It’s my own damn fault

This is a new story called “It’s my own damn fault” let’s begin….Standing there naked in a room full of young women, one of which happened to be my wife’s younger sister wasn’t something I’d ever imagined I’d be doing. Nor could I imagine how I’d gotten here in the first place, the bizarre series of events that had let up to this. Led up to me promising to do this…to stand here jerking myself off in front of Chris, my niece and a room full of her friends.

But I digress here. Maybe I should start at the beginning and attempt to explain how I could find myself standing here like this stroking my cock in a room full of young women, most of whose names I had no clue as to what they were.

Shortly after our wedding several years ago now, Stella’s father, my father-in-law, tragically passed away. We had planned on moving into a small little apartment, but after her father’s death, Stella and I remained at her parent’s place helping out where we could.

In time, we eventually found a place of our own within walking distance of where her mother and sister still lived. We had done so, in order that I might periodically continue to help out, and check on the two of them. Plus…it made it a lot easier for Stella to remain close with both her mother and sister during that period of time.

We actually spent more time there than we did at our own place, and it made me wonder why we’d even bothered getting a place of our own, as all we really did was sleep there. Still…I enjoyed the company of my in-laws. Unlike most perhaps, we both valued the time and friendship we had with them, and it made me feel good to know that I could help out and do things around the house for Stella’s mom, Mia…things that Fred, her husband of course, used to do.

It had been a standing running joke that the girls all seemed to come from great stock. Even though she was fifty, Mia looked ten years younger than that, and even a few times had been mistaken for Stella’s slightly older sister. They did look a lot alike, more so than mother and daughter.

That same ageless face, blue eyes, dark lustrous hair that all three women shared. And they had another shared trait as well that never failed to garner my attention, all three women, Chris included, had amazing breasts. Not overly large mind you, but certainly full on their respective frames. The girls are all within an inch or two of one another in height at around five foot eight or so, though it was their outgoing bubbly personalities that truly set them apart.

Two years later Stella and I ended up having an interesting conversation that would send things spiraling out of control, and which would lead to my standing in a room full of girls, pleasuring myself while they watched.

We had both noticed that Mia seemed to become more and more withdrawn over the passage of time. Though still friendly and always excited and anxious to see us whenever we came over, I had noticed too that she wasn’t taking as good of care of herself, mainly her looks as she once had.

She had started to age far more quickly than she should have given the genes she obviously had. Though most of that was due to the late nights, the excess use of alcohol perhaps, though she was far from being considered a drunk. But…things had indeed taken their toll.

“I wish there was more that we could do,” Stella continued as we sat at the dinner table at our place, a rarity of late as again we spent five days out of seven over there having dinner. “Mom’s just not herself anymore,” she said toying with her food rather than eating it. I could see she was truly bothered, though admittedly, so was I.

“What about grief counseling? Something like that?” I suggested, though that topic had been brought up once before, with Mia, or Max as she preferred being called, vetoing that almost immediately. I know, I was there when she said what she had, shocking and surprising me when she did. Another early on sign perhaps that Max wasn’t doing nearly as well as everyone had initially assumed.

“I don’t need to see a shrink…what I need, is a good hard fuck!” She’d stated.

Mia was certainly no prude, and neither had been Fred. I had in fact loved their open candor and frankness with one another, even around the rest of us. They were always “touchy-feely” with one another, something I found refreshing in this day and age. And though she certainly cussed on occasion, though most of the time jokingly so, never in anger…hearing Max say that was just a little outside the norm.

“Mother!” Stella had exclaimed in surprise, though laughing afterwards when she did.

“Well? I do! I’m not some little old lady you know Stella, I still have wants and needs…same as any sexually active woman would. My problem is…all the men my age are already taken, or they’re sexually inept!”

It’s not like Mia hadn’t tried dating, or hadn’t gone out with men over the past few months. She had. She’d even stayed out during the night once or twice, never bringing anyone home to spend the night however,

something she refused to do. But…each time had been the one and only time with whoever she had met, spent the night with. And then there was usually a long time…a very long time before she’d go out and do something like that again.

“The thing is…mom’s trying to find someone to replace daddy, but she can’t, and probably never will.”

“Stands to reason,” I told my wife. “They were very much in love with one another, obviously by the way they’d tease each other, and flirt with one another even in front of us. And as you said…that was a constant for the two of them when the two of you were growing up.”

“Yes it was,” Stella agreed…but it goes even deeper than that. Something mom once told me…shared with me, just before you and I got married.”

“Oh? What was that?” I asked as I began clearing away the dinner dishes. It was obvious Stella wasn’t hungry, having simply sat there pushing her food around her plate without eating much of anything. I came back over to the table pouring us both another glass of wine as Stella spoke.

To my surprise, she was actually blushing a little remembering, though there was also a little tear forming in the corner of her eye as she did so.

“I remember the day, shortly before you and I were to be married. Mom and I were sitting down at the breakfast table sharing a cup of coffee. Daddy had already left for his bi-weekly golf outing with his buddies. Chris had spent the night over at her friend’s place, leaving just the two of us alone together.

Mom decided that it might be a good time for the two of us to have a little chat. Not about the ‘birds and bee’s’ no…hell, we’d had THAT chat years ago. No…she thought it might be a good time to intimately discuss sex, what she felt like made a happy and successful marriage, and wanted to ensure we had the same…same as she and daddy did.”

“Wow,” I said sitting back, wondering where this was going…curiously interested. “So…what did she tell you?”

“Wasn’t so much what she said, as they way she said it,” Stella said pouring herself another glass of wine, she was obviously nervous, even a little mildly aroused by the looks of it. Her nipples were hard, suddenly pressing against the front of her thin knit tee shirt, alerting me to the fact that she actually was.

“Mom told me…that if I was to keep you happy, and if you were to keep me happy, then we needed to make every effort…every single effort humanly possible to please one another, indulge one another’s fantasies from time to time, and to never, ever under any circumstances, ever use sex as a means or a way to control one another.”

“Sound advice,” I said smiling. “And so far…working pretty well I might add.” Which was true, if there was one thing that I appreciated so much about my wife was the fact, she never said no. Even when I knew she was perhaps a bit more tired than normal, though it had also made me more aware and considerate of the fact when she was. Our sex-life was basically far better than most. I truly had a very sexy, loving wife who had few if any inhibitions in the bedroom…or anywhere else for that matter either.

“But the point was…mom said that even if you maybe had something that someone might consider a little ‘quirky’, that I should do everything in my power to accommodate that…no matter what.”

“Quirky? What do you mean by quirky?” I had to ask, realizing that her mom had obviously shared something with her.

“Well, let’s just say in daddy’s case…and mom’s too as it turned out, he used to masturbate a lot…according to her, every single day, and sometimes twice. And that was in addition to whatever the two of them usually did. So it wasn’t like he ran around jerking off all the time because he wasn’t getting any…he was. If anything, mom’s willingness to enjoy sex the way they did…kept him constantly aroused. The thing was…she liked it. Liked that he did, and came to encourage him to continue to do so. For her…as often as he liked, whenever, and wherever he liked…which again, was often.”

I actually laughed, though thankfully so did Stella. “I think I almost caught daddy doing that once or twice growing up, but he was always pretty good at concealing it quickly even if he had been, but there had been a time or two, when I had heard the two of them laughing about it later.

So it wasn’t as though he was doing it, or trying to hide the fact that he had been, not from mom anyway. And that’s of course when she told me how much it had stimulated the two of them, kept things romantically entertaining and exciting between them. Mom had gotten to the point where even she called it, “Her daily fix,” needing…wanting…to watch daddy jerking off. They had even made a point at least twice a week to just sit there and watch one another doing it. Not even having sex, though very often she said it eventually led to that.

But usually…most of the time anyway, they just did that. Watched one another, enjoyed it when they did. Mom admitted to me that she’d come to view daddy’s masturbation, and her own as one of the most erotic, thrilling…and now necessary aspects of their marriage. After daddy’s death, she even told me how much she missed that, and how hard it was for her not seeing that, not sharing that with him again.”

I didn’t know what to say. Obviously there wasn’t much I could say, or do for that matter. But at least now I had a much better understanding of my wife’s concern for her mom. Going from feast to famine as it were, hadn’t been easy.

“So…what can we do?” I asked not expecting for either one of us to come up with any sort of a solution, after all…Max had tried dating, so far…without much success. And it was obviously taking an emotional toll on her, especially lately.

“I was hoping you’d ask me that…I’ve been thinking about something, something we could do…but I don’t want you looking at me cross-eyed when I do, and at least hear me out first before you say…or do anything.”

At the moment…I had no clue what she had in mind. And sat there mouth agape as she laid it out for me. Certainly she wasn’t being serious…or was she?


“Honey, as much as I love your mom…and you know that I do, I can’t imagine doing that in the first place…shit baby, she’d probably kill me…and then you if she ever found out you put me up to it! What makes you think she’d even enjoy that in the first place? I’m not your dad.”

“No…but you do have a really nice dick. And yes…if you want to know, I’ve even gone so far as to describe it to mom, you know…back when we were dating, when mom’s and daughter’s…well at least us anyway, share that kind of information with one another. Even mom said, “It sounded like you and daddy were pretty much the same size and shape, all things considered.”

“Jesus Stella…but me? Jerking off in front of your mom? How the hell do we do that anyway and not let her know I was doing it on purpose, or that you and I had planned it, just so she could catch me doing it. And what if? What if when she does…it’s not a turn on for her, but disgusts her instead? What then? I love your mom, your family. And the last thing I want to do is jeopardize any of that!”

“You won’t. I know mom. She wouldn’t look at it or see it that way. And you know that too. Mom’s always had an open-mind with regards to sex. I am sure she wouldn’t see it as something perverse or disgusting at all. You’re already forgetting Thomas, mom loved watching dad do that, and loved doing that for him as well.

I happen to know, she still masturbates herself from time to time, though perhaps not nearly as much as she used to do, or probably should. But she does, because we talked about that a short time ago too, when I was wondering what it was she was doing for relief, when she obviously hadn’t been out dating for a while. So I know that she does…but let’s face it, even that only goes a short way, not when you don’t have much of any other visual stimulations, or fantasies to draw from.”

“Yeah but honey…maybe I’m not exactly the best fantasy for your mother. What makes you think she’d even get off on something like that? Excited by that?”

“Because baby…we’re going to make it personal for her…and see that she does!”


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