The trio in the college choose trio over anything – 01

This is a story about a trio in the college who engages in threesome. Its a great story in 2 parts please watch both to get the maximum orgasm. Let’s begin..

“Shit Jimbo!” I snapped in angry embarrassment. “How many times do I have to remind you to put a rubber band on the doorknob!”

“Oh wow!” my college roommate cried. “Sorry man!”

“And must you always do it on the rug?” I complained. “Your bed is right there!”

“I like the rug,” he replied with a grin.

I was tempted to tear into Jimbo for a long list of things that bothered me about him, not the least of which was the stupid assed smile of his, but decided against it as I took in the whole picture. Jimbo was looking over his shoulder at me. I could only catch a glimpse of the girl under him, but his pale white ass was plain to see. Yuck!

“Jimbo!” the girl cried. “Don’t stop! I’m so close!”

Talk about your sluts! It didn’t seem to bother her that I was in the room with the door wide open watching them. Jimbo tended to date, if that’s what you want to call it, a lot of bimbos, but this girl was one of the more brazen.

“I’ll see you later,” I sighed and left the room. I was shaking my head and thinking unkind thoughts as I slammed the door.

“You know your roommate is a male slut, right?” Skylar asked with a grin from the next door over. She was a hall mate of ours. I thought a coed hall would be cool and maybe help me get lucky, but it turned out to be nothing special. Everybody felt a little weird the first week or so. After that, we all settled in.

“Yeah,” I replied. “The sad part is that there are times I envy him.”

“Don’t you dare!” her roommate Zoe called from inside their room. “At the rate he’s going, Jimbo will probably have some sort of venereal disease before the end of the term!”

“That’s terrible!” Skylar cried, but then burst out laughing.

I grinned and made my way to their doorway. I like Skylar and Zoe and tend to hang out with them a lot. Skylar moved inside and left the door open on invitation. I sighed as I entered. It felt more like home than my own room.

“Besides!” Zoe added. “You’re one of the few nice guys here!” She was holding her pillow with her chin as she tried to put it in its case.

“There’s no reason to get insulting!” I said half seriously.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Zoe asked, accidentally dropping the pillow. I shook my head, bent over and picked it up. She smiled and said “Thanks!” as I helped her.

“You’re welcome,” I said.

“So, how is calling you a nice guy an insult?” Skylar asked as she joined us.

“It’s the kiss of death,” I answered.

“That’s silly!” Zoe said.

“Maybe, but it’s also true,” I argued. “Nice guys are the ones where the girl says she ‘loves him like a brother’, or ‘she loves him, but not in that way’.”

“Oh, it’s not that bad!” Skylar laughed.

“Please!” I snorted. “Nice guys never get the girl except in movies!”

“Hey!” Zoe laughed. “It’s not much better for nice girls.”

“How would you know?” Skylar asked, teasing her roommate.

“Bitch!” Zoe snapped, surprising me.

“See?” Skylar added with a laugh.

I smiled as I watched the two jokes back and forth. Zoe and Skylar, or Zoe and Mo as they liked to call me, were both nice girls and good friends. Neither was a raving beauty, but both were attractive in their way.

Zoe was the smaller of the two with freckled pale skin, shoulder length curly black hair and blue eyes. She was pixyish without looking frail and had one of those smiles that lit up a room.I liked the fact that she took care of herself.

She had a nice body with only one drawback as far as I was concerned. Zoe was relatively flat chested. However, I thought her nipples more than made up for it. They had the tendency to poke out through her shirts. You had no idea how hard it was for me not to stare at them when they did! They were extremely enticing.

Zoe also had a shapely round ass that looked amazing in sweats. Zoe always wore a tee shirt and sweats in the dorm. The general consensus of the guys in the hall was that she had the girl next-door look down pat.

Skylar, on the other hand, was built bigger. She had long, brown hair and broad shoulders. She wasn’t as cute as Zoe and her ass was a little wide and flat for my taste, but physically she had her strong points too, two of them actually. Her breasts were very nice indeed! Oh, they weren’t round or perky like some guys liked. They were the full type that dropped heavily under their own weight. I caught myself wondering just how low they would go without the extra strength bra she normally wore. More specifically, I wondered what they would feel like if I buried my face between them.

‘Whoa!’ I thought, shaking my head and looking away from the sky’s breasts. ‘Some nice guy!’

“Think Jimbo will be done anytime soon?” Zoe asked.

“Probably not,” I sighed. “Can I crash on your floor tonight?”

“Again?” she laughed.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“I think you should probably buy yourself a cot for our room,”  Sky added. “You sleep here almost as much as you do your room!”

“It’s not that bad!” I replied, holding back a laugh.

“Either that,” she continued. “Or maybe see if Zoe will share her bed with you?”

“Well, at least he can fit on mine!” the dark haired girl replied with a grin. Sky missed the grin and took Zoe’s comment the wrong way.

“Are you calling me fat!” Skylar cried. She was sensitive about her weight. She wasn’t really fat, but it was a constant battle for her.

“That’s not what I meant!” Zoe replied quickly, obviously mortified by what her friend thought.

“I think…” I began, almost stepping in, but swallowed the rest of my words. Skylar and Zoe were two of the closest roommates on campus, but I’d seen them fight once for real. They could both be rather harsh as they tore into each other. Besides, anything I said was going to be potentially very embarrassing.

“What?” Skylar asked. I shook my head, but she refused to let me keep silent. “Tell me!”

“I can’t say,” I answered, trying to stall. Zoe looked at me and grinned.

“He can’t,” she agreed. “After all, he’s a nice guy.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Skylar asked.

“Only that I meant that he couldn’t fit on your bed because of how big you are up top,” Zoe explained. “Not because I thought you were fat. You’re not fat!”

“I could do with losing a few pounds,” Skylar admitted. “I never did get rid of that freshman fifteen from last year.”

“You look fine,” I put in. I should have left it there, but I couldn’t help adding, “The only reason why we wouldn’t be able to fit in a twin bed together would be because Zoe is right.”

“Because I’m big up top?” Skylar asked in surprise, looking at me.

“Well, you are,” I shrugged, looking at her breasts.  sky knew where I was staring and I should have glanced away, but I couldn’t help myself, or at least I suddenly didn’t want to. Her tits really were impressive and I was tired of being viewed as a nice guy!

“I can’t help the fact that I have wide shoulders,” she joked, blushing badly as she tried to get out of the embarrassing conversation. For some reason, I decided not to let her.

“I’m not talking about your shoulders and you know it,” I smiled, continuing to enjoy the sight of her tits. Skylar turned to her roommate for help.

“He’s right!” Zoe grinned. “Although he doesn’t have to stare quite so hard!”

“Exactly!” Skylar agreed emphatically.

“So, does this mean you won’t accuse me of being a nice guy any more?” I asked, finally looking away from Skylar’s breasts.

“No,” Zoe answered for them both. “You’re still a nice guy, just a perverted one!”

“Aren’t they all?” Skylar added as she shook her head and laughed.

“I’m thirsty,” I smiled. “How about a beer?”

“Why not?” Zoe smiled. “We still have most of the twelve packs you bought over last week in the fridge.”

“It’s the least I could do considering how often I hang out here,” I said.

“It was still very nice of you,” Skylar added, stressing the word nice.

“I’m doomed!” I cried, causing both ladies to laugh.

“Just go get the beers,” Zoe said. “I’ll put a movie on.”

“No beer for me,” Skylar called. “I’ll take a glass of white wine.”

“Snob!” her roommate teased. They both continued to tease each other and laugh. I was glad. They were obviously both okay.

The movie was boring to say the least. I thought about leaving half way through. I stayed because the company was good and I was sure Jimbo was still using our room. Of course, the beer and wine helped. I ordered us a pizza and it arrived just as the movie ended. The pizza place was well known for having barely edible, but cheap pizza and it lived up to its reputation.

“Thanks,” both ladies said when we were done with our meal.

“Seemed only fair,” I smiled.

“I think it’s time to turn in,” Skylar said as she stood and stretched. I couldn’t help but watch. She seemed oblivious, but Zoe caught me. She surprised me by smiling and winking.

“So, are you going to share your bed with him?” she asked Skylar with a grin.

“I would,”  Sky replied. “But I think it’s already been made clear that we won’t fit.”

“We could squeeze?” I offered, fighting hard to hide my grin.

“Pervert!” she laughed.

“You know,” Zoe grinned. “I think he’s just saying that to try and sound like he’s not such a nice guy.”

“You’re right,” I said, deciding to have some fun with it. “And that’s the same reason why I’m saying that I wouldn’t mind sleeping in your bed either.”

“Why?” Zoe asked. “I don’t have Skylar’s breasts.”

“No,” I agreed, looking at her ass. “But you have other assets.”

“You are a pervert!” she laughed. “Keep that up and you’ll be looking for somewhere else to sleep!”

“Who could sleep with you two lying so close anyway?” I joked.

“Go ahead buster!” Zoe snapped. “One more word and you’re out of here!” I closed my mouth and smiled widely. The two girls looked at each other and laughed.

“So,” Skylar said afterward. “What we have here is a nice perverted guy.”

“Exactly,” Zoe agreed.

“Well, that’s a little better,” I sighed loudly. “Are you two sure you don’t want company? If you can’t decide who, you can draw straws for me?”

“You wish!” Zoe cried.

The trio in the college choose trio over anything – 01 will continue in the next page.

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