everyone to copy and grab feels throughout the day without any hindrances. Admittedly it was nice…and fun, simply reaching out to cup, caress, or briefly fondle anyone whenever they came close enough to do so. I had initially thought at first we’d all end up in a full blown orgy first chance we had.

Far from it. As I quickly learned and soon after accepted, the whole idea of the day was meant to tease, and to maintain this heightened level of sexuality until much later on that evening. It worked. I think I walked around with an erection the majority of the day. Just about the time it seemed to begin to soften a little, someone would come by and pay my prick enough attention to get it all hard again.

Even watching the girls grab-assing and teasing one another was exciting. Even when the twins sat down to fold clothes fresh out of the dryer became erotic as Tom stood behind the two of them, reaching down to cup and caress the girl’s breasts until their respective nipples were standing out hard and proud.

Once again I was a little relieved we’d decided to stay home for the day. After everything I had seen and experienced so far, I just wasn’t sure how far the girls would take things away from the house. It wasn’t long before I got a subtle taste of that later on that afternoon. At the moment Tom was kneeling in front of me as I sat on the couch, almost casually rubbing my hard stiff prick back and forth across her tits when we both heard a giggle of laughter, and then running footsteps from the girls as they headed towards the main entry room.

“Hurry Sophia, he’s not that far away!” I heard Hazel exclaim enthusiastically. I looked at my sister with a questioning look, but she merely smiled and raised an eyebrow at me.

“Come on, let’s go see what they’re up to,” Tom said, pulling me up off the couch, literally by my cock as she did. I really didn’t have too much of a choice but to follow, but I was nervously curious as to what the girls were up to as well as their enthusiastic giggling continued.

We peered around the corner looking into the entryway. Sophia stood in the screened doorway, though she had of course remained completely naked. Hazel was busy peeking through the curtains out the window, and then moments later dashed over to join her sister as they now both stood in the doorway. It didn’t take long before I realized what was happening here.

Tom and I had just enough of a vantage point to look out the door ourselves though at an angle and distance behind them. It was the mailman! The same guy that had been delivering mail to me now for quite some time. I almost panicked, half deciding to dash towards the door until I realized it was already way too late for that. Bad enough as it was, me showing up behind my nieces, just as naked as they were…would only have made it worse.

“Do you have some mail for us?” I heard one of the twins saying. There was a brief pause, and I could clearly see the surprised bewilderment in Charlie’s face as I only then recalled it. Charlie had to be in his early to mid fifties, and I would have been willing to bet dollars to donuts that in all the years he’d been working as a mail carrier, he’d never once had anything like this happen to him. In a sense he was dumb-founded, as he fumbled briefly with some of the letters he was holding, trying to sort them out again before placing them in the outside mailbox.

“Don’t worry about doing that, you can give them to us,” Hazel now offered, opening the door wide enough that old Charlie now had a clear and unobstructed view of the girls. Even then he hesitated, obviously confused as to whether he should simply drop the mail in the box, or actually take an additional step and hand it to one of the girls. It was only then that I realized Tom’s hand was firmly wrapped around my cock, stroking it as we stood there off to one side, looking on and listening to all of this. To my surprise, Charlie took the step. Sophia pushed the door open a little further.

“Would you…like to touch our boobies?” She asked.

Once again poor Charlie seemed to freeze in place, though he surprised me upon speaking. “Really? Touch your boobs? You’d let me?” I figured at this point Charlie was experiencing the best day of his entire career. And oddly enough, I was enjoying it myself. This naughty little escapade the girls had pulled was turning out to be weirdly erotic, especially with my own sister pressing her luscious breasts into my back, all the while slow-stroking my very slippery cock.

“Sure!” The girls said almost in unison, as Charlie took yet another step into the doorway, though first looking off to one side and then the other, no doubt ensuring that no one else passing by could possibly see what was taking place here. And they couldn’t have either. One of the nice features of seclusion around here was that the walk leading up to the door was pretty much fenced off by shrubbery. Someone would have to be standing at the end of the walk specifically looking towards the door to actually see much of anything.

Even from here, I could see Charlie’s hand was shaking somewhat nervously as he reached out, and as the girls leaned out just a bit meeting him half way as he actually placed one of his hands on each one of the girls’ boobs. The look on his face was priceless. Even as he stood there actually fondling the two of them, you could tell that he was still in utter disbelief that he was.

“Would you like to touch something else?” Sophia asked boldly.

“Wha….wha…what else?” Charlie stammered.

“We’ll let you touch our pussies….if…”

“If? If what?”

“If you let us touch your cock,” Hazel ventured. Once again I could see the hesitation in Charlie’s eyes. I’d have again bet the house he was on the verge of turning and running, until Hazel actually reached down, spreading herself as she did, her fingers pulling her lips widely apart so that Charlie had no choice but to stare down at her as she did that. “Wouldn’t you like to touch this?” She asked, slowly sliding a finger through her juicy slit before reaching up, sucking her finger off as she stood there.

I’d have lost another bet. To my surprise, Charlie reached down, unzipping his pants. And though it took a moment longer, he finally managed to fumble out his prick. I had to give him credit. It might not have been a long one, a bit on the stubby side perhaps, but it was fairly thick, with a rather nice-sized mushroom like head to it. Sophia squealed in delight, immediately reaching out for it, wrapping her hand around Charlie’s prick, leaving just the thick, fat head of his penis revealed, which Hazel quickly covered up by palming it.

“Go ahead…finger our cunts,” Hazel suggested, which Charlie began doing just as the girls continued fondling and playing with Charlie’s prick there in the doorway.

Tom stood behind me, emulating the girls actions with her own hands, now reaching around, one hand cupping my tight drawn ball-sack, the other currently toying with a long thin streamer of pre-cum fuck juice that she was gingerly trying to stretch outwards away from my prick-head as though trying to see just how far she could get it to do so before it finally parted and fell. But as fascinating as that was…Charlie’s sudden deep sounding groan alerted everyone to the fact he was on the verge of having an orgasm.

“That’s it Sophia!” Hazel quipped. “I think you’re about to make the mailman deliver!” In the next instant, he was. A thick copious amount of semen suddenly began to pour forth from the tip of the man’s penis. He didn’t exactly squirt as he came. It was more like a thick flow of hot molten lava as his sperm oozed from the head of his cock, forming a long stream of white sticky cum for a moment before parting to land with an audible “splat” on the cement walk just below.

Sophia milked another, and then yet another, though Hazel soon took over for her, now gently squeezing that thick bulbous head of his ensuring that she had milked out every last drop. Only then did Charlie seem to sheepishly find himself again, tucking himself away, turning…but not before looking back and grinning at the girls with an obvious flush to his face. I saw him mouth the word, “Wow!” and then he was gone.

The girls soon after closed the door, stepping back inside. “Well…did you like that Uncle Jacob?” The twins asked. Though it was obviously a rhetorical question as they glanced down and saw my prick about as hard and as swollen as it had ever been. And now I was thinking…”Fuck tonight!” At the moment, my own cock was in need of some much needed relief. But I just as quickly realized that wasn’t about to happen as the girls raced off to grab the phone.

“Now what?” I asked no one in particular. Though I could see by the expression in Tom’s face, she had a pretty good idea. It became clearly obvious what was up as the girls quickly placed a pizza order.

“Now it’s mom’s turn,” the girls grinned, turning back towards us. Tom wasn’t at all surprised. Obviously, she had done this before. “I love seeing the look on some young man’s face whenever mom does the “Oops, I dropped my towel thing,” Sophia laughed. “She’s gotten pretty good at it too,” Hazel added. “Almost down to a science.”

I didn’t really have any doubt. And actually found myself grinning with excitement as Hazel shortly returned with a white bath towel, handing it to her mother. Looking around, the girls quickly figured out how to stage this so that the Pizza guy would have to come in for one thing. And then for another, strategically placing Tom’s purse so she’d have to walk over and retrieve it, at which point she would ‘accidentally’ lose her towel.

It also would afford the three of us an even better vantage point where we could all stand in the adjacent room, and actually look into the rather large mirror I had hanging on the wall. Staging the area moments before the Pizza delivery guy arrived, we all had a pretty good idea of what we’d be able to see. And short of him walking into the middle of the room, and then actually staring into the mirror himself, it was doubtful he’d even know we were there unless we made some stupid mistake.

Moment’s later the doorbell rang. “Show time!” Tom quipped as everyone took up positions. Sure enough, the bath towel didn’t cover up much. Tom’s full breasts certainly peeked over the upper hem well enough to allow a tantalizing hint of titty flesh just inches away. Likewise, the bottom of the towel was barely enough to cover up her exposed quim as she stood there in the doorway, holding the towel up against herself, and apologetically telling the young man who stood there with wide, surprised eyes that she hadn’t expected the delivery so soon.

And that she had thought she’d have more time to finish her shower before his arrival. I almost laughed upon hearing him likewise apologizing to her, for being a bit too fast perhaps. Ushering him inside, which he hurriedly did so that Tom could discreetly close the door behind him, she then crossed around in front of him, heading towards the coffee table where her purse sat waiting for her.

She had no choice but to bend over in order to retrieve it, and of course as she did that, the so-called held together towel came away in her hands. She fumbled with it briefly, as though making some attempt at maintaining the covering, but then laughed, giving up, and allowing it to fall completely away from her.

“I guess it’s not the first time a handsome young man like you has seen a naked woman, and probably not the last either,” she said boldly walking towards him in order to take the cost slip from his hand, which he had totally forgotten about.

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