It’s my own damn fault -3

“It’s my own damn fault” Part-3 Continues….

What can I say? It was hot, arousing…fuck, arousing as hell. Standing there slowly stroking my hard cock for her while my mother in law stood there fondling her breasts. Maybe it was that sense of dangerous excitement, a bit of almost “taboo” thrown in for spice. Major spice. God those tits, those hard fucking nipples. Gorgeous nipples, which she stood pulling on, stretching out those marvelous breasts, reshaping them with her hands and fingers. Damn that was hot!

She reached over to the counter picking up the bottle of tequila.

“I thought we were going to wait for the limes,” I said.

“For this, we don’t need limes,” she said grinning at me, and then took a small pull on the bottle. I noticed she didn’t swallow however, still grinning. And then knelt down in front of me.


Before I knew what she was doing, or about to obviously do…she did. Wrapping her mouth around my dick, I felt the cool, tingling bath of the tequila still in her mouth as she washed me with it. I felt her tongue flick around the head of my dick, that same almost burning tingle of the tequila caressing my cock. My knees went weak on me, one hand automatically reaching out for the counter top for support, the other…on the back of her head.

“Oh fuck!”

Mia didn’t suck me very long, only for a minute perhaps finally removing her mouth from my shaft, standing up again, still grinning, now swallowing.

“Well? Did you like that? Been years since I’ve given anyone a “TS”, “had to do it,” she added, sensing my uncertainty that she had, and worse…that I’d allowed it, enjoyed it.

“Yeah that was ah…way interesting,” was all I could really think of to say.

“I take it Stella’s never done that to you?” Her eyes smiling, licking her lips tasting me and the tequila perhaps.

“Well yeah…of course, just not with booze in her mouth.”

“That’s what I meant,” she laughed. “And speaking of Stella, she should be back any moment, best we straighten up again,” she said putting her breasts away, as I did my now almost too hard cock.


Stella in fact returned only minutes later, a bag of limes that she and her mother now split into slices as we sat down at the kitchen table together. In addition she’d gotten down the saltshaker and three shot glasses placing one each in front of us.

“Reminds me of my college days,” Mia laughed, taking one of the lime wedges, making a fist, dabbing that against her fist and then shaking a bit of salt on it. She then picked up her shot, drank it, placing the empty shot glass down. Mia licked the salt off her hand, and then followed that up with the lime, sucking it. “Well?” She asked simply looking at the two of us.

Stella and I picked up our own shots and downed them.

“Speaking of ancient history,” Stella began with the same evil wicked look in her eyes now that her mother had had just before she gave me a “Tijuana Slurpy” as she called it. “What is the wildest thing you ever did before you met and later married daddy?” She asked.

Mia looked at her daughter in surprise. I noticed she was actually blushing a little too. “I’m not sure I should be sharing my dirty, naughty past with my daughter,” she chuckled, though she quickly did another shot while obviously thinking about it. And then of course, we did.

“Come on mom, we’re all grownups here now, and I know for a fact you had a wild side to yourself growing up, perhaps even more so than Chris has,” she added once again making her mother laugh.

“I don’t know about that, you know how your sister is,” she said, giving me a quick knowing look that made me just a little uncomfortable as she said that, though Stella didn’t seem to pick up on that herself. “Though there was one time…down at the beach that I’d have to say up until then anyway…was one of the wildest, craziest things I’ve ever done.”

“Oh? And what was that?” Stella said, pouring her mother another shot.

“I can’t believe I’m actually considering telling you this,” she giggled a bit nervously, her face even a bit redder now.

Admittedly, now I was curious. “Go on, tell us,” I urged her, though I felt the press of my still hard cock throbbing expectantly and in agreement on hearing this. Almost as though she had been reading my thoughts, or was still having similar thoughts of her own, she glanced briefly down towards my lap. The hard bulge of my cock noticeable, even without looking at myself to know she could obviously see it. At least with Stella sitting across from the two of us, she couldn’t know what was going on, as seconds later I felt Mia’s hand rest itself on my upper thigh as she spoke.

“My best friend Gloria and I had gone down to the beach to watch the boys play volleyball. It was a warm summer’s day, and so quite naturally we sat there on the sidelines in our bikinis, which for the time at least, were pretty revealing, though not nearly so as the ones you see today, especially the ones that Chris wears now.

Anyway, we stayed there for quite some time, admiring the boys as they played, and who also began admiring, even speaking to us between matches. Finally, during a break between games they had come over and invited us to stay for the bonfire later that evening. Now…it’s important to note here, at the time I was still a virgin, I’d never even given anyone a blowjob before, though I had given a few hand jobs by then,” she winked.

I glanced at my wife, she was obviously enthralled at her mom’s sudden candor, taking another shot now herself, though I refrained, already feeling too much of a buzz as it was. Not to mention the light tickling movement of my mother-in-law’s hand and fingers on my upper thigh as she lazily stroked me there, now continuing.

“Anyway. We agreed to join them later, and did. And funny enough, sat around the fire doing Tequila shots,” she mused now doing another one. At this rate, I began thinking that if they both got too drunk, that whatever plans they both had (separately mind you) would fall apart, and of course if that happened, I wouldn’t have to worry about anything actually happening later. So in a way, I was actually starting to encourage their continued drinking,

though I myself had already begun cutting back. “Now, it was interesting to note, Gloria and I were the only two girls there, with at least nine or ten guys. It was flattering at first of course, but then I actually grew a little apprehensive, especially when after a few shots, they’d managed to convince Gloria to show them her titties. And then of course, began clamoring for me to do so.”

“Yeah, I can see why you’d be nervous,” I commented, as Mia paused looking at me, her hand now working all the way up my leg, resting now directly over the prominent bulge in my pants, gently and then briefly squeezing my cock as she did that.

“I was nervous, but admittedly excited too, especially when I finally took off my top, baring my breasts. It was at this point that Gloria actually told the boys that it was now their turn to show us something…specifically their cocks. A few were at first reluctant to do so, though several actually did so. Seeing all those hard stiff pricks waving at us was exciting, especially when I’d only seen one or two before, and even then not very well as it seemed like

I was usually fondling one here or there in nothing but dark places. Now…here were several, as the boys stood around us, back lit by the fire. I was starting to get a little worried as to where all this was going, what might be expected of us, like it or not, when Gloria basically came to the rescue, making a suggestion herself.” Mia paused, obviously flushed in the face now, though her hand continued to rest on my prick, her fingers now tracing the outline of my swollen shaft beneath the thin material of my baggy shorts.

“So what happened next?” Stella asked, her own face showing a bit more color to it as well, though I guessed not so much from the alcohol really, as from her own arousal. I’d seen her get that way enough times to know that she was now.

“What she did was this. She told them that she and I were both still virgins, though I happened to know…she wasn’t. She then said that since we were, and since we had no intentions of doing that…or even giving anyone a BJ, they could forget it. However…if they were willing, she and I would enjoy jerking each one of them off, letting them cum on our tits.”

“Holy shit mom! So did you?”

Mia laughed, her face now beet red. “Yes we did. It seemed like the lesser of several evils at the time for one thing. For starters, we were probably a bit foolish and careless to have allowed ourselves to be in that position in the first place. At least we knew many of them, so we didn’t figure we really had too much to fear from them, as far as some sort of a gang-rape went or something. So we really weren’t too terribly nervous about that, as far as that goes.

But…most of them did have hungry eyes now, especially after what Gloria had just suggested. Though she’d convinced me to go along with it a few minutes later, telling me that once we’d managed to get all…if not most of them off, then they’d most likely be done for the night, and we of course could quickly leave after that. Provided…we wanted to.”

Mia was still tracing the outline of my cock with her fingernail, dragging it along up one side and down the other. I could feel the seepage of my arousal as she did that, as she began toying with that a bit more herself upon discovery of it.

“So…next thing I know, Gloria and I are kneeling down in the sand with our backs to one another naked, a cock in each hand, jerking the boys off one by one, until they climax, squirting their precious fluids all over our tits. Eventually of course, we had gotten each one of them off at least once, and a couple of them twice even.

Now covered in spunk, which I admittedly found very arousing, wickedly erotic, we finally made our escape, informing them all that we had to leave before we were sorely missed. With the boys all completely satisfied and far more docile now of course, we did so. But the night, that wild crazy erotic night still wasn’t over yet either!”

“Oh?” Stella said, obviously enthralled, and very much aroused now. I could see that clearly, just as her mom must have. Stella’s hand had fallen down into her own lap, I could see the subtle movement of it, which told me…she was somehow, someway, touching herself, though that would have been easy enough to do as she’d worn a lightweight summer dress. I could imagine her easily enough hiking it up just enough in order to do just that. “Hold that thought!” She suddenly started. “I need to ah…go pee, be right back!”

“Yeah, time for all of us to take a pee break,” I agreed, feeling Mia remove her hand from my crotch as Stella stood, half sprinting down the stairs in order to use the bathroom.

I looked at her, she looked at me. “I’m so fucking horny right now I could come just sitting here.”

“Yeah, me too,” I freely admitted. “Though what you’re doing to me with your fingers isn’t helping much. Keep doing that…and I will, and then how will I explain the great big messy wet spot?” I already had one as it was, looking down at myself, though at least having one wouldn’t actually be the problem here.

Stella in fact might even get a kick out of the fact that I did, and that it was noticeable. Not to mention the fact, I’d have been willing to bet money she’d started actually toying with herself just before heading downstairs to pee.

“Yeah…we don’t want you doing that too soon now do we?” Mia laughed. “Don’t want you running out of steam too early, and especially as aroused as your wife obviously is…I’m pretty sure it won’t be too much longer, and she’ll be wanting to ride that,” she told me looking down at it, once again fondling it briefly just before we heard Stella’s footsteps coming back up the stairs.

“My turn,” I announced the moment she entered the room. Stella caught me at the door.

“Left you a little something,” she giggled, and then slid past me retaking her seat at the kitchen table.

I headed down stairs to the bathroom, my wife’s soaking wet panties were sitting on top of the toilet seat waiting for me when I got there. I picked them up of course, examining them, realizing two things at once. Obviously she now wasn’t wearing any, giving hint to the fact it would now be much easier for her to sit there and play with herself. And secondly, she was obviously giving me something to think about now,

and became even more aroused as I examined them, smelled them, ensuring that I no doubt stay that way for whatever lies ahead this evening.

It was damn near impossible to actually pee as hard as I was. But finally I managed it, making my way back up the stairs a short time later.

“Where’s mom?” I asked Stella to come back into the room, Stella sitting there alone for the moment.

“Went to pee in her room, though she also said she wanted to slip into something a bit more comfortable herself, I think she’s getting pretty horny telling us this story, I know I certainly am!”

“Yeah, shit…me too,” I said, holding out her panties to me, which I’d stuffed into my pants pocket.

She laughed. “Like my present then? Save them for later,” she said as we heard her mother returning. I quickly stuffed them back down into one of my side pockets. “Like the wet spot too,” she told me. “Nice touch. You should let mother see it,” she grinned hotly.

I didn’t see the point in telling her she already had, and that she had in fact had a great deal of help in creating it, taking my seat again as Mia entered the room.

I was half expecting her to have put on her robe. She hadn’t, what she’d put on instead was something a bit more risqué and revealing, which even surprised Stella a little. She’d thrown on a simple shift, the obviousness of her having nothing beneath it readily transparent, especially with the way her hard extended nipples pressed against the thin material.

“Hope you don’t mind,” she said sitting down. “But it’s still warm out tonight, almost too warm, and especially with all the tequila we’ve been sitting here drinking, I’m sweating to death.”

“Yeah, that’s why I wore this,” Stella explained, commenting on her own lightweight summer dress, which I pretty well figured she had once again bunched up sufficiently in order to better access herself. “So anyway…finish the story mom,” she urged, not the least concerned or worried that I could so obviously see, as we both could, the noticeable outline of Mia’s breasts beneath the somewhat sheer material, not to mention the hard firm poking of her nipples pressing against it. “What happened then?”

“Well, as I said…Gloria and I raced up to the parking area where we’d left the car. By now it was dark out of course, most everyone else had left, save for the guys who were still down on the beach, no doubt talking about the wild crazy experience we’d all just had together. Neither one of us had bothered putting on our suits, figuring we’d do so once we got there, after cleaning ourselves up a little first, which we did. But then Gloria just got into the car, still naked, telling me to hurry up and do the same. So…I did.”

While Mia spoke, Stella poured us all another shot. This time I was ready for one. Replacing my glass down on the table, glancing over at my wife as she did the same. But I noticed even then, her hand once again down between her legs, and that subtle movement once again continuing. I knew without any doubt now, she was indeed fingering herself!

Mia tilted her head back downing her shot, sucking the salt off her fist, and then sucking another lime again. Having finished, she dropped her hand down again, finding mine beneath the table, only this time, she guided it over towards herself, still speaking as she did, keeping my wife’s attention on her. Not wanting to draw unnecessary attention to myself, I allowed her to do so, moments later shocked when she placed my hand directly between her legs, pressing it firmly there before letting it go.

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