Love from daughter, intercourse from son

This is a daughter, son and mom incest story.

Mom’s Perspective: The Experiment

Everything was going according to plan until the State went into lockdown. The laboratory had to be temporarily closed and the research team was ordered to work from home.

The experimental drug made Alice’s breasts swollen and filled with milk, since they were now deprived of the industrial strength pumps in the laboratory.

She milked herself twice a day in her bedroom, having been supplied with breast pumps, small sealable bags, and a cooling container for transport. Each sample of her milk was invaluable as they represented gradual changes in her body. Her basement freezer was full of bags which had been carefully marked with the date.

There was just one problem; her milk supply seemed to be associated with heightened sexual activity. Technicians in the labs typically helped her navigate that snafu. Now that she was isolated, it was more of a challenge.

Left without a proper outlet, Alice’s hormones were teetering on the brink. She was in constant communication with the team who devised a highly personalized masturbation routine for her. But eventually, even that wasn’t enough.

A new plan was created for Alice, which shocked her to the core. At first, she refused to comply with the outrageous regimen. Any mother would. But hormones of this magnitude cannot be ignored forever.

The lead researcher wrote, “You have two, well-educated helpers at home. My professional recommendation is that you train them to provide quality assistance. Remember, this situation is temporary.”

Of course, that message was in reference to her adult offspring, who were staying at home with her during the quarantine. Correspondence with the lead researcher had gone on for nearly a week before Alice’s estrogen had completely taken over her decision making abilities.

Getting naked in her bedroom, she put on a silk robe, then walked barefoot down the stairs and towards the living room. She had already texted Carla and Roy to meet her there, where they would soon receive the shock of their lives.

Her daughter Carla, a recent college graduate, had already been accepted to dental school. Like mom, Carla was a science-minded woman who wanted a career helping people. And what better way to help people than with this sort of research?

Her son Roy, on the other hand, was still a college student finishing this semester online at home. Like most college guys, he enjoyed sports, video games, and hanging out with friends. Surely he’d be up for an idea like this, because what young man could ever turn down a glorious pair of milk ripened breasts?

Alice struggled with her decision as she approached the living room and saw her beloved adult children. They were a study in contrasts… so adult, yet innocent in many ways.

Her son turned off the television as she entered and both siblings seemed thoroughly amused that she was wearing such a sexy silk robe. It was more appropriate to wear in front of lovers, not offspring. Having always been a traditional mother, she preferred looking respectable at all times.

Nudging between them, Alice sat in the middle of the couch. Leading with small talk, she tried to put them at ease. They joked about her robe and she said there was a perfectly reasonable explanation.

“I should have been open about this from the start,” Alice confessed. “But the truth is, I tried to keep it a secret. It’s a little embarrassing, and frankly, it’s also very personal.”

Carla looked upset. “Is something wrong?”

“Is everything okay, mom?” Roy asked, equally worried.

Alice smiled lovingly. “I’m fine. In fact, I’m more than fine. I’ve volunteered as a test subject for a medical experiment and the results have been spectacular.”

The looks on their faces changed and Alice knew she had their full attention. Both of them were smart and captivated by the idea that their mother was involved with a scientific breakthrough.

She continued, “Finances have been tight lately. So when my employer offered $30,000 to join this study, I jumped at the chance, even though my work is focused on a completely different specialty. The team leader is a brilliant physician whom I greatly respect. It’s been incredibly convenient that we all work in the same building… well… until the lockdown happened.”

Roy nodded in appreciation, “Nice, that’s some serious money.”

“What kind of experiment?” Carla asked, wide-eyed.

Alice was about to answer, but decided to respond by untying her silk robe and opening it completely. She pulled her arms from the sleeves, exposing her voluptuous, firm breasts to Carla and Roy. Even without looking, she knew the siblings were captivated by her enormous tits. And she was equally certain her big brown nipples had become fully erect. These days, her nipples hardened at even the slightest provocation.

“I’m lactating again,” Alice said, in a matter-of-fact way. “I take pills in the morning and night. Thanks to modern science, I feel ten years younger and my body is functioning like it did in my early twenties.”

She managed to find the courage to look directly at her adult children. Carla was in awe; Alice instinctively knew it was the academic aspect that captivated her oldest child.

Roy didn’t know how to process the information he had just been given. Alice wasn’t even sure he heard what had been said because he appeared completely engrossed with the magnificent set of tits well within his reach.

“Are they painful?” Carla inquired, thinking clinically.

Roy, looking as if he might drool, asked, “Is there a reason you’re showing us?”

“There’s talk of the lab reopening in two weeks, but that feels like an eternity. You see, before the shutdown, I had been getting my breasts drained by special milking machines. Without access to the lab, I’m ready to explode.”

“In what way?” Carla questioned.

Alice took a steadying breath. “My hormones are raging and I can’t relieve myself properly. Having to drain my breasts every day is exhausting. And my libido has never been this powerful.”

She saw looks of disbelief on their faces, which strangely heightened her arousal, causing her nipples to harden even further.

“You mean…” Roy’s voice trailed off.

Alice cupped her round globes with petite hands. “If you’re interested — and believe me, I’m not trying to twist your arms — both of you can help me. Think of this as a job. The lab has already agreed to pay each of you $5,000 for services rendered. They’ll also count this as job experience, so you can both put ‘research assistants’ on your resumes. What do you think?”

“What will we have to do?” Carla asked, predictably interested in the scientific process.

“I think it’s obvious,” Alice said, feeling her pussy burn.

Not wanting to speak further, she kept rubbing the undersides of her swollen breasts as the siblings watched the salacious show. They were both mesmerized by the sight. At this point, her aching tits were swollen and small droplets of milk appeared at the tips of her nipples.

Past the point of no return, there was nothing she could do to stop rivulets of milk as they began to trickle down her fleshy orbs. Heavy with sustenance, they were ripe and ready for relief.

Alice closed her eyes and pRoyed that neither of her adult children would walk out in disgust. However, if they did, she’d understand. This situation was bizarre by any standard. Asking them for this kind of help was engaging in a taboo that was several millennia old. She knew her status as a mother would never be the same, but she had been left with no choice.

Suddenly, Alice felt a warm and wet sensation on her right nipple. It was her daughter Carla who had gone first, which wasn’t a surprise. Her daughter’s strong sense of empathy and caring nature made her the obvious choice. Looking down, she saw Carla cautiously lick her leaking nipple.

Then licking became sucking, and soon, Alice found herself being nursed by her own daughter. This was something she never could have foreseen only a few weeks ago.

When Roy latched onto her left nipple, Alice was officially nursing both siblings at the same time. Her clever son used the back of his throat to produce a very powerful sucking force. If he continued, her breast would be drained quickly.

Alice knew that her son was eager to outperform his sister and being decisive was Roy’s forte. She tried not to moan when Roy continued to deplete her breast milk, with what appeared to be innate talent. His success certainly caught the attention of Carla, who had her eyes fixed on him.

Though Carla’s initial attempt was mediocre, she was a quick study. Having observed Roy in his element, she seemed to catch on and mimicked his strategy.

Alice watched Carla get down on her knees, just like her brother. Both siblings nursed on her tits, side by side. They had always been competitive and Alice was thoroughly amused.

As expected, her daughter had a newfound confidence, copying the technique of her son. Now both of their mouths were fully latched onto her hard nipples. Alice’s eyes rolled back as milk shot from her breasts. Instead of plastic containers collecting her nutritious fluid, she was glad to share it with Carla and Roy, who took on the task with vigor.

Over the years, she had raised them to work as a cohesive unit. For her, family always came first and they were instilled with that sentiment early on in their lives. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for them and knowing they felt the same was more than rewarding, it was life affirming.

Working up courage she didn’t know existed, Alice moved both hands to cradle the back of their heads. That made the connection complete. She comforted them as they provided her with a vitally important service.

What was more difficult to reconcile was the imminent explosion building between her legs. Because this new drug had a profound impact on all her female hormones, it was common for her to orgasm in front of the research team which included physicians, both men and women. Though she was initially mortified by the idea that strangers watched her dramatic sexual climaxes, it had become routine.

The magnitude of her orgasms had been shocking when she began the trial. Though fairly conservative, she enjoyed a healthy sex life when in relationships. The climaxes she experienced from the drug made all previous sexual encounters seem like small flickers, compared to a raging wildfire.

She grew increasingly conflicted, wondering if she should speak up and ask the siblings to stop, or try to weather the growing storm of a potential orgasm. Unable to control her own body, her hips squirmed.

Amazingly, she was able to keep the top half of her body immobile. Perhaps this method could work, she reasoned. Roy and Carla need never know the extent of her sexual desire.

She was both proud and mortified when Roy detached from her breast and peered into her face, seeming far more in tune with her current need than Carla. Looking at her with an inquisitive expression on his face, it seemed like Roy was about to speak, but reconsidered. Was he going to say something about her need for an orgasm, but shied away? Roy was a very good son.

For over fifteen minutes, they fed on their mother’s breast milk. By her estimate and experience, several ounces had been drained from each tit. Just before finishing, Alice found her secret moment of completion as she orgasmed from her movements on the couch.

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