New life, new beginnings and new love – 02

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 New life, new beginnings and new love – 02 continues…

I loved today. I’ve heard you share in so many meetings, and it’s made me long to know even more about you. Hopefully, when we’re more comfortable together, you’ll let me in.” But Zoe was comfortable. Very comfortable. That, she thought, might be part of the problem.

The meeting continued on, and Lucy and Zoe continued their moments of breathless timeless looks. Eventually, Lucy shook herself and moved her chair slightly, so that her back was to Zoe, taking away the temptation to look at her. Zoe smiled and focused back upon the meeting. After five minutes, Lucy leaned back and whispered, “Can you come back with me after this? Watch a movie at my house?”

Zoe nodded, her skin tingling from the sensation of Lucy’s warm breath in her ear. The rest of the meeting seemed to drag on forever.

The ride to Lucy’s home passed in silence, and Zoe looked out the window at the night glow of the city. They wound their way past stores, stations, and homes before pulling up in front of Lucy’s small two-bedroom home at the other end of town.

When Lucy let them in the front door, Zoe found herself standing immediately in the front room. Lucy flipped on the dim overhead lamp and motioned for Zoe to sit on the couch to her right, as she disappeared into the bedroom.

“Do you remember what you said to Durita, the first day that we met?” Lucy called out to her.


“You said, ‘A woman would have to throw herself in my lap, in order for me to even consider the possibility that she might be attracted to me.'” Lucy emerged from the bedroom carrying a small, square pillow in her arms. “Well, baby… consider this the extent of my ‘making a move’,” and she tossed the pillow into Zoe’s lap with a grin, laying her head upon it as she stretched out along the sofa.

Zoe turned the light off as Lucy turned the television on and began the DVD. Zoe could not concentrate on the movie, for the life of her. All she could do was stare at the woman in her lap, in the flickering darkness. She wanted to reach out, to reach over…. She wanted nothing more in the entire world, than to simply stretch out her hand, and bring it to rest lightly upon the woman’s shoulder.

There was nothing more she longed for. No deeper yearning in her heart. Her mind had not leapt on, towards the Sex to Come. She just wanted to touch her. She just wanted to be close, to be connected. She couldn’t remember the last time something so simple had even entered her mind.

She brought her right arm up and laid it across the back of the couch, lightly running her fingertips over the embroidered fabric as she stared blindly at the television screen. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Lucy’s hand slowly rising… slowly lifting… slowly brushing against her own.

Zoe watched as Lucy’s long, elegant fingers gently interlaced with hers. But the fingers did not remain. They wove through, they touched, they entwined, and then they slipped away…they trailed over the back of her hand…they caressed the soft flesh of her palm. Zoe let out a soft moan, and Lucy gasped at the sound. But the two women did not move.

Zoe slowly raised her hand off of the couch, her fingertips brushing against Lucy’s. Soft flesh kissed and teased soft flesh as their hands and fingers danced. They were speaking to each other, they were seducing each other. And both of them knew it.

This is the way I will be with you, saying their hands to each other… I will be soft, gentle, tender… This is the way I will touch your breasts, your lips, your stomach, your thighs… Feel how softly my fingertips dance across your palm… That is how soft I will be with your sex… But now, I feel this…. Feel how fierce I am becoming, how wanton, how desperate…. Feel the way I cling to your wrist, lock my fingers with yours, the pressure, the force, the grip I hold you in…

That is the heat of my desire, that is the depth of my yearning, I want you, I want to breathe you, taste you, take you… Feel my hand slipping into your hand…. Feel my hand caressing you… grabbing you… loving you… exciting you…. This is the way I will be with you, this is the lover I will be…

Zoe’s breathing had become little more than ragged gasps, and her eyes were glued to the rapid rise and fall of Lucy’s chest. She had never experienced anything so erotic in her life. When Lucy suddenly raked her nails across Zoe’s palm, Zoe groaned, and with that Lucy flipped over and hovered above Zoe’s breathless form.

“I can’t take this anymore,” Lucy said with a grin, and suddenly her lips were on Zoe’s, her tongue was tasting and teasing their flesh. Zoe moaned and parted her mouth to envelop Lucy’s heat. She ran her hands up the woman’s back, and pulled her harder against her, wrapping her legs around the smaller woman’s body as their tongues swirled against each other.

Lucy finally broke the kiss and led Zoe back into her bedroom. She pulled the younger woman down upon the bed with her, holding her tight in her arms. For the next hour, they didn’t speak. They kissed, they clung, they touched. They looked into each other’s eyes.

Slowly, Lucy pulled down on the zipper of Zoe’s jacket, and Zoe closed her eyes with fear. What if she didn’t like what she saw… What if she wasn’t beautiful enough, soft enough… anything enough… When she opened her eyes, Lucy was staring into them with warmth and passion. She slipped the jacket off of Zoe’s arms and tossed it on the floor by the bed, gently pushing Zoe back amongst the pillows. She kissed Zoe’s shoulders, the hollow of her neck, her chin and cheeks.

“God you’re beautiful,” she whispered in Zoe’s ear, nuzzling her cheek with her nose. Zoe felt tears coming to her eyes. “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known, Kathryn,” Lucy continued, running her hand lightly across Zoe’s tummy, tracing the soft curves of her breasts. “Inside, and out.” They kissed again, as Zoe reached up and began unbuttoning Lucy’s shirt.

“I need to feel you… against me…. your skin against my skin… please…”

Lucy slipped out of her shirt and tossed it beside Zoe’s, and Zoe smiled inwardly at the very sensible sports bra Lucy was wearing underneath. Then that, too, was gone, joining the other clothes on the floor, and Zoe’s breath caught in her throat at the soft, small, porcelain body in front of her. She reached out and cupped Lucy’s breasts in her hands, running her thumbs and fingertips over her nipples, circling, tracing, teasing. Lucy’s head fell back and she moaned. She pulled the younger woman up, towards her, and undid the clasp of Zoe’s bra. When there was nothing left to form a barrier, they fell into each other, flesh against heat against silk against peace.

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