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ch-03 continues “I’ve been in love set up ch-03”

For a moment, I thought it was a dream. I began to wake, the feel of someone’s mouth slowly and sweetly sucking my shaft, soft hands cupping and caressing my balls. My eyes popped open. Not too terribly surprised to find that it was my sister who was giving me this lovely wakeup call. And…we were alone.

“The girls?”

I guess the sound of the shower, heard through the wall, should have told me what I now knew.

“In the shower.”

“Both of them?”

“Yeah, why not? Saves water, and always best to shower with a friend anyway,” Tom said smiling around my cock as she slowly gathered the length of it in, sensually licking it as she withdrew it. The image of the girls in the shower together causing my prick to throb hotly. “And besides…I needed to speak to you alone anyway,” she added, giving the tip of my prick a quick little suck before releasing it though her hand continued to slide downwards once more. It was hard trying to concentrate.

“Wha…ah, what did…ah you need…ah to speak to me….ohh, ah… about?” I moaned.

Tom laughed, releasing my prick. It suddenly felt lonely. Very lonely.


She laughed again, sitting up. “I needed your undivided attention. And now that I have it.”

My prick throbbed all by itself.

“Don’t worry. This shouldn’t take too long. And then we’ll see about taking care of this.”


She smiled, though the expression on her face grew somewhat serious. Not her Oh oh…I’m in trouble, smile, or that something’s wrong. So there was at least that.

“Ok, what’s up?” I said giving in, now sitting up myself. Tom stood offering me her hand as she pulled me out of bed.

“Come on. We’ll grab a cup of coffee and then head outside. I’ll tell you all about it then.”

Although content to follow my sister’s cute little ass outside, I had the distinct feeling that whatever she had to tell me, was far more important than I was allowing. I soon found out I was right.


Tom waited until we’d both taken a sip of coffee. I sat mine down, waiting patiently. Tom sat back in her chair. It was hard not staring at her bare breasts as she did that. But I fought the urge, my eyes remaining on hers as she finally spoke.

“Hazel wants you to be the one.”

” The one what?”

“She wants you…to be the one…to take her virginity.”

Now I sat back. At a loss for words. I took a deep breath thinking about it. I was honored on the one hand that she wanted me to be the one to deflower her, but I was also slightly intimidated at the prospect as well. It wasn’t like I was all that experienced at this. Not really counting my own sister, as in a way…that one didn’t really count, “technically” anyway, I thought. I had never taken another woman’s virginity before.

“I don’t know Tom. I’ve ah…well, I’m just not experienced in that particular area.” She smiled, relieving a bit of the tension for me.

“Not to worry. Sophia and I will be there to help both of you through it. She’s already asked us if we would. We both agreed that we would certainly be there for her, as long as you agreed to it.”

How could I not? “When?”

“Saturday. Saturday night.”

That was only three days away. Though I guess it would give everyone ample time to prepare for it, and get used to the idea. Though when I said “everyone” I had a feeling I was talking about me, myself…and I. It sounded like this had all been well discussed and talked about amongst the three of them before I’d been approached. I nodded my head in agreement.

“Good!” Tom said standing, once more holding out her hand towards me. “Now…let’s go tell the girls!”


The shower was still going when we walked back into the house. Holding my sister’s hand, we headed towards the bathroom to tell the girls we were on for Saturday.

One of the things I really loved about my place was the over-sized bathroom. It was really big. I guess the one drawback if you wanted to call it that, was the fact I didn’t have a tub. Just the shower. But it was big. Really big. It even had a built-in bench of sorts that you could sit down on to wash.

Though as we opened the door stepping in, it was currently being used for something else. The shower doors were clear glass, so there was no distortion either. It became immediately evident what was going on, which once more caused my still hard cock to throb in anticipation. Tom and I stood there for a moment, just taking it all in. There was no rush here, the girls would become aware of our presence momentarily anyway.

“Oh fuck that feels so…good!” Hazel moaned audibly. At the moment, she was sitting on the bench, legs spread with her heels actually perched on the bench as well, so she was about as open, and as erotically displayed as possible. With enough room to lean back and balance herself, she sat, eyes closed with Sophia currently kneeling there in front of her between her legs. Sophia had one hand up simultaneously caressing her sister’s breast, the other down between her own legs as she fingered herself, all the while lapping away at her sister’s pussy.

“That’s it baby…right there. That’s it…suck my clit!” She groaned deeply, though Tom and I both saw her eyes open as she only then realized we had come into the room. She smiled through her ecstasy at us, motioning the two of us over. Doing so alerted Sophia to our presence as well, and she stopped licking her sister’s cunt long enough to acknowledge us, before returning to it.

Tom slid the shower door open so we could actually step in. Like I said, there was plenty of room as we stood off to one side, now looking down, as Sophia seemed to increase her efforts.

“So Uncle Jacob. Are you going to do it? Are you going to take my cherry on Saturday?”

I nodded my head yes, though my prick was nodding its head yes too. Tom reached down, once more wrapping her hand around it as we stood there looking on.

Hazel was grinning from ear to ear, though I half wondered if that was because I’d agreed to do this, or rather because Sophia seemed to have her so close to the edge now as Hazel’s face began to screw up into what we all knew to be our “cum-face” as she began to climax.

Two seconds later, Hazel basically exploded. Thrashing wildly now, humping her sister’s face, it was a wonder she didn’t slide off the bench as she came, though perhaps Sophia’s own face somehow keeping her penned there like that, kept it from happening.

“Ok. As soon as you’ve had a chance to recover here a little, we’ll start preparations then,” Tom stated. I looked at my sister quizzically.


“Of course silly. I want to make sure she’s totally and completely aware of everything that’s going to happen to her before it does. So…first things first. Let’s get ourselves showered and dried off here first, and then head into the bedroom.” She turned towards Sophia, giving her daughter a wink. “You didn’t cum yet did you?”

“No fucking way!” Sophia grinned. “I’ve been looking forward to this ever since we got here. And I wanted to make sure that I was damn good and horny when it happened!”

Once again I was slightly confused, though I had a pretty good indication of what we were talking about here.

“First lesson in preparation,” Tom told me. I want her up close and personal as it were, as you fuck Sophia, so she can see everything as it happens. And though Sophia might not be a virgin, it’s been a very long time since she’s actually had intercourse with anyone. So we’re going to pretend like she is…for Hazel’s sake. Consider it a practice run,” Tom laughed.

“Just like mom used to say. If you’re going to do anything right…”

“Then practice, practice…practice,” Tom and I said in unison.


Tom had already decided that the best way to do this was for me to be the one lying down. Sophia straddled me, though she was nowhere near actually putting me inside her. Hazel lay on the bed next to us, eyes glued to whatever was taking place, or about to, with Tom sitting on the other side, basically directing the action.

“Don’t worry. We’ll make sure you’re damn good and horny…nice and wet, long before we ever actually get to the fucking part,” Tom advised.

“You mean like me?” Sophia quipped, hand reaching down, withdrawing what appeared to be a silvery string of girl-goo clinging to her fingers as she brought it up to her own mouth tasting it.”

“Exactly like you,” Tom agreed, trying to sound official here. “But it’s also important to make sure Jacob is too,” she added. “The more slippery stuff being used here…the better.”

It wasn’t necessary to tell them how horny I was. Not only was my dick about as hard as I’d ever seen it, it was actually starting to turn purple to some extent. “Ok, give it a nice firm squeeze Sophia. Let’s see how much juice you can get from it.”

Sophia reached over grabbing my prick, pulling up on it firmly. Sure enough, a nice thick droplet of precum oozed from the tip. Sophia allowed it to trickle down the head of my cock briefly before snatching it up with her fingers, and then applying it to her already well-soaked pussy.

“Perfect,” Tom commented, nodding her head in approval. “Though let’s not just assume that your sister’s pussy will be as wet as yours is right now. After all, she will probably still be nervous and a little apprehensive. So we need to proceed as though she wouldn’t be quite that ready yet.”

Hazel reached down, testing herself, grinning. “Oh I’m not so sure about that mother. I’m pretty fucking wet now!” She added, lifting her finger up for inspection, though it was Sophia who immediately grabbed her hand, sucking down on her sister’s finger.

“Yes, and tasty too!” She added.

“And speaking of which,” Tom said once more giving direction here. “Probably wouldn’t hurt for Jacob to do a little preliminary pussy licking here either.”

“I couldn’t agree more, mother!” Sophia stated, and then all but shot herself off my stomach, and down onto my face before I was even aware that she had. “Not smothering you, am I?” She asked as she quickly settled in, already grinding her slick wet pussy against me, my nose all but fucking her as she slid herself around me for a moment.

“Not so fast!” Tom cautioned, already coming over to place her hand beneath Sophia’s ass, forcing her to lift up a little. “Try and pretend, just for a moment, that you are your sister. Imagine just for a moment that sure you’re excited, but that you’re a little afraid too…a little scared.”

“Mother!” Hazel said, rolling her eyes. “Trust me, I may be a little nervous, yes, but I’d have probably done what Sophia just did. I do enjoy having my pussy eaten, as you well know.”

I actually saw Tom blush. “Yes, well, maybe we can overlook that last part. But humor me here girls,” she added. “Let’s allow your Uncle a little practice himself here. After all, he hasn’t had quite as much experience with the two of you yet, that I have.”

“Something tells me there’s a lot more stories and catching up to do,” I asked excitedly.

“Maybe later,” Tom grinned. “But for now, how about you just concentrate on Sophia’s clit for a moment.”

“Hazel’s clit,” Sophia corrected, reaching down to spread her own pussy lips apart, her swollen nub of desire already glistening with her wetness as she ran the tip of her finger around it and then down through her equally slick folds.

“Whatever!” Hazel spat. “I just want to see Uncle Jacob lick it!” She breathed excitedly.

And so…I did.


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