I’ve been in love set up ch-02

Ch-02 Continues “I’ve been in love set up ch-02”

“You…should be ashamed of yourself!” I heard my sister saying. Images of her suddenly producing a sword or something and running me through with it suddenly filling my head.

Horrified, all I could do for a moment was lay there looking up at her. How had I so stupidly allowed this to happen anyway? “Sis…look, I’m ah…you have to…ah…”

“Not you…them!” She said, staring at the girls, forcing me to draw my attention back towards the two of them, noticing…and feeling only then that Sophia had continued, and still was, licking my cock. It seemed so surreal, this couldn’t be happening. And why weren’t the girls scrambling for cover or something?

“Sorry mother,” Hazel finally managed, only then sitting up, though even as she did, her hand remained wrapped around my rock-hard cock, which still was…even with Jacobie standing there staring at us in the doorway. I am more confused now than ever. All I could do was once again look at my sister with a pleading look on my face as though to say, “See? They’re insane! Maybe we all are!”

“Yeah, sorry mom,” Sophia now added to that, likewise finally sitting up, though she two now placed her hand around my prick, the two girls still sitting there slowly stroking my cock together.

“I didn’t think it would take the two of you this long…” Jacobie smiled now looking towards me again.

Whatever words I might have spoken, whatever thoughts I thought I had…were nothing more than a jumbled mess now as reality and fantasy collided, with nothing making any sort of sense here one way or the other.

“Wha…what are you talking about here?” I finally managed. “What do you mean…”

“I figured they’d be well past this point by now. That was sort of the plan anyway. Which was supposed to make it a lot easier for me when I suddenly showed up…like now.”

My sister was wearing a white button up blouse with a somewhat short black skirt. I had always considered her good-looking, a real mix of the twins in many ways. She certainly shared Sophia’s eyes, and Hazel’s smile, and though she did tint and dye her hair a dark auburn, she looked more like an older sister than mother to these two. In the span of less than a minute here, still laying here looking at her as she stood there in the doorway, I was already taken back many, many years ago to another time…another place.

“I think the four of us will need to sit down and have a little chat,” she added, though she had already lifted one hand, undoing a couple of button’s on her blouse, the other suddenly reaching down between her legs, lifting her skirt up just enough to allow herself access. “But at the moment…I think there is some unfinished business that needs seeing to first,” she finished, now nodding her head at the girls, who seemed to suddenly explode into motion all at once, each of them once again slithering down my sides, their lips and tongues taking over again from what their hands had been doing.

Words failed me. “Talk indeed!” I said to myself. But the sight of Jacobie as she stood there in the doorway, obviously cupping and fondling one of her breasts, her other hand busily working away, now openly finger-fucking herself as the twins greedily played tongue-tag on my dick, set everything else aside for the moment. I was too fucking far gone to care at this point. Especially seeing that all too familiar look upon my sister’s face as she stood there hovering on the edge of orgasm. It was a look I hadn’t seen in many…many years.

“Oh…wow!” Hazel cried out in surprise and excited delight. “Look at that fucker shoot!” She exclaimed further.

Hell…even I was impressed. I am sure the intensity of my orgasmic display had been brought about by the pure, unadulterated decadence of having my two nieces licking and sucking me to a mind-blowing climax. But the trigger of that was without a doubt, the knowing look on my sister’s face as she stood there, mouth forming into an oval shape, her eyes glossing over somewhat.

The hand she’d been using to caress and fondle her tit with, now grabbing the door frame as she used it for further support. Her fingers, though slowing from the almost too furious finger-fuck she’d been giving herself, were nonetheless purposeful in their intent. Only then did I finally hear that long drawn out “O” moan of hers as Jacobie reached climatic release, thus triggering my own.


Shortly thereafter, I had suggested that the twins head down to the beach for a while thus giving their mother and me a chance to have a chat of our own first before including the two of them in it. I needed some answers from her first, before I asked any additional questions with regards to the girls. I hurriedly dressed, and then met Jacobie outside on the deck where she’d already poured the two of us “stiff coffees” to sip on while we spoke.

“OK sis,” I began, taking a seat across from her at the small patio table I had. “Just what the hell happened in there anyway?” I asked.

She laughed, tossing her head back, her eyes mischievous and playful. “Well let’s see. I think the girls sucked you off while I stood there in the doorway masturbating while watching it.”

“That’s not what I meant,” I said trying to sound stern, though my cock still throbbed, twitching a little beneath my shorts at the recalled image of exactly that. “I think we need to get a bit more serious here,” I said, sitting up a little straighter, leaning forward. “Come on Jacobie. Seriously. What the hell just happened?”


I would guess like any siblings growing up together in a small house, and where their parents both worked and were gone a great deal of time, there would be the occasional accidents and incidents of walking in on one another. Jacobie and I were no exception to that. I think early on we were naturally curious about one another, which in time led to other things. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I think we both purposely walked in on one another while getting dressed, or when getting into and out of the bath.

Obviously, it was always a sort of teasing thing back then. But as we got older, the spying on one another seemed to become more frequent, actually catching one another a few times actually masturbating. But even then, that was really no big deal. Typical growing up stuff that didn’t seem to affect either one of us one way or the other. It wasn’t until I was a year out of high school that an event occurred that would significantly impact my life.

I had been seeing and dating a girl for quite some time now, long before graduation even. In time, we had gotten closer, and had even started messing around a little bit. Usually heavy petting in the back-seat of my car at a local parking spot that most kids used for just such an occasion.

The thing was, for whatever reason, I was still a virgin. Not that I hadn’t wished otherwise, it was just that for me at least…the right girl just hadn’t come along yet. So it wasn’t as though I was saving it for marriage or anything. I just felt that something that significant and important, shouldn’t happen in the backseat of a car for one thing, and should only happen (at least the first time) with someone you were truly in love with. For me, Cheryl was that love.

And would hopefully be my first. Like I said, we’d enjoyed some fairly heavy petting at this point, though admittedly, it pretty much consisted of me playing with her breasts, and eventually actually rubbing her pussy (through her panties mind you) along with a bit of some pretty fervent ‘dry-humping’ on the couch of her parents house. But not much beyond that. She hadn’t even really made an attempt to touch me at this point, though the way I looked at it back then, it was simply a matter of time. Something we had seemed to be heading towards given the circumstances.

And then one night, I was sure things were going to happen. I was one hundred percent positive that Cheryl and I were finally going to go all the way. I’d have bet money on it in fact. Cheryl’s parents had actually gone away for the weekend. She’d been hinting at something special happening that weekend, which didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out as to what she meant.

Even when I arrived at her place, I had found a note on the door telling me simply to come in. Which I did. And there I found several rose petals leading from the doorway, up the stairs and undoubtedly towards her bedroom. Naturally, I followed. And even when I opened the door to her room, half hoping and expecting to find her as I’d imagined…and did, I was still nervous as hell. There she was, beautiful as all get out, naked as the day she was born, with everything on display…nothing hidden, just laying there in the middle of her bed.

“Go on, take off your clothes…come make love to me,” she purred.

Ok that part was easy. And though I was excited and anxious as hell, I was still very, very nervous too. I mean after all, this was my first time…and a first time for a whole lot of things the way I saw it. I scrambled out of my clothes, raced towards the bed and jumped in. For the first time ever, Cheryl actually touched my cock. I’m still very flaccid, very nervous…let’s face it here, very small cock.

I’ve always been what many women have termed a “grower.” I initially start out pretty small, but as I become excited, and harder obviously, I tend to grow and stiffen significantly. Given the time.

One moment I am laying there in bed with this vision of loveliness, and all sorts of delightful thoughts racing around inside my head. And in the next, I am sitting there next to her as she at first giggled, and then began laughing hysterically. And then it just got worse and worse from there.

She actually sat up in bed, her hand still wrapped (and completely covering mind you) my entire cock. “What the hell is this?” She actually asked, now waggling it…which perhaps under other normal circumstances might have been fun and interesting in and of itself. But not when someone is obviously scrutinizing and judging one’s manhood here. Which she was. “Jesus Jake! Even my little brother’s bigger than this, and he’s twelve years old!”

“Then maybe you should go fuck your brother,” I told her jumping out of bed. And that as they say, was the end of that.

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