Gestures that made Lexi go wild and hard – part 4

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She wasn’t kidding, before I could answer her lips were on mine and her hands were holding the sides of my face, so I couldn’t move. Not that I wanted too. I had tried to do the right thing, and she wanted no part of it.

All that was left was to enjoy. I ran my hands up her back and into her long curly hair as she leaned forward, pressing her tits into me. I moaned as I felt her rocking her hips, grinding her pussy into me through the pants.

“Oh, you do want me don’t you?”

“Hell yeah,” I groaned as she started moving side to side, sliding her nipples across my chest.

“Soon, baby, but we’re going to get the edge off first.”

Pushing against my chest, Lana swung her left knee up onto the arm of the couch. This put her tits right in my face. I quickly found her left nipple and groaned as I sucked her hard flesh into my mouth. Lana gasped and shoved it into my face, pushing it harder into my eager tongue.

I reached up to grab her other tit, but again she caught my wrist. This time she pushed my arm down and guided my hand between her legs. I gasped as I felt her thong was soaking wet. I started rubbing my fingers along the thin material, groaning as I felt her lips through the thong. Leaning in to start kissing my neck, Lana whispered, “Inside honey, inside.”

Not needing to be told twice, I worked my fingers into the thong and slipped them through her warm soft and incredibly wet flesh. Lana moaned in my ear as I slid my fingers through the folds of her pussy.

“Inside.” She repeated, as she nibbled on my ear.

Sliding my fingers back, I pushed and she cried out in my ear, as my two fingers plunged into her pussy.

“Holy shit you’re wet!” I gasped. I left out the words ‘and tight’, damn she felt tight.

“Oh honey!” She moaned, “In and out, let me feel them.”

I started slowly working my fingers in and out as she asked, and gasped as she started bucking up and down, pushing them deeper inside of her. I picked up the pace, matching the rhythm of her thrusts. I captured her nipple in my mouth again, and she let out a low moan in my ear.

“Your thumb, baby.” She whispered, “Find that clit.”

Just hearing her say the word was enough to cause another surge through my cock. I worked my thumb into the thong and sliding it up, found the hard nub of her swollen clit.

“Oh right there!” Lana yelped in my ear. “Oh, rub it honey, oh please.”

Spurred on by her pleading, I started moving my thumb in slow circles while I continued to work my fingers in and out of her dripping pussy.

“Yes, oh just like that.” She purred in my ear. “A little harder with your thumb for me, oh yes!”

I started moving my thumb faster not loving the way she was working her hips into me, but her whispering in my ear, had me wondering if I might cum in my pants.

I sucked harder on her nipple and moved my thumb faster, pushing as hard as I dared. I had only been with a couple of girls and never had done anything like this. I guess I was doing pretty good as Lana’s hips began bucking harder, and her breathing was getting heavier in my ear.

“Oh…” She gasped. “Oh honey, just a little more…a little more.”

She had stopped kissing me and was just resting her head on my shoulder, moaning and panting as my fingers worked her wet flesh. Lana let out a soft whimper and started swinging her hips in a circular motion, grinding her clit into my thumb.

“Oh god!” She gasped. “Honey, don’t stop, just like that! Please just like….”

I jumped when a moment later Lana let out a loud squeal directly into my ear. I didn’t care as I was too caught up in the feeling of her pussy clenching around my fingers. Lana squealed again and began thrusting her hips wildly against my hand. I pushed hard, keeping my fingers on her,

but lost her nipple when she sat up on my lap, arching her back. I felt her pussy tighten even more around my fingers. Lana threw her head back and let out a sound I could only describe as a wail. As she did her pussy convulsed around my hand and I felt a gush of wetness surge around my fingers

“Oh, yes!” She cried out as she ground her hips into me. “Oh, Lexi!”

She arched her back once more and again I felt her pussy tighten. Lana let out a long whimper and collapsed against me, her breath coming in gasps in my ear. I put my arm around her, holding her close to me and feeling pretty pleased with myself. I had never heard a girl cum that hard. Because of course Lana was no girl, this was a woman.

“Oh honey, I needed that so bad.” She breathed in my ear. “Oh, it’s been so long since I came like that.”

Sitting back up on my lap, Lana gave me a tired smile and said, “Well now seeing you were so good to me, I guess it’s my turn now?”

Stepping off the couch, Lana leaned over me and after a quick kiss sank to her knees between my legs. Holy shit, she was going to…

“Oh shit!” I gasped as she grabbed my cock through my pants and gave it a squeeze.

“Damn.” She said softly. “I think I’m going to enjoy this.”

Leaning up, she kissed my nipple, causing me to moan as her tongue flicked across it. She continued to tongue it as her fingers deftly undid my belt and pulled my zipper down.

Lana’s lips left my nipple and slowly trailed down my chest and stomach. I could feel my body trembling with anticipation as she reached the edge of my underwear and stared teasingly, flicking her tongue around. Grabbing the sides of my pants, she said, “Lift up.”

I did as she said, and as she tugged my pants and underwear down, my swollen cock sprang free.

“Oh look at that,” Lana exclaimed. “Is that all for me?”

All I could get out was a groan as I grabbed my cock, she gave it a squeeze. I gasped as she did it again, causing my precum to squirt from the tip.

“Hmmm.” Lana moaned.

Leaning over, she flicked her tongue across the head of my cock. My hips twitched and I moaned like an idiot, as she swirled her soft wet tongue around the sensitive head of my dick. Lana looked up, and with a smile, stuck the tip of her tongue into the precum and pulled back, taking a trail of it with her.

“Oh my God.” I moaned at the sight of this gorgeous woman’s tongue covered in my precum.

“Yeah? Not bad for an old lady?” She winked.


“Let me show you how a real woman takes care of her man, okay honey?”

She gave the tip of my cock a kiss, then got another of those stupid moans from me, as ducking her head, she swirled her tongue around my balls. Lana slowly licked up one side of my shaft and reaching the head, took it very briefly in her mouth. She sucked hard, causing my hips to twitch. Removing my cock, she opened her mouth and let the precum she had just sucked out, drip from her lips.

“You like that baby?” She asked. “Like your gift?”

“You… don’t have too.” I said, feeling like a fool.

“Honey, I don’t have to do anything, remember?” She winked at me. “Trust me Lexi, this will be my pleasure, I’ve missed this.”

With no hesitation she opened wide and took my cock into her mouth, slowly teasingly, working her way all the way to the base. I moaned loudly, I had never had it taken all the way before. Lana shook her head slowly back and forth, before sliding the length of my cock from her mouth.

For the next few minutes I sat there moaning and panting as Lana’s tongue worked over my cock as well as my balls, licking, teasing and sucking on my aching flesh. My legs were trembling and I needed to cum so bad I was ready to beg her for it. But it felt incredible and better yet, I could tell she was enjoying it.

As Lana continued to tease my throbbing dick, I marveled at how incredible she looked. I couldn’t believe this woman was on her knees for me. I could feel her nipples pressing between my thighs and her long brown hair was fanned out across my legs and her shoulders.

I groaned when Lana again took my cock into her mouth. This time however, after taking it all the way she began bobbing her head in a slow rhythm. Unable to help myself, my hips started rocking in time with her sucking. Lana looked up at me with her big brown eyes and groaned around my cock.


I began breathing heavier and I knew I wouldn’t last long like this. I’d been working all night, and Lana’s mouth and tongue were the most amazing thing I had ever felt. Hoping she wouldn’t mind, I reached down and grabbed her hair, moved it away from her face.

Lana winked at me and started sucking faster. I let out a whimper as my thighs started shaking even harder. I wanted it to last, but there was no chance. Especially when Lana leaned up and pressed her tits around my cock. She started sucking on just the tip as she worked her tits up and down my throbbing flesh. I whimpered again, as I took in the sight of my cock in between those perfect tits as her mouth engulfed the tip.

Letting her tits fall away, Lana paused then began sucking me hard and fast. I was whimpering continuously now, as her lips slid up and down my shaft faster and faster. I saw she was looking at me and I met her gaze. The sight of those brown eyes staring directly into mine while she blew me was too much.

“I…” I panted. “I’m going to…”

“Hmmm” she moaned, then bringing her hand up, gave my balls a squeeze.

I cried out as loud as she had as I felt my cock explode into her mouth. I wasn’t sure if I should have, but not only did she not seem to mind, she looked as if she loved it. As my cock sent spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth, Lana’s eyes rolled back in her head and she continued to suck slow and easy, taking everything I had.

I let out a low moan as I felt my cock give up the last of my cum and slumped back into the couch painting. Between my legs, Lana let my cock slip from her mouth, and looking up at me, made a show of swallowing and opening her mouth, showed me her bare tongue. “Damn Lana.” Was all I could get out.

“Damn is right,” she said as she stood up. “I forgot how much I like sucking cock; you’ll have to let me do it again later.”

“Later…” Jesus was going to owe Kate a hell of a story.

“But right now, since we both got that out of the way, let’s go take our time.”

Lana extended her hand to me, and I forced myself to stand. Leading me by the hand, Lana walked down the hallway towards her bedroom. My legs felt like rubber, but the sight of her delicious ass in that thong, kept me moving. When she opened the door I saw that she had candles lit around the large room.

“I want to be able to see what I’m enjoying.” She said as she closed the door behind me.

Taking my hand again, she stopped me at the foot of the bed, and wrapping her arms around me started kissing me. I hugged her back, letting my hands wander up and down her back and across her hips. Unable to resist, I slid them down and cupping her ass cheeks, gave them a hard squeeze.

“Damn you have a nice ass.” I whispered as she nibbled at my neck.

“Oh, smooth in the bedroom too I see!” she laughed, then said. “Look at us.”

I looked over at the bureau and saw our reflection in the mirror. Lana’s long curvy body looked fantastic against me, and my hands looked damned good on her ass.

“You are fucking hot Lana.” I told her, figuring I was a little past offending her at this point. “Hmm, I must be.” She said softly as she grabbed my cock. “Because you’re still hard my valentine.” She shook her head. “Youth and enthusiasm!” I moaned as she began to stroke my once again hard cock. Stepping back, Lana put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me against the bed.

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