Gestures that made Lexi go wild and hard – part 3

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And that dress brings out your…cutting myself off, I smiled at her.

“This old thing?”

As she laughed, I risked another quick look at her chest, before saying, “Lana you look amazing.”

“Amazing?” She laughed. “This morning it was beautiful, now amazing, well you know what they say about flattery my dear!”

“That it will get me somewhere?” I asked. “That’s just a line.”

Turning back to face the street, Lana pulled away and with a quick glance my way said.

“Is it? Keep going and maybe you’ll find out.”

The restaurant was located not far from where Lana lived and during the twenty minute ride I was fairly quiet. The first reason for my silence was that I simply did not have too much to talk about.

Lana was talking about her job and how busy it was, and then switched off to what some of her friends were doing tonight, and how glad she was not to be home alone. I had the impression that Lana loved the simple fact that I listened to her, and enjoyed talking to me.

The second reason I was not adding much to the conversation was far less noble, I was too busy checking her out. Her dress was about knee length but because she was sitting had ridden up a little. She was wearing sheer black stockings, and I was surprised to see that despite the cold was wearing red heels.

The heels were pretty high, and I couldn’t wait to see what they did for her legs when she stood in them. But for now her legs were doing just fine on their own.

Her calves had a nice shape to them and I figured she must exercise. As I continued to stare, I watched her leg flex as she worked the pedals of the truck. Once she lifted her left leg up to rub her knee and the dress lifted, giving me a quick look at the inside of her leg part way up her thigh.

I was aware of my cock becoming semi hard as I watched her legs, and imagined what they would feel like under my hand, or better yet around me. I turned and looked out the window, taking a deep breath and telling myself to try to stop thinking that way.

Despite the couple of remarks she had made, I knew nothing was going on. Lana was being playful and enjoying herself. Little did she know, I would enjoy her later, even if it was just in my mind. This dress would have me stroking myself for the next week.

We arrived at Marchetti’s and I saw why she had worn the shoes as she pulled directly up to the door for the valet. I got out and came around to meet her. The valet had beaten me to opening the door for her, but I made it in time to get a great view of her leg as she stepped down from the truck.

I noticed the valet looking as well as he helped her down, and smiled to myself, good for her getting some attention. When I reached her, she smiled and put her arm out. I went to take her hand, but laughing she said, “Like this” and hooked her arm into mine.

“Sorry.” I said, feeling stupid.

She laughed and I noticed that in the heels she was close to my height, damn those things were high. Nodding over my shoulder, I told her, “Hey that guy was checking you out.”

“Whatever.” She rolled her eyes.

“He was,” I insisted. “I saw him looking at your legs.”

“Really?” She asked, glancing over her shoulder.

“Absolutely.” I told her. “You want to go back and walk past him? I’ll bet he looks.” I nudged her arm. “Nice looking young guy.”

“Lexi, you’re the only good looking young guy I want to impress tonight.” She giggled softly. “But I will watch on the way out.”

I was too stuck on her last remark to reply, and simply looked ahead, hoping I wasn’t blushing as we made our way into the restaurant. When we reached the front, a girl came around to take our coats. Lana started to remove hers, but I grabbed the top of it in time to help her out of it.

As I handed it to the girl, Lana gave her head a toss and I watched her long brown hair flow down her back. Just before she did, I saw that the dress was open in the back, more than the weather would dictate as well. If she were trying to impress, it was working.

Apparently I was paying a little too much attention to Lana. When I handed the girl the coats I let go too soon and mine fell on the floor. I bent over to pick it up, and felt a stab of panic go through me when one of the condoms fell out of the pocket.

I quickly covered it with my hand, and looking up saw that the girl had turned away from me and was hanging Lana’s coat. Lana herself was looking the other way. Slipping the rubber back into the pocket, I handed the coat over and walked over to stand next to Lana while we waited to be seated. Leaning over, she whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry, you won’t need those tonight.”

“Oh shit Lana.” I said softly, already feeling my face burning. “I…I’m sorry that’s my friend’s jacket, I wouldn’t…”

“Nope,” she continued as if I weren’t talking. “I closed down the shop after William was born” she turned and winked at me. “So no need for those things, bareback is just fine.”

“Bare…” My mouth fell open and I stared at her, unable to get anything else out.

.”You are absolutely adorable!” She smiled. “You’re blushing again

Taking me by the arm, she led me over to the side of the waiting area.

“Look Lana…” I began. “I’m not thinking that this is well…”

“Lexi relaxes.” She said, putting her hand on my shoulder. “I’m just teasing you okay? I’m having a good time and I can’t resist watching you blush. As far as tonight goes, it’s about two people who deserve far better than to stay home alone on Valentine’s Day, having a good time together, that’s all.”

“Okay.” I nodded

“Now if you need to call it something,” She continued, “To me it’s a date, I’m having dinner with a very attractive man, but just because I say it’s a date doesn’t mean that dinner becomes breakfast, got it?”

“Got it.”

“Of course, I’m not saying it couldn’t lead to breakfast,” she grinned. “You are looking good tonight.”

“I…” catching myself, I laughed. “I get it, you’re teasing again?”

“Am I?” Lana asked.

Before I could respond the waiter arrived and walked us to our seat. The restaurant was packed due to the holiday and we had to walk single file through the tables. I gestured for Lana to walk in front of me, and spent the walk across the room checking out the view from behind.

Although certainly not heavy, Lana had curves and the tight dress was doing a damn good job of showing them off. Lana’s waist was fairly small, but her hips flared out nicely, giving her a great figure. My eyes however, spent most of the walk following the swaying of her well rounded ass.

As good as that looked, I figured we must be getting close to the table and let my gaze wander down to get a look at her legs before we sat. As I’d suspected, the heels did great things for her calves and her legs looked incredible. I’d told Lana she was beautiful and looked amazing, but right now the words would be fucking hot, but I would keep that to myself.

We reached the table and when the waiter asked about drinks Lana ordered two glasses of red wine. After eyeing me for a moment, he asked for an ID and with an embarrassed grin I told him I was only twenty and to just bring me a coke. I couldn’t help but notice him looking over at Lana and I could pretty much imagine what he was thinking. When he walked away I said as much.

“Sorry Lana, I know what he’s probably thinking.”

“He’s thinking what I’m thinking,” she answered with that sexy little smile I’d already seen several times tonight. “Good for her!”

Refusing to blush and being caught off guard, I replied, “Actually, I figured he was thinking good for him!”

Reaching across the table, Lana put her hand over mine and looking me in the eye said softly, “How about we agree on something good for us?”

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