Mom stars in son’s movie about love & sexuality – 02

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“Sounds good. The director always knows best.”

“Ready to start?”

She winked at me. “Ready.”

We started filming as she stood near the door. She acted as if she had just arrived home after being interviewed by the man. Her face conveyed the emotions of a conflicted woman, but conflicted in a good way. Her eyes did the talking and she clearly felt alive. Nothing was dull anymore. She looked at the living room window and slowly walked there. Her hands undid the robe and she let it slowly fall to the floor, exposing herself to the world.

And there it was; my beautiful mother was naked before me. I stood behind her with the video camera and I got a perfect view of her naked backside. Her back was toned, and her hips and thighs were curvaceous. I’ve seen plenty of naked women in my own love life, as well as working on movie sets where actresses had to get naked for long periods of time, but this was different- this was my own mother of all people.

I found myself becoming excited and aroused. I wondered if I had hired a complete stranger for the lead role, would I be feeling the same way about her as I did about my mom? Probably not.

“I’m going to touch myself now,” she said, still looking through the window. “I just wanted to give you a little heads up first.”

“Ready when you are. You look amazing.”

She spread her legs. One hand pressed against the wall so she could lean on it, and her other hand reached down to her vagina. I didn’t have a clear view, but it was obvious that she was actually masturbating. I moved the camera around to get different angles of her back, her clenched rear end, and the side of her hand moving furiously around her vagina.

Moans echoed throughout the room for the next several minutes. She started thrashing her hair from side to side and her rear end clenched itself even tighter. She was cumming. It definitely wasn’t being faked as fluids ran down her thighs. Once she stopped, I could hear her breathing heavily as she looked down and just stood there for a moment, doing nothing.

I was hard as a rock at that point. I was getting ready to give the awkward reminder that I needed to see full frontal nudity from her, but fortunately I didn’t have to as she turned around on her own accord.

She turned to me with her eyes closed. The look of bliss was written all over her face and she leaned her back against the glass window. I moved around hoping she wouldn’t open her eyes too soon and see an erection bulging from my pants. My eyes and camera roamed around every inch of her body. She looked beautiful. Her breasts were average sized, slightly sagging, with large pink nipples that were still erect. Her body had curves in all the right places, and she had a small bush around her vagina.

I held the camera on her naked body for a few seconds longer than I needed to. The shot was complete, and I yelled ‘cut’.

To my surprise, my mother didn’t bother to get dressed after the shoot was over. She simply picked up her robe off the floor and casually walked towards my direction.

“I hope that wasn’t too graphic,” she said, completely unabashed at her own nudity.

I tried my best to not look or sound nervous. “That was PERFECT. I’ll edit out the parts that are too graphic to use. You did great mom.”

“I’m glad. This was the most fun I’ve had in a very long time. Thank you.”

She leaned forward and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. We looked at each other silently for a moment before she walked to her room and closed the door.


My mother was all smiles when she prepared lunch. She was fresh from a shower, and when we ate, it was the happiest I had seen her in a very long time. Her powerful orgasm showed its long lasting effects.

“That went really well,” she said while we ate. “If that wasn’t enough to get you a movie deal, then I don’t know what will.”

“Yeah, exactly. I still can’t get over how amazing you were. I’ve never seen anything like that before, in movies I mean. Your performance was stellar.”

She smiled, “Your script gave me plenty to work with in terms of acting. I just hope I can repeat that performance when a small camera crew there. It’s a lot easier doing something like that when it’s just you and me here.”

“You’ll do fine,” I replied. “If you give me something half as good as what you did this morning, everyone would still be blown away by that performance. Fans of erotic movies will be in for a real treat thanks to you.”

“Speaking of which, there’s just something I have to ask: Was there a small flashlight or something in your pocket while you were filming me?” she asked jokingly.

“Very funny mom. You were naked and masturbating. What exactly did you expect was going to happen? It’s not like I can control it.”

“Relax, I’m only teasing. I thought it was kind of cute that I gave you an erection.”

“I have no comment to that.”

She laughed. “Oh really? No comment huh? Well for the record, I was curious how our first nude scene was going to turn out.”

“Was it what you expected?” I asked.

“I’m not sure. Getting naked and pleasuring myself for you isn’t something that a mother ever plans to do for her son. Ever. But in this context, it made sense. It’s for the sake of art, right?”

“I agree on both points. And I’m really grateful to you for doing this whole thing for me. I couldn’t find a lead actress to get this thing going, and now it looks like my dream of directing a movie is finally coming true.”

She gave me an affectionate smile. “Being totally honest here, this is an amazing experience for me as well. We get to spend quality time together doing something we both love, and I get to be in a movie for the very first time in my life. And for what it’s worth, I had the best orgasm I’ve had in a very very long time doing that masturbation scene.”

I nearly choked on my food hearing my mother say that.

“Really?” I asked. “Was it because…”

“Yes really. I think it’s because I was doing it in front of you. It’s hard to explain. I don’t even know if I fully understand it, but everything we’ve been doing these past two days has been an extreme turn on for me. When I touched myself earlier for you to film, I’ve never had an orgasm that fast in my life. It always takes me a while.”

“Well, without stepping over the boundary here, you seem like a real exhibitionist,” I replied, trying to make sense of all this. “You haven’t acted in years and this was kind of a release for you, I guess.”

“True,” she nodded. “But this goes even further than exhibitionist fantasies. I shouldn’t even mention it, but I think this has a lot to do with you of all people.”


She nodded. “Your script goes in to detail about the explorations of sexual desires and fantasies, but a lot of those are based on things that are taboo. So what’s more taboo than incest?”

“I hate that you’re being so honest because that always means you’re going to force me to do the same.”

“Of course I am. What’s the point of being close to people if there’s no honesty? You sound like you’ve got something important to say, so spill it mister,” she said playfully.

“Well, I get what you’re saying about incest. I’ve read a few stories about it online.”

“Real life stories?”

“No, not those. The ones written by authors. I was curious about it and I read a few of them. I get the appeal that it has and why it’s so popular. But for obvious reasons, I’m not going to put that in the movie or else it might get an NC-17 rating.”

“You’re right about that. And I really need to get better acquainted with the internet. It sounds like I’m missing out on some interesting reading material.”

“Depends on who’s writing it.”

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