I really love that Playful hours

This is a new story called “I really love that Playful Hours” let’s begin….. As I’d been prone to do lately, I was up late again surfing the web, enjoying a few of my favorite erotic web sites. I’d just finished my quarterly exams and was looking forward to Spring Break, though unlike a lot of my college buddies, I couldn’t afford to go anywhere. Still, it meant a bit of time off to sit back, relax…even sleep in. Which was one of the reasons I happened to be up this late.

It was a naughty time.

I glanced at the clock on the wall in my bedroom, it was just then 10:50 p.m.

“Ten more minutes and she should be online,” I said to myself, already becoming aroused just thinking about it. About her.

Though I still lived at home, primarily for financial reasons, my parents had basically created an apartment of my own downstairs. I had a small kitchenette, though I rarely if ever used it. My own fairly large bedroom with a small sitting room within. I of course had my own shower as well, and all the amenities that made it feel just like an apartment. Even mom and dad knocked on the downstairs door waiting to be invited in before actually doing so.

For the time being at least, I had plenty of privacy and space to spread out in. After I graduated, a year or so from now, I hoped that with a decent paying job that I’d finally get out and move into a place of my own.

But for now, I paid my folks rent, which they were most grateful for, and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg doing that, and putting myself through school either.

The one really downside to all of this had been the fact I didn’t have a decent set of wheels at the time. Close enough to the University, I took other transportation, rode my old bike, or occasionally borrowed mom and dad’s car whenever they didn’t need to use it. Unfortunately, it was a luxury I couldn’t afford at the moment, though that too I was working towards. But…not having transportation also made dating a lot harder to do. And that was one of the main reasons I currently wasn’t seeing or dating anyone, besides my own hand.

And it’s not like I was a nerdy, or a geeky looking guy either. Reasonably attractive, or so I’d been told anyway. Though I certainly wasn’t a jock, or worked out every day either. Still, I’d had my fair share of attractive women myself, and until lately anyway, I hadn’t had any complaints in the bedroom department either.

But the fact was, because of all this, I had turned towards the Internet for my sexual release and amusement. And it had been while doing that that I’d signed onto a website where couples met, chatted, got to know one another (very often intimately) and on occasion, sometimes even met. So far, nothing like that had been offered up, but I had been enjoying a few steamy chat-room sessions with what I knew to be an older woman. The only name I knew her by was her sign-on, which happened to be “Naughty Time”.

Yeah, now I know…I’d heard it all before. That maybe some of these people claiming to be women, were in fact actually men. And in the beginning, I’d been a little nervous about that. But over time, several weeks now in fact, after getting to know “her” and some of the things we’d discussed, shared, I was ninety-nine percent sure she was in fact who she said she was.

And as such, I had begun loosening myself up a little. It had been a very slow and gradual thing with us too, another reason I was fairly confident that it really was a she, and not a he. Had it been otherwise, I seriously doubted it would have taken us this long to actually start talking about, or discussing sex. Something we’d only just really gotten into doing, not counting last night of course.

Our last chat in fact the night before had gotten pretty hot and steamy. So much so, I had actually jerked off while talking to her, and according to what she’d shared and told me, so had she. Needless to say I was looking forward to another hot “naughty” erotic session with her again tonight.

I had already logged on to the website, just waiting. In the meantime browsing a few other websites, looking at porn, watching a few videos, and arousing myself. Mom and dad had retired to bed quite some time ago, so I knew there was virtually no chance either one of them would find any reason to come downstairs and disturb me. As such, I was now sitting there naked, stroking and fondling my hard cock in anticipation of her soon signing on. When I heard the “ping” of an instant message waiting for me, I immediately brought it up in order to read it. Sure enough…it was her.

Naughty time: “I’m horny….you?”

My online screen name was “Home Alone,” maybe it wasn’t too sexy, or very original, but it was the best I’d been able to come up with on short notice when I’d signed on the first time.

Home Alone: “Very. Hard as a rock now!”

She responded back with an LOL, along with an EWG, then adding…”Wish I could see that.”

I did have a webcam, and wondered if she did. So I sent her the message telling her I had one, and that if she really did want to see me, I’d turn it on for her. Her response back wasn’t nearly as quick as they usually were, and I wondered for a moment if maybe I’d been wrong about her all along. Maybe “she” wasn’t a she at all…but really a guy after all. To my relief however, she responded back moments later.

Naughty Time: “I have one too. But to be honest, I’ve never used it,” she told me. “I have to be careful…can’t show you my face. Sorry. But if you can accept that…then I’ll turn it on for you.”

I felt genuinely relieved. If she was willing to do that at least, then she really was for real. I responded back.

“Agreed. No faces…just naughty bits, how’s that sound?”

“Sounds perfect, I’m looking forward to it,” and then, “Wait one.”

Seconds later I got a prompt from her, inviting me to view her webcam. I likewise connected, doing the same, turning my own web-cam on, quickly adjusting it so that it was totally focused on my hard erect cock. Which is about all she could see as it basically filled the screen.

“Wow! You’re big!” she typed, as the image of her came up, likewise filling in the view I now had of her, which was two fairly good-sized breasts sitting there staring at me, which is about all I could see of her too. But it was good enough in anyone’s book. She had great looking tits, and especially as she was obviously much older than I. No, they weren’t firm perky breasts of some twenty-something, but that wasn’t what I was interested in either. I’d always been partial to older women for some odd reason.

So seeing these mature full breasts that tended to rest against her ribcage a bit more than they might on a much younger woman, was still more alluring to me and sensual than anyone else’s I had seen. It was also the main reason I tended to browse the “older mature” photo and video sites, not to mention setting up the filter on the website when I joined, inviting mature older women who’d like to chat to contact me as opposed to letting just any woman at any age do so.

“I love your ‘tits’,” I typed, remembering. She had told me a few days ago, she liked the more obscene, decadent sounding words whenever she was aroused. “Breasts were what women called one another’s,” she’d told me. “But tits…was a naughty word, which she preferred using whenever discussing them, or talking about sexual matters regarding them. Boobs was for young girls, tits were for mature, horny women.

“I like your prick,” she’d responded back. She liked the word cock too, but she said it was almost used too much, and thus had slightly lessened the erotic sensuality of describing a man’s member, though she liked that word too, over cock. Penis of course was too clinical, whereas prick at least, had a naughty feel and sound to it, according to her anyway.

“I’d like my prick between your tits,” I had typed back. “I bet it would feel heavenly, fucking them, squirting my juice between them.”

“It would feel heavenly for me, jacking you off with them too,” she responded back, and then adding. “I am so fucking wet just thinking about it. Wish you could hear the sounds my fingers are making inside my pussy while I’m sitting here playing with myself.”

Maybe I couldn’t hear her, but I could sure see how wet she was. And she could likewise see how juicy I was getting too as I squeezed my dick, a fat juicy dollop of precum oozing out of the tip which I quickly gathered up with my finger, smearing it around the head of my cock.

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