It’s my own damn fault – 2

“It’s my own damn fault” Part-2 Continues….

The morning had started off typically enough. Stella and I had driven over to her mother’s place for a quick early breakfast. Mia had called us earlier asking if she could drive Stella to the floral shop as Chris had stated the need to use her car to run some much needed errands. Once again, it wasn’t unusual that we did that and had readily agreed.

The one thing about Stella’s younger sister Chris that drove me absolutely nuts was the fact she dressed…or rather undressed so provocatively around the house whenever she was there. This morning was no exception as Stella and I walked in, the smell of fresh baked rolls, scrambled eggs, bacon and coffee waiting for us when we did.

By now, the sight of Chris wandering about in little more than a white “wife-beater” tank top that looked painted on, and a pair of panties which most of the time barely even covered her ass was an almost normal occurrence to see her wearing first thing in the morning. And as usual, I always tried to avert my eyes and keep anyone from realizing I had ever checked her out. It was hard not to however, especially when her usually braless breasts with hard stiff nipples stood staring at me whenever I looked up. Just like they were now as Chris scooted back in her chair standing up.

“Refills?” She asked heading back towards the kitchen counter, her tight twin ass cheeks winking at me as she crossed the room.

“Yes, please,” Mia said, holding up her cup as Chris made the rounds filling everyone’s coffee. She filled mine as well, leaning slightly over my shoulder in order to do so. I felt the graze of her breast just barely caress my shoulder as she did. It’s not the first time that had happened, and had been the topic of conversation in the past between Stella and me. We both knew Chris enjoyed teasing me, though she appeared to do so innocently enough. Knowing full well it wasn’t going anywhere, but she tended to make a habit out of doing that just for the hell of it.

“Why don’t you just stick one in his mouth?” Stella said dead-faced, not at all angry or upset with her sister, they had gotten well past that stage. Now it was more of a running joke between the two of them…and me the joke, whenever Chris purposely did anything like this.

And as usual, Chris just laughed it off, retaking her seat moments later but I again noticed her nipples were even more prominent and harder than they’d been a moment before.

“I don’t know what all the fascination with breasts is anyway,” she said, forking a mouthful of eggs. “We all have them, not like he hasn’t seen them before anyway…you, mom and I are pretty much the same size, so like I said, seen one pair…seen ’em all!”

Even Mia laughed at that. “Maybe you two look similar now, Stella’s still young enough that I’m sure her boobs are still a bit perky, fuller…but not mine. Especially at my age, gravity and all,” she said looking down at herself. And of course when doing that, forcing my attention towards her. Mia as usual sat in her robe, and as I had also learned a time or two, with very little on underneath it. Even as she sat there now, I could clearly see the hint of her cleavage peeking through the opening of her robe.

Now even my wife was getting into it, enjoying my sudden discomfort as the conversation got a bit more risqué, though I think she along with her sister were enjoying this at my expense.

“Let’s see mom,” Stella quipped, surprising me, though I now had a pretty good reason as to why she might even suggest this. It certainly hadn’t been planned, but Stella had decided to use her sister’s inadvertent teasing to her own purposes and advantage.


“Oh come on…not like Thomas hasn’t seen your tits before,” Stella jokes. “I’ve seen him looking down the front of that robe you’re wearing enough times, so not like he hasn’t.” Mia looked towards me, my face beet red. I had of course, but up until now it hadn’t become the topic of conversation it now was.

“He doesn’t want to see these old boobs,” she said looking at me, though her eyes were already hinting at the fact that I obviously had enjoyed seeing them…even coming on them in fact, giving me a quick brief secretive wink when she did so.

All the chatter of course had been just that, no one had any intention of actually showing me their boobs, with the exception of Chris of course, who might just as well have. The tank top she had on molding her own large breasts quite revealingly, the curvature of each easily seen, not counting or including the dark coloration of her large nipples pressing against the front of it…still hard and erect.

“Wow…I need to get moving!” Chris suddenly exclaimed looking up at the clock. “I told Rachel I’d meet her by nine at the mall!” She exclaimed, and then hurriedly ran down the stairs to her room in order to dress.

“I probably should get dressed as well,” Mia announced likewise pushing away from the table, though addressing me when she did.

“Let me show you something in the sewing room that I’ve been thinking about adding,” Mia stated. “See what you think before I get dressed.”

I nodded, standing as Stella began clearing away the breakfast dishes intending to wash them while her mom dressed and while I followed her up the stairs to check out this new idea she had. “What do you want to add now? Or change?” I asked as we climbed the stairs up to the second floor, and then down the hall towards the sewing room, which was just across the hall from her room.

“Actually…I don’t want to change anything,” she grinned mischievously. “But I did want to tell you what I was hoping you’re planning on doing for me,” she grinned.

By now, I had a pretty good idea what that was of course, and had been half expecting it.

“Remember what we talked about?”

I nodded my head yes. We now stood in the doorway of her sewing room, and as I turned to look at her, I noticed she had undone the sash on her bathrobe allowing it to fall completely open. Not unexpectedly, she was entirely naked beneath it. Contrary to popular belief and earlier discussion,

Mia’s large full breasts were indeed still very beautiful. Maybe they didn’t sit up off her ribcage as high as they once did, like Chris’s most likely did…but they were indeed damn fucking gorgeous. I felt my cock actually twitch in recognition of that, though I again also realized I shouldn’t be standing here doing this either.

“I shouldn’t be gone any longer than an hour. After I drop your wife off at the shop I’ll head straight back here. What I want to see…expect to see when I do, is you standing here just like you were yesterday. I want to walk in just like I did before, see you standing here…naked, stroking yourself off. Oh yeah…and with my panties. I’ve left some new ones for you to abuse yourself with,” she chuckled hotly. “You’ll know where they’ll be.”

She turned then heading into her room to dress, leaving me there with a partial erection already. I knew of course, I’d do exactly as she’d asked me to do, still trying to figure out how the hell I had gotten myself into this mess, but now actually starting to like the fact that I was. I mean after all, it wasn’t all that bad now was it? Just jerking off for her while she watched? Wasn’t that bad of a thing to do…not that decadent, and besides…in a way, I really did have my wife’s permission to actually do that. Didn’t I?”


I began work on the room though checking the time. When I was fairly sure that Mia would be returning any moment now, I went back into her bathroom. Sure enough, she’d placed a new pair of panties for me right there on top. Red ones this time, a bit more silky feeling as I picked them out, already imagining what they actually might feel like as I stood there stroking my cock with them when she came in.

I quickly left heading back into the sewing room, undressed and stood there waiting for the sound of her car to pull into the driveway. Sure enough, I did…and then just as she’d asked, I proceeded to stand there slowly stroking my cock, amazed to find I was as aroused as I was. I lifted Mia’s panties up to my face, I could smell her…smell her musky aroma, it was intoxicating, and immediately sent a nice pleasured jolt down to my cock.

“Just what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

It was deja vu. Only this time…it wasn’t Mia’s voice that I’d heard. It was Chris’s!

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