Friends With Benefits – Part 2

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“Friends with Benefits”..

Hearing as well as seeing all this was the final straw for Adam’s throbbing prick. With Lily’s sweet lips nearly driving him insane, he strained, feeling the first pressured release of jisim as it 

shot from the tip of his prick, flooding her mouth. Greedily, she began swallowing each and every spurt of his fluid as he continued pumping in into her, matching the force and tempo of her own female ejaculations which she too continued to produce, near drowning poor Jose as he struggled to drink from the fountain of her youth.

Soon after they all collapsed upon the bed, drained, exhausted from their exertions. The mixture of fluids so saturated the sheets that there wasn’t anything BUT a wet spot to roll around in.

“I think…it’s time we fixed some dinner, got something to eat before we start things up again,” Adam announced.

“I think we’re all going to need our strength later,” Lily agreed.

Jose smiled, “You can say that again. Hell, we’ve only scratched a few items off of our list!” he blurted out.

“List? What list?” Lily asked. “You mean to tell me you guys actually got together and made a list of things you wanted to do? Where is it anyway?” she asked.

They headed downstairs where Adam pulled a steno pad that had been stuck beneath a pile of magazines sitting on the coffee table. Lily began thumbing through the binder, her eyes suddenly becoming wide on occasion, smiling on others.

“What are bananas for?” Jose grinned broadly.

“Tomorrow, we thought it might be nice to turn you into a banana split!” Adam laughed, enjoying his own joke.

“Well, that certainly explains the Maraschino Cherries too then!” she added scanning the list, which is when she noticed the title at the top and laughed. “Lily’s things to do list?”

“What can I say?” Adam smiled. “We’ve been thinking about this a lot!”

“I can see that. Anyone have a pen I can borrow?” Lily asked.

“What for?”

She grinned. “Well actually, there’s one or two things I’d like to try as long as we’re here. Hell, after everything we’ve just experienced, I guess now’s the time to find out about a few things as long as we’re all willing participants!”

Lily began to write as both Jose and Adam crowded around her to see what it was she put down.

“Fuck me!” Jose exclaimed after reading one or two of her comments.

“Only if you’ve got a strap-on I can borrow,” Lily told him. “Perhaps we’ll try that next time!”

“Well, let’s see about that dinner, how about some wine to go along with?” Adam asked her. “Steak ok?”

“Sounds delicious!” Lily responded stretching out on the bear rug that was situated in front of the ready to light fire. “And what’s for dessert after that?”

“You are!” both men said nearly in unison. Right where you are in fact!” Adam added. “It’s going to be a very long, very exhausting evening I’m afraid.”

“Hope you brought plenty of those little blue pills with you,” Lily teased back. “And…plenty of KY jelly for me. I think I’m going to need it!”

“Right behind you there on the floor,” Jose said pointing. “Like we said earlier, we planned for a lot of this already.”

“I can see that!” Lily grinned, easing a teasing finger up her split as the boys stood their gaping at her. “You’d better hurry up with dinner, or I might just start without you,” she quipped, still delicately fingering her rapidly moistening quim.

“Go right ahead,” Adam told her. “In fact Lily, I want to see you play with yourself while we’re fixing dinner. Which reminds me, I bought you another present today. Something I really think you’ll enjoy.”

“What’s that?” she asked.

Adam reached down beneath the counter producing a rather nice-sized box. “Sorry it’s not gift-wrapped or anything,” he said, handing it to her. She gapped at it and laughed.

“You know, I’ve always wanted to try one of these.”

“Well now’s your chance!” Jose said, chiming in. “Like Adam here said, lay back, enjoy yourself while we fix dinner and enjoy watching you!”

Lily sat back resting her head against the seat of the couch. Lifting the white-colored toy from its box. “Hmm, The Butterfly,” she read. “Interesting!” She noticed that what appeared to be a butterfly spreading its wings would seemingly fit perfectly next to her clit with the length of the vibrating toy itself being buried deeply inside her.

“That’s why I got it for you,” Adam spoke. “Thought you might enjoy trying it out. And besides, it’s another one of those things on the list there,” he added with an evil wink.

“I must have missed that one,” she replied, still turning the new toy over in her hands. “What are these beads for anyway?” she asked, noticing that a portion of the penis shaped toy had a section of beads showing through a see-through portion of the dildo.

“Oh…those rotate while it’s inside you,” Jose explained.

“Oh really?”

“Go ahead, try it out Lily!” he told her. “Dinner’s going to be a while yet, so you just might as well give it a test-drive.”

“Think I’ll do just that,” she said turning the fuck-toy on. “Oh my…powerful isn’t it?” she said feeling it come alive in her hand. “Shit guys…I won’t even need you two after being given this!”

“Well, maybe not after this weekend, but as long as you are here…you still have to do whatever we tell you to do, remember?”

“Ah huh…” Lily purred as she began slipping the joystick inside her now pulsating pussy.


After dinner along with several more glasses of wine, Adam had gotten a nice warm fire going that soon made the room almost uncomfortably warm, though the night had cooled considerably. He had also shut off all the lights so that the only source of lighting now came from the fire that the three of them were lying in front of.

“So…what’s next?” Lily asked, already feeling her desire to return, as had the guys with the help of the supply of little blue pills they’d been so thoughtful in bringing. Adam’s cock was already hard and firm with the expectation of things to come. She lazily reached over and began toying with Jose’s, which soon began to rise back to its full stiff size as well.

“Where’s that KY?” Adam asked. “Cause we’re at the place where we’re really going to need it!”

“How so?” Lily asked.

“Well, lets just say we’re about to fuck you simultaneously,” Adam told her. “Remember Lily, you agreed…’anything’!”

Now she was a little nervous and a bit apprehensive. “You’re really going to make me do this aren’t you?” she asked them.

They were both grinning, already fisting their cocks with eager anticipation.

“Ok, so where is the KY jelly again?”

Jose quickly located it, passing it over towards Lily. Adam began rolling a condom over his prick, soon after applying a generous helping of the KY to his now condom covered cock.

“How are we going to do this?” she asked curiously.

“Probably the best way first is for Jose to lie down. Once he has, then you go ahead and climb up on top of him. Once he’s inside you, just hold still and let me take things from there,” Adam explained.

“Ok…but slow and easy though alright? I’ve never had a cock inside my ass before Adam, and I’ll be honest with you. Pinky swear or no, I’m still not sure I’ll be able to do this!”

“Well, as long as you give it an honest try Lily, then I think the pinky-oath will have been fulfilled. But I’m reasonably sure that this’ll work. And I promise, I will take things slow and easy! Just don’t freak out or get too anxious about it. If you need me to stop and hold still for a minute or two, just say so and I will. But eventually, you’ll get used to it and will be able to take more and more of my cock up inside your ass.”

Somewhat fearful even then, Lily mounted Jose’s prick feeling it slide easily inside her. Once he’d buried himself to the hilt, she felt Adam applying yet another liberal helping of KY to her still very tight anal opening. He knelt behind her, easing just the tip of his finger inside her where he continued to further coat and lubricate her ass, as well as gingerly beginning to stretch and expand the passage.

“Hmm, that’s not so bad,” Lily admitted as she enjoyed the tickle of his finger inside her, especially with Jose’s cock resting comfortably and fully inside her dripping pussy.

Satisfied with the progress he’d made, Adam finally removed his finger from Lily’s beautiful ass, stepping around and behind her where he then knelt, placing the head of his prick at the tiny puckered opening. He began to press, feeling the tip of his cock gingerly easing in. Lily groaned.

“Want me to stop?” he asked her.

“No, it’s ok…I’ll let you know if you need to,” she assured him. “Trust me!”

Adam pushed a little harder, still stopping momentarily to see how Lily was doing, though she appeared to be doing just fine. He pushed a little more, felt the inner ring suddenly expand, allowing a good two or three inches of entry inside her tight clenching ass.

“Still ok?”

“Yes…but slowly now. I think I’m getting used to it,” she told him.

He took his time with her, eventually easing nearly the full length of his shaft inside her ass. Only then did he remain still, allowing her to more fully adjust to the intrusion until at last, they both felt her inner muscles relax allowing him a much freer movement as he began to give her swallow, quick little thrusts back and forth inside her.

“How’s that feeling?”

“Feel good!” she responded thickly.

“Ok Jose, I think you can start fucking her too now!” Adam told him.

As Jose began to slowly ease his own cock in and out of Lily’s pussy, Adam began coordinating his still shallow, but slightly quickening pace until he could feel the press of Jose’s cock against his prick as they coordinated their movements in and out of her two passages.

“How’s that now?” Adam asked again.

“Oh my God!” Lily exclaimed, “Fucking fantastic!”

“You like it then?” Adam asked, actually thrusting himself fully and deeply into her all at once.

“Fuck yes! Oh my God! Fuck yes!” she actually yelled.

“What are we doing to you?” Adam pressed, once again feeling the heat of passion overwhelming his senses.

“Fucking me!” Lily answered.

“Yes, we are. But how are we fucking you? What are we doing to you Lily?”

“You’re fucking my ass…my pussy. Cunt!” she amended by herself remembering. “You’re fucking my wet fucking pussy, and my tight fucking ass!”

“Want more?” Adam asked, driving himself even deeper, harder inside that now slick opening. Jose had reached up, taking each one of Lily’s swinging breasts within his hands, almost painfully twisting and pulling on her nipples, his cock driving into her from below just as powerfully as Adam’s was sliding into her from behind.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me Adam! Fuck me Jose! Fuck me you two beautiful pricks! Fuck me!”

Adam reached up taking a handful of Lily’s hair within his hand near jerking her head backwards where he leaned over, kissing her hard and full upon the mouth.

“You like the way my prick feels inside you?” he asked looking into her wild eyes. “You like how Jose’s cock feels, sliding against mine as we sit here fucking you together?”

“Yes! Yes!” she groaned over and over, nearly crying now with the penultimate intensity of the moment. “Your prick…cock…dick…feels so good inside my cunt, my ass…Oh God yes…fuck my pussy, fuck my ass…fuck me!” she screamed loud enough to cause an echo to actually sound within the hallway of the cabin. “Fuck me hard!” she screamed out once again. “I’m fucking going to cum!”

Once again Lily’s quim exploded with the same nectar white discharge that it had before, though if anything, even more so now than she had then. The spray of her pussy juice pushed past the pistoning shaft of Jose’s cock, the mist of her female cum-cream bathing his balls, coating them in the pearly-like substance of her orgasm, even as Adam cried out, driving his prick as deep as it had ever gone inside her ass, holding it there as he began pouring out his own pleasure, filling the reservoir of the condom to near overflowing.

Jose too began to climax, his own needful spurts shooting deeply inside Lily’s cunt, his juices now mingling and mixing with her own which continued to pour forth as though never ending in either quantity or duration of her ecstasy.

Adam finally pulled out of Lily’s ass, stripping the condom from his prick, pouring the contents of his jisim upon the back of her ass where he began rubbing it into her flesh as though it were a soothing lotion.

Lily had just begun to calm when the second of yet another powerful orgasm began ripping through her. “Oh my God! Slap my ass Adam! Slap my ass…hard!” she was screaming once again, riding Jose’s still stiff cock even though he’d just finished spending the last of whatever cum-cream he’d managed to produce inside her almost too slippery pussy.

Adam in fact spanked her ass perhaps harder than he’d intended to do, but Lily merely cried out in additional pleasure, the pain of the sting becoming pleasure as it intensified, then joined her already throbbing pussy as she quickly headed towards a third, then a forth rich full climax. Adam slipped his finger back inside her ass just as she did, felt her ass tighten, trapping his finger inside holding it there.

The sound of her ear-piercing scream filled the night where she moments later collapsed on top of Jose, who’d already gone off into another universe of his own. Adam lay down beside her, his hands gently caressing and stroking her body as she made feeble attempts at trying to come around.

“Rest baby, rest. We have an entire weekend ahead of us to enjoy yet!” he whispered soothingly into her ear. “And we’ve barely even scratched the list yet,” he said, laughing softly. “Though I think we still need to discuss that one item you wrote down,” he told her. “And besides, we’re the ones who won here, not sure that your request of yours falls under our pinky agreement.”

Lily opened her eyes, turning her head back towards him. “You and Jose do that one for me, and you can have me, any time, any where, any place,” she stated, hardly having the breath to do so.

“We’ll talk,” Adam said smiling. “Hell, who knows? After this weekend, anything’s possible!”

I had gotten divorced several years ago, and since then had preferred remaining single living alone. Although I was in my early fifties, I was still in pretty good shape and had been told I had “bed-room” eyes, whatever that meant. I had certainly enjoyed the occasional fling here and there, but had shied away from anything long-term, which had severely limited my options. I was almost content to remain far more intimate with my own hand, until the perfect woman came along. And to top things off, she’d been living next door to me for several years now.

I had guessed Jocelyn (though she preferred being called Joy) to be in either her late thirties, or early forties, though I had of course never asked. They had lived there next to me for several years, Joy and her husband Dave, along with their two daughters Amy and Rebecca. Ironically, my ex-wife and Joy had become fairly good friends, though I hadn’t much cared for Dave since the day I had first met him. He was an alcoholic for one thing, but he was also fairly abusive to his wife, and most likely the girls as well.

I had felt bad for what I knew was going on, but there was little that we could do about it, except to be there for them in support. Or… if things got even more abusive than we suspected, to step in if necessary. Thankfully, that never happened. Ironically, other things did.

In time, I think I became better friends with Joy than my own wife was. After she had kicked Dave out of the house, I’d begun doing more and more to help out whenever I could. Something that Joy and the girls had very much appreciated. Like I said, we’d eventually gotten to the point where we could sit down and have a cup of coffee and discuss just about anything.

I’d come to respect and appreciate Joy’s honesty, and openness with me, which is maybe why things had become a bit strained between Cindy and me. I had a much better relationship with the next door neighbor than I had with my own wife. And oddly enough…there wasn’t a damn thing going on between us, not even once hinted at.

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