Friends With Benefits – Part 3

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“Friends With Benefits Part-3”

“I’ll drink to that,” she said, finally sipping her drink, and then casually walked over, kneeling down on the grass in front of me. She quickly undid the bowtie, tossing it off to one side, and then engulfed me with her mouth. The feel of the cool wine inside her mouth surprised me as she bathed me with it before finally swallowing. Though even then she continued, kneeling there in front of me sucking my prick until I finally had to warn her off.

It felt way too good. And way too early for me to spoil her dinner plans that early. We ate our salads smiling and grinning at one another. Engaging in small talk until it was time for the next course. Some sort of delicate soup, aromatic, and delicious smelling, though she told me. “It actually needs to cool considerably before we consume it,” she informed me. “So in the meantime…” Joy sat, one leg spread obscenely over the arm of the chair. Her pussy, winking at me expectantly. “Lick me until I’m almost there,” she added. “Then you’ll know that the soup is ready.”

And so it began. I had quickly caught on to the feast ahead of us, already looking forward to the final course, still a considerable amount of time away. I settled myself down comfortably in front of her. Taking my time, savoring the delicacy now spread in front of me. That amazing clit of hers already beckoning towards me as I tentatively flicked out my tongue, lapping it. She moaned. A good sign as I did so again. And again hearing her moan, and mewls of delight as I lapped away at her cunt like a cat drinking milk.

“Soups ready,” she announced, forcing my head away. “And so am I,” she winked as I stood up, retaking my seat. Already looking forward to the next course. And so it went. Each of us takes turns before each serving. So perfectly timed, and so perfectly erotic. Seeing her, feeling her as she gingerly lapped away at my prick.

The feel of her mouth surrounding the head so delicately, yet so firmly…sucking it, pulling on it with her lips until I felt the undeniable desire of release warning me. It was as if she knew however, stopping just in time, and then taking her time as I calmed. Refilling our glasses, and then disappearing for a moment only to reemerge with the next course. And so…it was my turn again. And I found myself far more hungry for her cunt than I was for food.

I brought her close, over and over again, just as she had done with me. The two of us on razors edge as we finally consumed the perfectly small portion of stuffed chicken she’d prepared earlier. “And now for dessert,” she announced wickedly.

Clearing away the last of whatever dishes remained before disappearing inside the house once again, emerging moment’s later. She carried a small silver tray with a can of whipping cream on it. I watched fascinated, curious…and aroused as she deftly climbed onto the table, laying down, spreading herself, and almost simultaneously taking the can, spraying her cunt liberally with the sweet succulent cream. “Fuck me!” She announced. “Fuck me hard…fast…and mean,” she stated seriously. It was the best dessert I’d ever had.


I had never fucked a pussy…or rather a cunt, that wet, that juicy before. It was almost comical at times, trying to keep it as slick as she was. But that was half the fun of it…for both of us. Sliding in, sliding out, slipping in, slipping out. The sounds of her cream, my cream, the whipping cream all of it mingled together, merely adding to the pure decadent delight of our coupling, our fucking. Noisy as we were, I was only half worried of being overheard by anyone else. Though the placement of our properties is almost perfect against that happening.

A high wall separating her place from the neighbors place on that side. A good quarter acre of lawn between their place and hers beyond that. And then distance enough between my place, and the neighbors next to me, though at the moment, they were away on vacation anyway…leaving us with more than enough privacy to call out at the top of our lungs if we wanted to. And very nearly did.

Though I fucked her hard and fast, just as she wanted, there were times and moments that I slowed, savoring in that as well. She would turn, now bent over, pressed against the table. Her large magnificent breasts pressed against it. My hands cupping them from time to time in that way. My cock now slowly moved in and out from behind, sometimes thrusting, sometimes grinding…sometimes teasing as best I could as I skewered her like vegetables on the stick. I then sat her to fuck her. The table is at perfect height. My cock buried deep inside her cunt.

Her hands about my neck, my hands kneading the flesh of her breasts, tweaking and toying with the hardness of her nipples. I could almost swear she was fucking me with her clit as much as I was fucking her with my hard stiff cock. We locked eyes, never looking away. Lost in one another’s souls as ecstasy, passion, and desire consumed us…overwhelmed us.

“I love the way you fuck me,” she purred.

“I love the way you fuck,” I answered back.

“I love the feel of your cock inside me,” she moaned, thrusting herself down on me.

“I love the feel of your cunt around me,” I said grinding, pressing, and then slamming into her forcefully.

“I love seeing your face when you cum.”

“I love seeing yours,” I agreed. “And I love hearing you when you do too,” I added.

“Then hear me now Xavier,” she demanded. “Fuck me hard, mean and fast,” she said once again. “Hear me…see me…cum for you!”

I pounded into her with every ounce of strength I had left. With every fiber of my being until I virtually felt her cunt liquefy in spasmodic release. Her cry of unbridled delight and ecstasy split the air. And this time I really did wonder if the neighbors had heard us, as my own cry of delight was now added to hers, my cock pulsating, releasing, and pouring a torrent of cum cream deep inside that wanton pussy of hers.


Just as I said, it was only the beginning. Things settled down into a sort of routine after that. But it wasn’t the kind of routine that you grew bored with, or really accustomed to. Joy was usually full of all kinds of surprises. But aside from the wild adventurous sex we had and enjoyed, there was the other side as well. We lived our lives as friends and neighbors. We didn’t spend every waking moment with one another, nor our free time as well either.

We did things, went about doing things…without seeing one another, sometimes for days, but never beyond two or three if that. And then when we did, when we wanted…needed, we came together in uninhibited and delightful ways, the likes of which I had never experienced before.

I continued to golf every Sunday of course, and surprisingly kept my new and delightful sex-life to myself. The guys still teased, sometimes chided me and coaxed me into starting dating again, to which I’d usually respond with a pump of my fist up and down. “Unlike the two of you,” I had challenged. “I don’t have to pay any support money for this!” That usually ended any further discussions.

And Joy too had a life of her own outside of our friendship. And though we had long ago discussed, talked, and agreed to no commitments, to no attachments or claims on one another, I hadn’t as yet seen her go out or date anyone else either. Though at times half expecting it as her way of reminding me of our agreement.

Not exactly sure as to how I would handle that if she did, but firm and secure in the knowledge of the promise I had made to her, that I wouldn’t treat her any differently, if and when that might happen. Or so I hoped at least. She was right about one thing. Our friendship was far more important to me than anything else.

So I was bound by that, and would never, ever make any demands on her as far as her own personal life went. And though I had never seen her go out with any other men, or even discuss any other men with me, I was of course well aware of a very dear friend of hers, a woman I had once met some time ago. She was an older woman, though if you had to judge that by age, perhaps too harsh a description to make.

As I was ten years Joy’s senior, so was Nova in years to me. But I would freely admit, Nova…even with a mix of gray hair to brown was attractive in so many ways.

I knew only that she was widowed, several years now in fact. Lived alone closer to town, but came to visit, or was visited by Joy at least once a week or so. I knew that their relationship had come about as Nova had been best friend’s with Joy’s mother, and had remained so, even after Joy’s mom had eventually passed away due to illness.

A time or two, I’d been invited over to share a cup of coffee, and had joined in, and delighted at the easy going conversations, and the way Nova carried herself. She seemed a lot younger than her years suggested. And I could see why Joy was so attached to her. Almost like a second mother perhaps, and thus I treated her so. Cautious and careful to never misstep, which I never did of course, always delighted to see and greet her whenever invited. Which became more and more frequent it seemed, almost to the point where I began to worry that I was now infringing on Joy’s personal and private times with her dear friend.

Worried enough, I brought it up one morning when Joy had actually come over to my place where I was fixing breakfast for us. I knew that Nova was coming over for dinner later, to which I had been invited as well. So it seemed like a good time to bring the subject up with her, our agreement forever in my mind that we would always be up front and honest with one another, about everything.

“You know Joy…” I began, scooping out a helping of freshly scrambled eggs onto her plate. “Maybe you should just plan on having dinner with Nova alone tonight.” Maybe that sounded wrong, or came out wrong. I don’t know. But Joy pushed her plate off to one side alerting me that breakfast was now the furthest thing from her mind.

“And why would you say that?” She asked, crossing her hands over the top of her breasts. “I thought you liked her!”

I was aghast. I had not meant to offend, or say anything that might hurt or confuse her like that. She had missed my intent entirely. “That’s not at all what I meant when I said that,” I told her worriedly, now sitting down. “What I meant was…”

“You don’t find her attractive?” Now I really was confused. Nothing was making any sense here.

“Of course I do…she’s very nice.”

“Nice? You mean as in old lady nice? That’s kind of nice? Motherly nice?”

“Motherly?” I stammered, wondering where the hell this had all gone wrong in so brief a time here. “Joy…” I tried, trying to collect myself, trying to reel this conversation back in again and make sense of it, which I wasn’t.

“Tell me Xavier, who does she remind you of anyway?”

Once again Joy had turned me around in circles here…but she was smiling too. Confusing and frustrating me even more by this weirdly strange conversation we were having.

“You?” I asked tentatively, only now realizing that she really did. Thinking back on the few times we had spent with one another, I could clearly and easily see it now. They did seem more like mother and daughter than most probably would. Though that still didn’t explain any of this.

“Exactly. Me Xavier. Though Nova was good friends with my own mother, she and I have always had a close personal relationship, even before…and since then. Maybe it was because we both saw so much of us in one another, that we became as close as we did. And still are. Just like you became, she was always there for me as well. Especially during the really hard times when I was married to Dave.

She was someone I could talk to, confide in, share secrets with, and was never judged, nor did I judge because of it. We knew…we know everything about one another Xavier. Which is one of the reasons I have wanted you to spend more time getting to know her as well as I do. It’s important to me. So if you think I’m worried about you monopolizing any of our time together, you couldn’t be any more wrong about that. I’ve wanted you to come to know her in the ways I do Xavier. No secrets, no lies, no inhibitions…no judgments or demands on one another…remember?”

“Yeah, I remember,” though I was still somewhat confused as to what all this meant.

“Even you just now admitted that she reminded you of me right? Maybe an older version of me…if you think about it?”

And I was. And then I looked at her again. She grinned. Nodding her head.

“She’s just like me Xavier, in so many, many ways. It’s one of the reasons we’ve remained as close as we are throughout the years. We’re just alike. We think the same way, we very often act the same way, and neither one of us is ashamed of that fact. I thought it was time that you realize what I mean by that Xavier.

Nova and I have discussed it. Like I said, it was even at her suggestion that we soon sit down and talk to you about it. Which ironically, we were actually planning on doing tonight. She of course knows all about you. There’s nothing I don’t share with her, or discuss with her. Though only her…are you ok with that?”

I was. And why wouldn’t I be? If I had better, or even closer friends, I would have no doubt shared with them what Joy had shared with Nova. But I didn’t have that same trust level that she did. And I knew it. “I have no problem with that. And you know that.” I offered, finally relaxing a little in my chair. “I know the two of you have always been close…really close, so it doesn’t surprise me that you have someone to talk to about it, or confide in. If anything, I’m actually jealous. I wish I did.”

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