It’s my own damn fault – 4

“It’s my own damn fault” Part-4 Continues…

I tossed my empty beer bottle in the trash, realizing as I did, I had left my car keys up in Mia’s sewing room. I literally spun on the balls of my feet changing direction, heading back up the stairs taking them two at a time. I ran down the short hallway turning into the room and stopped dead in my tracks! Mia stood in the middle of the room, naked my car keys held up in her hand as she dangled them in front of me.

“Looking for these?”

“Mia!” I exclaimed surprised to find her standing there for one thing, and for another of course, seeing her nude. “You’re…ah, home!”

She just smiled still holding my keys letting me know as she now clenched them in her hand she had no intention of handing them over to me either.

“I caught the last half of your patio party,” she informed me then, turning and walking over towards the window looking out into the back yard towards the pool. “I see you’ve graduated to masturbating in front of just about anyone these days.”

I had no response to that, and simply stood there wondering now where any of this was going. “What can I say?” I finally did say smiling sheepishly. “What can I do?” I then added which finally caused her to turn facing me once again. And of course, she had that look on her face when she did.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” she grinned. “Take off your clothes.”


I wasn’t wearing much, just a pair of shorts and an old paint-stained tee shirt. I knew that until I had done as she’d asked, I wasn’t going anywhere either, so I took everything off while she watched.

Once I was naked, Mia turned back towards the window again looking down into the yard. “Admittedly, I did some pretty wild things when I was her age,” Mia said, reminding me of the conversation we’d had previously. “But I think Chris has an even wilder side than I did, certainly a bit more open-minded and uninhibited than I was at her age. Come…look.”

I crossed the room walking towards the window looking down. Even I was surprised by what I saw, not expecting it…at least not out in broad daylight anyway, though it immediately confirmed my earlier suspicions. Perhaps the girls thought I had already left, or simply didn’t care. Either way, Mandy, the petite young woman I had just met, was lying on her back, feet dangling in the pool…now naked. As they all were actually.

Chris was in the pool, standing between her legs, obviously fingering the young woman. Cynthia sat next to where Mandy was laying, currently caressing and fondling the girl’s small firm breasts, occasionally leaning over to capture one between her lips, sucking it.

I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised to find myself becoming aroused while standing there looking down at the three of them, especially when Chris now leaned forward, her mouth coming down on her friend’s pussy as she began eating her out. As I stood watching this, now transfixed in doing so, I felt Mia walk up behind me, the press of her own lovely breasts now stabbing my back. I could feel the twin points of her nipples digging into me, sending a flood of aroused shivers traveling up and down my spine.

“Enjoying the view? Enjoy watching Christine licking her friend’s pussy?” Mia asked, her hand just then coming around grasping my rock hard cock.

“Yes,” I stammered, already feeling weak in the knees as she began pumping it up and down ever so slowly, still keeping her breasts pressed firmly against me, even moving them side to side a little as she now worked me with both hands, one occasionally cupping and caressing my balls.

“I enjoyed watching you fuck Stella too,” she continued. “I enjoyed seeing this nice hard cock of yours plunging in and out of my daughter’s cunt. It’s been a while since I’ve had a prick inside mine,” she then informed me. “And I admittedly enjoyed wondering what yours might feel like inside my pussy…thrusting in and out, feeling the slickness of my juices as you fucked me with this.”

I started to turn. “Mia…”

“No, don’t…keep watching, keep watching Chris as she eats her friend’s cunt. Imagine yourself doing that, eating Christine perhaps. Licking and tasting her young sweet pussy. Would you like that Thomas? Would you like to have your face buried between my daughter’s legs?”

Mia’s hand was working its magic, though her vulgar obscene diatribe was getting to me as well. Hearing her talk so wickedly, speaking of things that I shouldn’t be considering, thinking or fantasizing about, and yet…here I was, doing just that as she continued to paint such a wickedly erotic picture for me.

I watched as the girls changed positions. Cynthia now slipping into the water, Chris now on her back, legs spread as Mandy moved over, actually sitting on Chris’s face.

“I bet you wish someone was sitting on your face, and on your cock…I bet you’d enjoy that wouldn’t you Thomas?”

“Yes,” I moaned once more, her hand continuing to pump up and down my shaft, squeezing out a fairly large amount of lubrication, which she now smeared around and about the head with two fingers, sliding them both over my shaft in a scissors-like caress.

“You like having your cock played with don’t you Thomas? You like having me…playing with it, your own mother in law, don’t you…Thomas.”

“Yes, yes…fuck yes, I do…I do. God help me, I will.”

Mandy had by now entered the pool, standing behind Cynthia, obviously fingering her. It was obvious to me, Chris had in fact climaxed, her face even at this distance turning into a grimace of pleasure as her friend got her off. It was hot, erotic…watching her do that, seeing her cum, seeing the pleasure on her face as I continued to stand there feeling the pleasure in my cock as Mia worked it, now increasing the tempo and speed as she stood behind me Thomasing me off.

“I bet you’d enjoy squirting all over the three of them too, wouldn’t you Thomas? Can you imagine? The three of those sweet young girls, lying there side by side, fingering themselves, looking up at you while they did? Watching you stroke your cock, soon spurting, cumming, squirting them all with your hot sticky semen?”

“Oh fuck!” I groaned seeing it in my mind now as she said that, feeling the intensity of my impending orgasm, my balls tightening which she now held in her hand, kneading them, rolling them gently about, coaxing out the orgasmic pleasure I’d soon be feeling here.

“Go ahead Thomas, come…come for me, squirt your hot nasty fuck juice Thomas…imagine squirting it all over those girls down there, their tits…their cunts…their faces, wherever you’d like to.”

I was two seconds away from doing just that when Chris rolled over, suddenly looking up in my direction. There was no mistaking it, she could see me…even smiling up at me as I stood there, just as my cock exploded, streamers of semen suddenly splattering against the window in thick creamy gobs of white paste.

It soon began running down the window, slime trails of cum that Mia continued to add to, creating even more designs as she pumped out my prick, now actually rubbing the tip against the cool window pane itself, smearing it about even further. Chris laughed, now pointing, directing her friends who now likewise looked up.

“Fuck,” I said spent…stepping back a little now, the window a fogged up sticky mess. “How the hell will I ever explain this?” I thought to myself.

Mia had stepped away releasing me, though I knew without having much of a doubt, all Chris and her friends had been able to see was me. And what must have appeared to them all as me standing there, jerking myself off in the window while watching them.

“Great job on the room by the way,” Mia said, looking over it. “Just a few minor touch ups, and I can start moving things in here tomorrow…or Saturday,” she smiled. “Oh, and we’re planning on a nice dinner this evening after Stella gets off work, so you might want to think about cleaning up a little…

changing your clothes,” she grinned. And then simply left the room heading across the hall to her own room. Somewhere along the way, she had dropped my keys into the middle of the floor. I stooped over picking them up. And knew even as I did that, I’d no doubt have another debt to be paid for what I’d just apparently done.

At the time, I had no idea just how big of a debt that would be.


I had gone home, showered and changed, and then waited for Stella to get home from work. She looked tired, though obviously pleased when her mother had said she’d cook dinner for her…for us, so she didn’t have to. After she had cleaned up a bit, we headed over, the smell of one of Stella’s favorite dishes being prepared.

“Do me a favor Thomas?” Mia asked almost the moment we walked through the door.


“Run down to the liquor store, pick up a couple of nice bottles of wine to go with this,” she told me. “I forgot to stop on my way home this evening,” she added, “And then found myself too busy to go back after I had,” she now grinned.

I turned, already heading back out the door when Chris came running up behind me, passing me by, already out the door herself. “I’m going too!” She called back not giving me any choice or say in the matter as she sprinted out towards the car jumping in. I knew immediately that I was about to be confronted with what had happened earlier.

“Might just as well get this over with,” I said to myself as I reached the car, opening the door and then sliding in. I looked over at Chris, but she simply waited without saying anything as I started the car. Backing out of the drive, and then pulling onto the street, we headed a few blocks away to the store.

“You owe me again…BIG time,” she announced only seconds later, now turning to look at me. “And I need you to do something for me very soon when you do.”

“As in?” I asked curiously, almost afraid to hear what it was. I should have known.

“Here’s the thing…you obviously know Cynthia, and now Mandy,” she grinned. I almost cringed there in my seat, indeed forced to remember, seeing them together the way I had out on the patio had been bad enough, but including now what they must have envisioned, me standing there in the window watching them, apparently jerking myself off while I did was even worse in my mind.


“Well I’m sure you know…Mandy, Cynthia and I are all up for acceptance into Sorority.”

“Yeah, your mother told me you were, a fairly prestigious one too as I understand it, and hard to get into.”

“Yes, it is. One of the things they’re doing in fact…requiring that three girls all working as teams together, complete three tasks or assignments. If even one of us fails, we all fail. So we’re totally reliant on the other two, to see to it that they meet all the requirements of initiation. So far…both Mandy and Cynthia have, now it’s all up to me.”

“I see. So what is it you’ve been tasked with then?” I asked figuring I was about to find out where all this was leading up to.

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