When the straight man discover other sexuality

I am a straight man, no matter what but. My wife Mary and I moved into a new suburb, and I instantly hit it off with Scott next door… even though I was in my late forties, and he was only twenty-three.

He invited me over for a Sunday afternoon USFL game, stressing it was men only. Mary didn’t mind, since she hated football and was happy I’d found some guys to watch it with.

So I went over, and there were two other guys there who worked with Scott… Halpert, who like me was in his forties… and Anderson, who was slightly younger than Scott, who they both worked with. We had a couple of beers and watched the first half. Scott and Anderson then disappeared for a couple of minutes while I chatted with Halpert.

When Scott returned from the bathroom, he walked straight over to Halpert, pulled down his pants and shoved his dick into Halpert’s mouth.

My eyes went wide as Scott asked me while his friend started bobbing on his cock, acting as if what they were doing was no big deal, “Gregor, do you think the Panthers can come from behind?”

“Uh, I hope so,” I said, unable to believe what was happening. First, Scott had a big cock… like over eight inches… Second, Halpert was giving him a blow job right in front of me.

“At the end of the half the offense looked close to bursting,” Scott said, as Halpert smoothly bobbed on his cock … taking two-thirds of it.

“I hope so,” I said, trying to ignore the live action gay sex going on only a dozen feet away from me.

“You know, Mary looked amazing in that bikini yesterday,” he said. I hadn’t realized he’d met my wife… who yesterday in the great weather, the first truly nice day of the summer, had been sunbathing in a new bikini that did indeed showcase her curves, still impressive for a forty-year-old.

“Yeah, I can’t complain,” I said, although our sex life had dwindled substantially during the past few years… unlike the first fifteen years of our marriage, when she couldn’t get enough cock and I didn’t have any complaints.

“She’s a fine woman,” he said, still getting a blow job from another guy.

Anderson strolled out from the kitchen carrying beers and handed one to Scott… then set another one down on the table next to Halpert, who was still fully occupied sucking dick. Oddly, he didn’t seem fazed at all that one of his buddies was sucking another of his buddies. “Here, man,” he said, when he handed me a cold one.

“Uh, thanks,” I said, taking the beer.

“Yeah, your wife is quite the looker,” Anderson added to the conversation.

“Thanks,” I said, wondering when he could have met Mary.

“Is she still put out?” Scott asked.

“Not as much as she used to,” I shrugged.

“Shitty,” Scott said, as Anderson pulled his pants down, pulled out his smaller cock and began stroking it.

“Yeah, but I still get laid more than just on my birthdays,” I joked, my dad once having told me he got a blow job on his birthday, and if he was lucky, Father’s Day too.

“That’s good,” Scott said as Anderson’ cock hardened… and my eyes couldn’t help going back and forth between the two cocks… even though I’d never considered sucking a guy… and equally confusing was the rock hard dick in my pants.

“Although it’s been a while,” I said, not sure why I added that.

“Which is why I never date a bitch for more than a couple of months,” Anderson said, his cock now completely hard. And although it was shorter than Scott’s, it was shockingly fat… like a tree stump.

“As if you ever keep your bitches as long as a couple of weeks,” Scott laughed.

“Says the guy who never bangs the same girl twice,” Anderson shot back, as Halpert continued bobbing smoothly on Scott’s cock. My wife gave me decent blow jobs, but she couldn’t continue them for long… which meant I never came just from the blow jobs.

“What can I say? I like variety,” Scott said, as he pulled his dick out of Halpert’s mouth.

Halpert glanced at me with a hint of shame before Anderson offered him his cock.

“What letter are you at now?” Anderson asked.

“L,” Scott said.

“Letter?” I asked, as I watched Halpert’s mouth stretching around Anderson’ ridiculously fat dick.

“Yeah. I fuck my way through the alphabet by first names,” he said, his hard dick now pointing directly at me… which was especially awkward since I was sitting down and he was standing up… and even though I was a hundred percent straight, I couldn’t take my eyes off his dick.


“Yeah, I’m on my second trip through the alphabet,” he said.

“You found an X?” I asked.

“Yeah, I fucked a Xena,” he said.

“And a few days later, he banged a MILF named Zusha,” Anderson said as he got blown away.

Scott shrugged, “I prefer older women.”

“Scott rarely bangs anyone under forty,” Anderson said.

“I like experienced women,” Scott said, as the second half of the football game started. Scott apparently caught me staring at his dick, and he asked, “Ever sucked any cock, Gregor?”

“W-w-what?” I stammered. “N-n-no.”

“Ever think about it?” Scott asked, looking down at me.

“No,” I said, which was true.

“You sure?” he asked. “You don’t seem able to stop staring at my dick.”

“It’s just I’m not used to having a big dick swaying around in front of my face,” I said, which was also true.

“This is a freehouse,” Scott said.

“Freeuse?” I said, as he moved his hand to his dick and began to stroke it.

“Yeah, both of our bottom boy Halpert’s holes are available to the rest of us anytime we’re here,” Scott explained.

“You’re not serious?” I said, even though that did explain why both guys had shoved their dicks in Halpert’s mouth with no warning in such a cavalier, nonchalant way.

“I’m deadly serious,” he said. “Sometimes we’ll also have a sexy freeuse MILF come over too.”

“Yeah, the woman who lived in the house you bought was a nasty three-hole slut,” Anderson said approvingly.

“Fiona?” I asked. I’d met her, and she was in her mid-fifties, quite large, and a grandmother.

“Yeah, she sucked dick better than any other woman I’ve ever had,” Scott said reminiscently.

“And her ass was fucking tight,” Anderson said.

“As was her husband’s,” Scott said.

“Yeah, he could never get enough dick,” Anderson said, as Scott sidled a little closer to me.

“The two of them together could guzzle down a dozen loads or more in an hour and a half,” Scott said.

“Yeah, I miss them already,” Anderson said.

“Yeah,” Scott agreed, as he glanced at the television while he stroked his cock. “Shit, we’re at the eight yard line!”

“Nice,” I said, having been so distracted by the strange situation, the bizarre conversation, and the hard cock just inches away from my face.

“Thanks,” Scott said with a smirk.

“I meant the game,” I clarified, although I’d been staring at his cock when I said that.

“Sure, sure,” he said, his tone conveying that he didn’t believe me.

“Seriously,” I said.

“I bet you’re thinking of having my cock in your mouth right now, aren’t you?” he said.

I’d turned back to the game to see the Panthers score a go ahead touchdown, so I pumped my fist and sang out, “Yes!” at the most inopportune time.

“I thought so,” he said, and shoved his cock in my mouth before I had any time to object .

I could have pushed him away.

I should have pushed him away.

I could have backed away, so his cock wasn’t in my mouth.

I should have backed away.

When the straight man discover other sexuality will continue in the next page.

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