Promotion of Sophia with naked fortune – part 2

This Story is part of Promotion of Sophia with naked fortune Series

Her hands clenched the edges of the table. “I better… oh god… become the boss… with all the work I’ve put… oh fuck me…”

“What a bad girl you’ve become, Sophia.”

She moaned her words, “I’m a product of corporate policies.”

Their office fuck-session intensified. In the heat of passion, Sophia made loud gasping noises as she was being pounded. Her hair thrashed and her lips made strange shapes. She begged for the sex to be harder and faster.

Through Sophia’s glass walls, she saw a new female employee, naked and shy, receiving a tour of the floor for the very first time. The ‘new girl’ saw Sophia bent over the desk, being fucked from behind by the CEO. The new girl gasped in shock from what she was seeing.

When her pussy was filled with cum, Sophia cleaned herself with tissue and threw it in the trash. She even wiped the beads of sweat from her forehead before thanking the boss and excusing herself. She was still barefoot and the boss always enjoyed the sight of her ass and pussy after sex.

Part of her job meant training the new girls on how to conduct themselves professionally while naked. Stepping out of her office with hard nipples and strutting down the hall, Sophia introduced herself to the new girl with a handshake and smile.

The End


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