Secrets of Alan and Kathie – part 2

Secrets of Alan and Kathie – part 2 continues….

“Wait…wait a second…how did YOU recognize that these were strap-on panties?? These are like, super subtle and they could’ve just been designed with a ring like that. How would you know what they were unless…unless…ohhhhh,” Kathie looked up at Alan accusingly, and now his cheeks looked like Washington Apples as a guilty grin escaped sideways out of his mouth.

“You’ve got some explaining of your own to do, Alan Tate!”

Now Alan was really trapped. He had two options. He could try to bullshit his way out of this (“Saw them on a porn! Bought a pair for a white elephant one year! Made a Sherlock Holmes-like deduction based on things I know about the world! Etc, etc.), or, he could tell his sexy, drunk best friend, the truth.

“Okay, well, I’ve never told ANYONE this before so you have to promise that you take this to your grave but…I’m also super into the idea of strap-on play.” When he said it Kathie felt a tingle between her legs. Her pussy was getting warmer.

“REALLY YYY?!?!” She beamed back at him. “Oh my God I would’ve NEVER guessed that, you’ve always seemed kinda like a goody-two-shoes to me, and I mean that in the nicest way possible, babe.” And it was clear that she really did. Both friends were so very fond of each other, there was nothing but admiration shared between them.

Alan smiled sheepishly. “I guess I’m a little kinky too,” he concluded in a handsome sort of way.

There was no going back now. The topic of conversation was firmly set in place. They couldn’t have changed the subject to baseball if the Cubs had strolled by the window. They were locked into this coincidence.

“Soooo, have you ever actually tried it?” Kathie asked in a sing-songy sort of way, sitting further up on her knees as she excitedly poked her friend for more details. She was very into all of this. She wanted to know what Alan’s experience was. She was VERY interested in what his sexual experience with this was.

“No, unfortunately I’ve never dated a single girl who was into it so I’ve always kinda had to keep it on the down-low. One girl freaked out when I told her and it sort of ruined our relationship from that point on. She just didn’t get it. I think she saw me as different or not manly enough for her or something.” Alan described his reasons for being secretive in his kink.

“Ugghhh, that’s so STUPID, I hate that double standard that exists—boys aren’t allowed to be kinky in the same way girls are. People get all weird about it. Like, two girls could make out and fuck during a sleepover and no one would blink an eye, but if two guys fooled around everyone would be like “oh yeah, they’re gay.” Sorry for all the toxic masculinity you have to deal with on the regular. Such silly bullshit.”

She said as she tied her hair up into a cute ponytail with a band from her wrist. This was clearly a topic that Kathie felt strongly about and Alan felt so much better as he heard every positive idea in her response.

“Yeah, it’s nice that I can actually admit this fantasy to a girl…kind of a breath of fresh air, ya know? I appreciate it, Jess.” He said as he brushed her knee in a friendly sort of gesture.

She smiled at him and leaned forward to give him a big hug, and he loved the way her body felt against him.

“Of course, you can totally tell me anything, I hope you know that, Alan. You’re one of my absolute best friends.” She said, and Alan felt unexpectedly emotional from that. He wasn’t expecting to get any sexual therapy at this moment. It was cathartic.

“So, how about you? What do you like to do with a strap-on? How many guys have you played your strap-on with?” Alan asked. He wanted to know so much more. He wasn’t even fully sure how to phrase the questions so that they continued to sound curious rather than creepy.

“Well, let’s see. I really enjoy the role reversal of it, ya know? But actually I’ve only fucked one guy with my strap-on. But…since we’re putting all of our cards on the table now, you should know that I’ve also fucked a girl.” Alan couldn’t believe that. It was the sexiest thing she could’ve said at that moment. Now he had fifty more questions that flooded his brain. He immediately created sexual scenarios in his mind of Kathie with another girl.

“You fucked a girl with it? So you’ve had lesbian sex?” He queried her like a turned-on puppy dog.

“Yes, oh definitely. I umm, I REALLY like playing with girls. They’re a lot of fun in bed and they know how to make me orgasm better than most guys. But…that being said, I had WAY more fun fucking a guy than I did fucking a girl. I think that’s my main kink—taking a guy’s ass.” She said it and her face had a foxy sort of devilishness that had come over it.

“Damn, that’s amazing. So…who was the guy?” Alan wanted to know now.

“Oh, I don’t think you know him…I dated him the first year I was in school right before I met the asshole I’m with now. I found out one night while we were playing in the shower that he liked having his asshole played with while I blew him. My hands were on his ass and he guided me over to play with his asshole. It was very unexpected but also, incredibly sexy to me for some reason.

And I guess it sort of unraveled in my mind and led me down this whole strap-on rabbit hole. I ended up surprising him one night while we were playing. I came into the room wearing a sexy skirt and I had a strap-on hiding underneath it. We started making out and when he reached his hand into my skirt he was surprised when he felt the cock sticking out from my harness. I sort of took over from there and totally seduced him and told him I was going to fuck his ass and he was basically putty in my hands for the rest of the night.”

As Kathie continued her detailed story Alan could feel himself growing fully hard in his boxers. This was a scenario he would’ve died to experience. He was so turned on by her at that moment.

She continued, “Then for the rest of our relationship we had a lot of fun with strap-on play. The sex we had in general was, if I’m being honest, sort of just average…but damn, I really liked fucking him and seeing how turned on he got from it. Totally empowering sort of thing to experience. I understood instantly why guys were so horny all the time, ya know? There’s something really erotic in having that kind of power, isn’t there?” She said it like she had analyzed herself a thousand times over and knew exactly what she wanted in the bedroom. Alan was so revved up by this girl. His boner made tiny thumps like distant Zulu war drums.

She turned to look at Alan suddenly, “I’m sorry…if I had known all this time that you had this big strap-on fantasy I would’ve gladly come over to help you out in fulfilling it!” She said it in a very playful way. It was hard to tell where the joking stopped and where the seriousness started.

Alan smiled in an embarrassed way as he looked at Kathie’s sultry glare.

“Ugh…you’re SUCH a tease!” Alan said finally as he slapped her knee again.

“Unfortunately I only have the panties right now…all of my favorite cocks are back at the apartment, or I’d ask if you wanted to have some fun.” She looked at Alan and licked her lips a little. Now she looked like she really was being serious. Alan was holding his breath.

He stared at her for a long time feeling his heart raging out of his chest. He double gulped. She was so fucking sexy in that tiny Queen shirt and her lazy ponytail and those strap-on panties staring back at him.

“Hmmmm,” he said, “that is too bad,” as he looked at her and felt the throbbing of his cock inside his boxer briefs. He was almost too nervous to do what he did next but…he reached over into the nightstand drawer beside his bed and took out a seven inch dildo and a small bottle of lube that he kept in there. “I mean…look…you’re kind of assuming that I don’t have my own toys!”

The dildo was smooth and black and had a familiar flat base. Kathie gasped when she saw what he had grabbed.

“Oh my God…Alan…is that YOUR dildo?” She asked, purposefully teasing him a little in case he was just playing along with her joke. She could tell how nervous he was now as this back and forth continued and she purposefully ran her hands playfully over the tops of his hands in a friendly way in hopes of steadying his nerves.

He shook his head yes to her question. She grabbed the dildo out of his hand and inspected it. It was a good size sex toy—probably a solid seven inches with a nice girth, and it turned her on so much to know that he used this toy in his ass. It was the kind of dildo that could be pressed up against something…or…because of the flat base…it was also designed to easily click into place with the average harness ring size of a strap-on.

She slowly brought the dildo down and slid the ring aside as she pushed the cock through it and locked it into place. It jutted out from her body as the toy curved up like a tasty banana.

She stroked the silicone dildo with her hand as she stared at Alan. He was breathing heavily as he stared back at her.

“How do I look?” She asked him. She wanted to see what he would say. She studied him carefully.

“You look…fuck. You look fucking hot.” Alan said. He was so hard on his boxers. Kathie could see the outline of Alan’s boner now. There was no more hiding anything.

“Do you want me to give you a massage?” She asked in a suddenly flirty sort of tone. Alan was in a zombie haze as he drooled at the sight of the cock sticking out of the crotch of this sexual fantasy girl in his bed.

“Fuck, yes, that sounds amazing, I’d love a massage.” Alan wasn’t really sure where this was going, but the idea of Kathie giving him a massage in bed was just about enough to make him blow his load in his boxers. It didn’t hurt that she was wearing his favorite sex toy at the same time.

He wondered if she would take the cock out after she’d modeled it for him, but as she had him lay down on his stomach in the middle of the bed, he realized that she was keeping it on. His heart was beating very fast.

Kathie reached for the bottle of lotion that Alan had beside his bed. “Shirt off please.” She said it very casually, but there was no option in her sentence. He took his shirt off, and now he was down to just his tight boxer briefs.

Kathie swung her legs over his and sat right at the top of his thighs where they connected to his butt. Alan loved the fact that she was sitting on him. He was completely hypnotized by wherever she was taking them.

She squirted the lotion up and down his spine and Alan goosebumped a little from the cold of the lotion.

“Oops, sorry if that’s a little cold, shoulda warned you first,” she apologized.

“No, of course not, it feels good.” He assured her as he looked back over his shoulder at her.

“Good, I’m glad.” She said and she pushed his face forward so it was facing down on the bed.

“Just let me know if I go too hard, okay?” She said, and he couldn’t help hearing the obvious double entendre.

Kathie immediately began to massage her hands deeply into his muscles as she spread the lotion all over his toned back muscles. Mmmm, he felt good, she thought. Kathie noticed immediately the efforts of Alan’s consistent workout sessions. This boy was getting tastier by the minute, she mused.

She kneaded her hands all the way up and then all the way back down his back, destroying old knots and causing Alan to occasionally moan in an appreciative baritone. Each time her hands would roll up his back her body would get lower over his and she could smell the musk of his body wash. She had the biggest craving to lick him, but she was currently focused on bigger games.

As the massage went on she leaned over more which caused the dildo to rest between Alan’s boxer clad butt cheeks. He moaned a little when he felt it and Kathie definitely noticed the moan because it was unconnected to any particular muscle group that she was working into submission on that passed up his body. Kathie smiled to herself and bit her lip with an intense craving. She was becoming more confident in where she was taking this. But still, she called rather than raised the pot.

She continued to massage the lotion into Alan’s back as it spread out and unwound him like a tin-man receiving his first oil in years. Alan had never been so relaxed and turned on all at the same time. Kathie’s fingers were magical on his back and arms and neck.

As her passes continued, she pushed her legs further into the bottom of his ass as she would bring her hands all the way up to his head to run them through his hair. Alan moaned again as he felt the plastic cock firmly pressed up against his crack and enjoyed the way her hands massaged his head. She laid down on him like that to massage his head.

Secrets of Alan and Kathie – part 2 will continue in the next page.

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