Secrets of Alan and Kathie – part 3

Secrets of Alan and Kathie – part 3 continues….

“No, don’t touch yourself. I want you to focus on the pleasure from your ass only right now.” She said, even as she smiled at how badly she knew this was torturing him. His cock was so hard it looked like it might burst at any second and a sticky string of pre-cum smeared from the opening of his tip down to his belly button.

“Mmmm, fuckk, okayyyy, mmmfff,” Alan moaned. His eyes were half closed as he stared up at Kathie while she fucked him. He couldn’t believe how good it felt to have someone else opening up his ass. Each time she thrust into him his eyes bulged and he moaned

She was smiling in the sexiest way. It was a naughty little grin that drove him wild. She looked like liquid sex.

“Good boy,” She said as she kept going hard into him. “You’re taking my cock really well, Alan. Just keep that ass nice and relaxed for me baby. This is so fucking hot!”

“Mmmmm, fuck yes, Jess,” Alan moaned, his legs clamping around her waist as he enjoyed the way she pounded him immensely.

“You like that baby?” Kathie teased him.

“Yessss, I like it, unfff,” Alan moaned back.

“You like the way I fuck your ass, Alan?” She continued to drive his mind crazy with every word that came out of her mouth.

“Yessssss, ufff, fuckkk meee.” Alan moaned as she continued her assault.

She pulled the whole dildo out of him suddenly.

“Flip over onto your knees, I want to fuck you Doggy-style.” Alan followed her every instruction and he watched as she grabbed the lube again. She squeezed a generous helping out and rubbed it into his hole with her fingers. He shuddered when he felt her slide two of her fingers inside of him as she fingered him with the new dribbles of lube and got him nice and loose again.

Then she pulled her fingers out and wiped them on his leg.

“Mmmmm Alan, you have a really nice ass baby.” She spanked him hard. Alan was leaning on his elbows and he moaned at the sudden rap against his butt.

“Yeah, good little slut,” she spread his cheeks apart and brought the toy back to his hole. Then she thrust the entire thing back inside of him as Alan loudly groaned from her force.

“MMmmmm, I LOVE how you moan from being fucked, baby. Take that cock like the little slut I know you are.” She said, and then Kathie really began to fuck Alan hard.

This was something I totally knew. She held the handles of his hips and drove the dildo roughly into his wet hole like an unleashed animal as Alan could feel her soft legs slapping against his thighs.

At some point the pounding was so intense Alan sank down to his elbows and then he felt her strong legs forcing him fully down onto his stomach. She pushed his legs together and spread hers over his ass as she pushed the large cock in and out of his ass mercilessly.

If her body had been a video game it would’ve been Space Invaders because Alan couldn’t believe how hard and how far she was able to push the silicone dick into him. He hardly recognized the moans that were coming out of his own mouth as she pummeled his booty like a battering ram against his castle gates.

As she pounded him further into the bed Alan felt his body being pushed further up until his head was being pounded into the wooden headboard.

Kathie wasn’t slowing down. Her thrusts came in impressively quick succession now, as if she was trying to make the plastic cock itself cum inside of Alan’s ass. Her ass bounced on top of his like a club girl popping her booty. No wonder she was so good at this. She loved to dance.

“Roll over again, slut.” She said to him, and Alan smiled like a drunk whore as he rolled over for his dominant friend. She picked up both of his legs and lifted them up onto her shoulders. Then she shoved the cock back inside his exposed asshole.

Alan watched her breasts pressed together between his legs as she gyrated deliciously into him.

He loved the way the tip of her cock continued rubbing against his male g-spot.

She reached over and grabbed his cock finally.

“Mmmmm, you’re soooo hard Alan,” she said appreciatively as she jacked him all the way through her heavy thrusts.

Alan knew he wasn’t going to last very long now.

“Jess, oh fuck, pleasedontstop, please dont stop…fuggg…” Alan was so close.

She jacked him harder and pounded into him in the straightest line she could.

“Yeah baby…cum on my cock baby, cum while I fuck you Alan!!! Cum like a little slut for me Alan. Cum Alan! CUM ALL OVER YOURSELF Alan!! CUM ON MY COCK Alan!!! CUM ON MY COCK Alan!!! BE A GOOD LITTLE COCKSLUT FOR ME Alan!! CUM FOR ME BABY!!! CUM WHILE I FUCK YOU SLUT!!! CUM FOR ME CUMSLUT!!! CUM WHILE I POUND YOU BABY!!!”

She had almost folded him over in half now and her fist pumped his swelled cock faster than he could’ve imagined her arm muscles would allow.

He exploded like a bag of popcorn. His cum shot out in giant streams of sticky sperm that drenched his chest and neck and even his chin. Kathie smiled happily as she saw how much Alan was cumming. He painted his chest creamy white in his orgasm.

“Yesss baby….Mmmm, that’s so sexy baby, cum babyyyy, cummm for me babyyyy!”

Alan kept cumming and cumming and cumming. It was the largest cumshot of his entire life.

When she had finally slowed down her fist, he thought his cock might retract back up into his body. His balls certainly had. She had drained him like a fully squeezed pack of Capri-Sun.

Alan’s crescendo caused his mind to practically black out. His legs were still stretched high above him on Kathie’s shoulders as she kept herself pressed all the way into him.

When he was finally able to bring himself back down into the atmosphere, Kathie placed his legs at her sides. He felt as she slid the dirty toy out of his ass and then watched as she slid the panties off her legs with the dildo still attached. She pushed them off to the side and then slowly slid herself up Alan’s body.

He went crazy when he felt her bare pussy drag across his still sensitive cock.

She dragged her glistening lips all over his cum and he could feel how wet she was. His cock was already stirring again.

She covered her pussy in his cream and then she did the same thing as she slid up his stomach and chest, making sure to stop and grind herself wherever his seed had collected. Her pussy was dripping in his own sperm now.

That’s when he realized what she was doing. She kept crawling until she was sitting over his face, and without giving him the option, she shoved her cum-covered pussy onto his mouth and Alan immediately began to lick her cunt.

He didn’t care that she was covered in his juices. It made the whole thing dirtier and he loved it. She moaned in ecstatic pleasure as his tongue willingly attacked her warm snatch and lapped up his own salty deposit.

She had definitely found the man of her dreams. He was eating his own cum off of her pussy lips like it was an after-sex sandwich. She loved how naughty he was. She wanted to do all sorts of kinky things with this boy.

She scooched back down his body and made out with him and now they were kissing in the most dirty way as they enjoyed his cum between their lips. Kathie dragged her tongue out of his mouth as she found some cum along his chin and licked it up, then she dove back in and fed Alan more of his seed. She was the sexiest thing he had ever experienced.

The energy was electric. Alan could feel his cock returning to its full length and Kathie rubbed her naked sex against his and they both moaned for each other.

She placed his cock at her lips and sank down onto him as her wet opening enveloped his hardness in a plush glove of her gushing arousal. Alan was so turned on by how wet she was.

Kathie loved the way his cock filled her fully. He was the perfect size—big and fat and naughty. She impaled herself completely as her hips rocked on top of his while they kissed. She moaned into his mouth as she ran her hands up through his hair and pulled his head back against the bed.

Alan continued to be blown away by how good she was at this. She was somehow still in control, even as she rode his cock and squeezed his length with her vaginal muscles.

She sat up again and now she was staring down at Alan like the sexiest cowgirl he had ever seen. She rode him in these achingly good circles as her hips came up and then back and then down and around. This girl would’ve had no problem lasting eight seconds in the rodeo—the question would be would the damn bull even make it that far?

She began to bounce up and down now on his lap as Alan’s cock slapped wetly into her hungry snatch. She had one hand roughly squeezing a breast as she twisted a nipple with painfully pleasurable wickedness. On The other hand, she used to steady herself on Alan’s tummy.

“Alan I’m gonnna cummm, fucckkkkk,” she moaned deliciously. Her moans were like sexual candy. She sounded like a Sunday School slut being brought to her knees in the conversion of the almighty love of cock.

She squealed loudly and Alan could feel himself getting close again too.

“Fuuuu Ggghhhhhh!” She said and he could tell that she was convulsing on him as an orgasm rocked through her and shut down her body like an electromagnetic pulse.

“Jess I’m gonna cum again, I’m gonna, don’t stop riding me, don’t stop riding me! Fuck…FUCKKK!” Alan moaned.

Kathie did her duty and rode her favorite new stud with whatever remaining power she could summon. Multiple orgasms were rolling through her body like ocean waves even as her powerful lower body continued to milk Alan’s Sasquatch like a zombie.

Alan reached up and grabbed onto both of her breasts as his cum shot out of his cock and filled his best friend’s pussy up. She clamped around him like a calf on a fresh nipple.

“Yesss baby fills me up, cum inside me Alan, give me all of your seed, gggghhhh,” She moaned as her hips continued to energetically ride him all the way through his second orgasm of the night.

When he was finally done cumming, she dropped back down to his chest and rolled off to the side, his cock half out of her now.

She half-laughed and half-cried. It was the type of sex that made you want to start a new religion.

They breathed in and out as their bodies draped over each other. Alan’s softening cock slipped from her opening as a river of his cum ran out of her pussy and down her inner thigh.

Alan turned to her and they were on their sides now.

Secrets of Alan and Kathie – part 3 will continue in the next page.

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