My Boyfriend’s mom was better – part 2

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Once again I was in a state of paralysis, unable to move or speak on the outside… but my insides were cavorting wildly in the fire of a pleasure I had never known existed.

“Mmmmmm, such a tasty dessert,” she assessed as she parted my pussy lips with her tongue.

Any resistance I could have had was long gone. I didn’t want this pleasure ever to end.

I didn’t care that this was James’s mom.

I didn’t care that I was cheating on James… The pleasure was so amazing and Lia was so compelling that I felt I didn’t even have a choice.

Her earlier fingering had me already wet and lustful, so her skillful tongue on my pussy had me near euphoria in seconds.

I moaned, “Oh God.”

“Oh, I plan to take you straight to heaven,” she responded, as her tongue moved to my clit and her finger slid inside me again. She instantly found my elusive g-spot. I had searched for that magic button like an archeologist for months, but to no avail, and had almost convinced myself that it didn’t exist. But Lia had located it in a heartbeat!

I bit my lip not to scream and alert James of the manner in which his mother was cleaning up her mess. Suddenly my body was quivering, my legs were buckling, and my orgasm… my first REAL orgasm… sizzled through me like a thunderbolt.

“Mmmmmmm,” she hummed, the vibration exciting me even further. She kept lapping my pussy, as my cum poured out of me like a flooding lake demolishing a dam.

“Oh, God,” I trembled, grabbing her head and holding her face buried between my legs for both pleasure and balance.

She kept licking as wave after wave of indescribable euphoria cascaded through me.

Time stood still as I soared to the heavens of pleasure she had promised me. But eventually my pussy became sensitive and I let go of her head saying, “Please stop.”

She looked up at me and smiled wetly, “Are you over sensitive?”

“I think I have to pee,” I admitted.

She stood up and smiled, her face literally glistening with my cum, “Go pee and I’ll get you something else to wear while I put this in the wash.”

“Okay,” I nodded. As soon as she left, I went to the toilet, sat down and urinated.

The peeing was automatic. What was capturing my entire attention was trying to come to grips with the fact that I had just had the first real orgasm of my life, and it was not just with a woman, but with my boyfriend’s mom.

I got up, washed my hands and there was a knock at the door, which amused me. She had just driven me to the most incredible orgasm of my life, I had sprayed my cum all over her face, she had licked up and swallowed almost all of it, but now she was showing me courteous propriety, observing the forms of polite society.

“Do come in,” I called out, equally polite and affecting an English accent but chuckling. I looked into the mirror and saw how red faced I still was. Okay, I wasn’t 100% upper crust.

Lia re-entered the bathroom and handed me a folded garment, “You can wear this while I go and wash your dress.”

“Thank you,” I replied, things on the surface went back to normal even though both of our faces still showed evidence of what she had done to me.

My pussy tingled as I recalled the orgasm that had brought me such surprising pleasure, a little post-cum still leaking out of me as I reached down to grab the thong and put it back on.

She left, and I put on a sundress that was a lot sexier than the one I had been wearing… and tighter across the bodice, which really accentuated my breasts.

I took a deep breath, shook my head at the surreal evening and headed back to the dinner table, not sure how I would face my boyfriend.

He was wiping the table and looked up and gasped, “Wow.”

I instantly felt self-conscious…could he see through me and into the unfaithfulness I had allowed to happen?

“What?” I asked.

“You look amazing,” he said, staring at my tits.

“Thanks,” I smiled, thankful that he was a horny guy and was unlikely to notice the inner nuances that were clear to other women.

Lia returned and said, “I’m so sorry Tessa, I’m so clumsy.”

“I think the wine will come out. If not, I’ll buy you a new dress,” she said, giving no hint of what had transpired just minutes ago. She then added, “Although I bet James would rather you kept mine.”

“What?” James said, breaking his stare from my breasts as the sound of his name broke through the cloud of his fixation.

“Boys,” she joked. “They always have a one track mind.”

Which was the most hypocritical statement I had ever heard in my life.

James defended, “You made me.”

“And I can end you,” she bantered back.

“I didn’t make any dessert, but I’m craving ice cream. Would you be a dear and go to Dairy Queen and get me a hot fudge sundae and whatever your sexy girlfriend would like?” Lia asked, giving me a look that nuanced loud and clear that she wasn’t done with me… which made my pussy gush a little into the thin thong… recalling her amazing tongue and finger.

“Sure,” James nodded. “Do you want to come, Tessa?”

My naughty side instantly thought to myself ‘I just did’.

Before I could respond though, Lia answered for me, “No, your girlfriend and I are going to get to know each other much better.”

“Oh God, you poor thing,” he consoled me playfully, even as I recalled what Lia had just done to me and wondered how ‘much better’ could even exist.

“Don’t be a smart ass,” Lia scolded. “Now go, I’m hungry and I’m sure Tessa is dying for some dessert.”

I instantly wondered if she was implying what I thought she was implying.

I also wasn’t sure what I would do if she was.

I couldn’t say no to her.

But I wasn’t a lesbian.

But what she had done to me had felt so amazing I was already imagining her doing it to me again.

So I helped double team him, “Yes, hurry James, you know how I get when I’m hungry.”

He laughed, “Are all women crazy when they are hungry? Or just the ones I know?”

“All women,” his Mom answered.

“Remember that,” I chipped in.

“Okay, okay,” he nodded, coming and giving me a kiss, while Lia headed into the kitchen.

My legs were still weak, so I sat back down at the table.

Seconds after the front door closed, Lia returned with a cucumber in her hand, which was weird considering we had already eaten dinner.

She walked towards me and the cucumber slipped out of her hand and to the floor, rolling under the table.

I moved to get it but she stopped me as she dropped to the floor, “Stay put, I’ll get it.”

Now I know you worldly guys all know what happened next, but I was still naïve and innocent and had no idea what she was thinking… even though ironically I had been thinking of using a cucumber for the exact same purpose at home… The carrot is no longer thick enough for me.

I watched her shapely ass disappear under the table, then to my surprise I felt my legs parted, and I heard her order me, “Lift up your ass.”

Mindlessly I obeyed, partly out of obedience, partly out of surprise and largely out of a Pavlovian automatic response instilled in me just minutes earlier. I was a good dog… err… bitch in heat?

I felt her lift up my dress, tug the thong off, and then I again felt her tongue on my pussy, making me moan loudly, happy not to have to be quiet this time.

She licked me for a minute, no longer than that, before she invited, “Ready to get fucked?”

The question surprised me, not sure what she meant.

“Pardon?” I questioned with another moan, as her finger slid inside me.

“Spread your legs wider, my pet,” she ordered, the endearing name somehow turning me on even more.

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