I really love that playful hours – 4

“I really love that playful hours” Part-4 Continues…..

I sat staring at the blank screen, “Naughty Time’s” web-cam no longer on, though I also noticed I was no longer feeding back to her either as she’d shut that down on her end as well. I then turned mine off too, the quickly fading image of me sitting there now with a very limp cock when I did.

There were several possibilities, though none of them as far as I could see had a very good outcome to them, unless it was of course a problem with connection on her PC. I seriously doubted that.

It was possible of course that upon seeing the panties, her panties? That she might have somehow surmised they were simply similar to her own, and thus just a strange coincidence. I doubted that too. She might not have even recognized them as being a pair she owned. I doubted that as well. Or it could have indeed been a simple computer glitch, though I also firmly believed, she herself had immediately severed the connection.

At least on the web-cam. Staring at the Instant Messaging still up that still contained our last written communications to one another. I now knew that had to be the case. She was still on line, though neither one of us at the moment sat typing anything.

“Fuck!” I expressly stated to myself, now wondering if I hadn’t made a huge mistake. The shock, if mom and my Aunt Victoria now realized who it was they’d actually been conversing with had to be significant. So much so, that neither one of them had communicated back as yet, no doubt discussing it. I could only imagine the scene taking place upstairs above me, the hysterics perhaps, the uncertainty, the shame…guilt, so many possible scenarios and emotions.

So involved in my fear and concerns, the most obvious and most likely thing to happen didn’t even occur to me, until it did.

They both came walking into my room without bothering to knock. My Aunt at once yanked on my makeshift “sheet wall” pulling it down. Which is the moment that my worst fears immediately came true. For one, there was no mistaking the panicked look on my mother’s face, and the very angry looking one on my Aunt’s. Both now wore robes, securely wrapped around themselves as they both walked over towards me. I on the other hand still sitting there naked, limp as a noodle, immediately jumping up from my chair facing them as they approached, not even realizing I still was for a moment as they did so.

“Would you like to explain yourself?” My Aunt actually stated as she folded her arms beneath her breasts glaring at me. Mom standing in the background behind her, almost as though hiding behind her as she stood there, seemingly unable to even look at me.

I felt like shit.

I had no idea where to begin, how to explain any of this. The bottom line was, it had been purely by accident that any of this had occurred. My error however, was in taking it beyond that, once I had learned, at least partially anyway, who it was that I was actually talking too. Though the irony of all that was still too obvious. I still had no clue as to the true identity of “Naughty Time,” mom…or my aunt? At the moment, it seemed like a moot point however.

“Well?” She asked again waiting for some kind of a response.

I finally found my voice. “Well, it’s sort of a long…complicated story,” I began only then reaching over to grab my own robe off the end of the bed where I always kept it.

“Oh no you don’t!” My Aunt said snatching it away out of reach. “You’re not going anywhere, or doing anything…until you explain all this!” She said quite firmly. “So…explain!”

At least she let me sit down again as I began to, though I now felt horribly exposed, embarrassed and even a little shy as I placed my hands down in my lap, purposely ignoring mom who continued to stand somewhat secluded behind my Aunt. For the next several minutes I did my level best to explain everything, not leaving a single thing out, including my excursion upstairs where I stood watching the two of them standing there breast to breast fingering one another. Which is exactly what I said. In a way, I was still waiting for some kind of explosion to occur, especially after I had finished.

What I saw, totally confused the hell out of me. Aunt Victoria smiled, only then winking at me, turning towards mom.

“See? Told you…he had no idea until recently anyway,” she now added as mom finally stepped around standing beside her sister looking at me. And then like a light-bulb going off in her head, she turned back towards me adding. “You…still don’t know which one of us was…or is Naughty Time do you?”

But even as she said that, seeing the answer in my own eyes that I didn’t, mom spoke for the first time herself.

“You’re not…shocked? Angry with me? With us?” She now asked including my Aunt in her fears.

“Angry with you?” I replied, “How could I be? You had no idea who I was, until I stupidly did what I did,” I half explained. “Had I not done that…”

“We might never have known,” Victoria stated smiling even more broadly than she had been. “You wanted us to know…know you’d found out, and then see what we did!”

“Yes,” I said softly, looking down at myself, almost laughing…crying, my prick having shriveled up into nothingness as though looking for its own escape.

“But I’m your mother…”

“And I’m his Aunt,” Victoria said interrupting mom. And your son, my nephew, was admittedly, and willingly enjoying himself watching us…weren’t you Kyle?” she now asked.

“Yes…I was.”

“See Darlene? He’s not afraid to admit it…even to you. And especially as he did actually continue to do what he did…now realizing that. Don’t you see sweetie? Kyle wasn’t trying to do anything to expose you or I, or hurt either one of us. He was plain and simply aroused with the knowledge of finding that out. Though still curious I’m willing to bet, as to which one of us was in fact…the woman he first met and started talking to weeks ago now.”

“But…” mom attempted, though my Aunt quickly shut her down from continuing.

“No Buts for one thing. But…for another,” she grinned. “What I do think is this, as far as his punishment should go, and I do believe he should be punished for this…a little bit anyway. Neither you nor I are going to tell him who Naughty Time really was. He’s going to have to live with wondering which one of us it was, and let that be a lesson to him.”

“You’re kidding me!” I said staring at the two of them. “You mean to tell me, you’re seriously not going to tell me which one of you it was I began talking to in the beginning?”

“Nope…at least not for now,” Victoria said. “And I think we still have quite a bit we need to further discuss as well.”

“Yes we do,” mom added looking flushed in the face, embarrassed as hell as she further gathered her robe around her as though fearing it might suddenly pop open or something, though I also noticed she was even then looking down in my lap, though my own embarrassment at my current state far surpassed hers.

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