I really love that playful hours – 3

“I really love that playful hours” Part-3 Continues……

My mother had laughed the comment off, though I was surprised at my Aunt’s obvious referral to my actually looking at mom’s tits. It was treated with good-natured humor however, and if anything, I honestly do believe mom was actually flattered a little, knowing that I had.

“Well, I need to get down and shower and then get ready to head out,” I told them both. Though truth be told, I still had a lot to do in preparing for what I hoped would be an interesting afternoon. I would use the time, pretending to shower to further set things up as I’d lay awake half the night just thinking about it, planning and scheming.

Though it was now obvious I had been in fact, watching and talking to the two of them, I still wasn’t one hundred percent sure who it was, that was in fact, “Naughty Time.” For weeks now I’d been conversing, trying to recall conversations we’d had, things we’d discussed, shared with one another. So many similarities that now made more sense, though I couldn’t find a single one that would lean one way or the other more than any other. I had myself told half-truths, so I knew the likelihood of either one of them doing the same was very likely.

“You two enjoy yourselves…watching your movie,” I’d added as I soon after excused myself and headed back down to my room again. Even as I did that, there was no mistaking the nervous excitement I saw passed between them through their looks and half smiles. I even hesitated, pausing on the first step before heading down to my room. Though neither spoke loud enough for me to hear, I heard a shared giggle, whispered comments, and then they also headed back upstairs to the bedroom.

I reached the landing, but instead of heading into my own room, I made a quick detour down the hall to the laundry room. I had made a commitment of my own, and had every intention of honoring it, though it would also hopefully buy me the time I would eventually need.

Reaching the laundry room I quickly began pawing through the clothes that mom would soon be washing and folding. Though I had never once entertained such a notion before, I now found myself curiously aroused as I sifted through the clothes in mom’s hamper. And even as I did that, I then began to formulate another plan, one I wasn’t totally sure I would implement, but if the situation proved itself out that I may, then I knew how it was I would bring it about.

I pulled two pairs of my mother’s panties from the wash and quickly headed back to my own room.

I was at least glad that mom didn’t wear what some might call, “granny panties”. And though she certainly didn’t wear thongs, or even bikini panties, she did wear nice women’s briefs, and even had a couple of pairs of women’s boxers, though to be honest I’d never seen her wearing those either even though they had been in the wash. I had taken two other pairs, one of which I would use in a moment in fact as I finished doing what I now needed to do.

It was an odd sensation for me, though I had to admit, it felt strangely good too. Sitting there using them stroking my cock, filming it. Although I was already aroused enough as it was, just from what I soon knew would be happening, the actual sensation of sitting there masturbating with a pair of my own mother’s briefs was oddly arousing.

When I had recorded at least five full minutes of me sitting there amusing and enjoying myself, which I had. I then downloaded the short quick video off my camera onto my desktop, and then readied that for use later. The timing of which would be crucial, absolutely necessary for what I was planning to do, especially needing the time in which to do it.

The other nice feature of my room that I was now very grateful for, was the private entrance I had. Though I still usually left by the backdoor as I usually did, it was nice having it, so I could enter late at night coming home without worrying about waking mom or dad. It was how I would return now, after driving down the street, parking the car in the parking lot of the same grocery store we had gone to the previous day. Having done so in fact, further safeguarded just parking it somewhere on the street and inadvertently having them spot it should they decide to go out.

The likelihood of mom returning to the store was highly remote. And especially if it were their intention of staying home with the hopes of contacting me not too long after I had left. I was banking on the fact they would wait a while at least before doing so after I had supposedly gone. Long enough at least to park the car, then jog back, slipping back into the house, into my own room through my own private entrance. Neither one of them was aware of that fact that I had.

I quickly packed an overnight bag to carry up the stairs with me after first double checking everything I had done. I’d even gone so far as to drape a towel over my chair, just in case. I’d turned on my camera, double checked the settings keeping it close, though removing anything that might be seen off to the sides and thus recognized.

I’d even gone so far as to hang up a pair of white sheets behind me further obscuring the view and making it appear as though I had plain simple walls adorning my room should they even notice that. Satisfied, I made my way back up the stairs.

By now, both my mother and my Aunt were dressed, but it was obvious that they had no intention of going out, especially seeing my mother. She rarely if ever went braless, especially if she had any intention of going out. Now sitting there at the kitchen table, still drinking coffee, I noticed the tight form-fitting tee shirt she had on, obviously not wearing a bra. That and a pair of comfortable looking shorts, those too, she’d have never worn out except perhaps to work outside in the yard.

My Aunt too was similarly dressed, though what she wore of course, looked perfectly normal on her, something I would expect for her to wear, though she wore no shoes, standing there in her bare feet as I entered the room, carrying my overnight case with me.

“Well, I’m off,” I told them both, leaning over to give mom a kiss good-bye, doing so on the lips once again, lingering once again for that briefest of moments before turning to then do the same to my Aunt. “Have a good time you two, try and enjoy yourselves, and simply have fun,” I added.

“Oh, we will!” AuntVictoriahad said almost a little too quickly, especially by the way mom looked at her before turning to me, handing me the keys to the car.

“I’m not sure we’ll be going anywhere, or doing anything, just watching TV or something,” mom quickly added, though my Aunt has spoken as a follow up whispering so softly that even mom didn’t hear, though I easily read her lips when she did.

“Or something…”

I soon after left, heading out towards the car, and then quickly headed down the street towards the grocery store.


It had taken me less than a half an hour to make it back to the house after I had parked the car. Cutting through a back alley and then onto a service road, I stayed well below the fence the moment the house came into view. There was only one moment when I could have been spotted, opening the gate and then slipping a few feet from there across the yard before reaching my private opening.

Reasonably confident I hadn’t been seen, I quietly slipped into the house and into my room. I was somewhat relieved to see no instant message waiting for me, though I was logged on to the site in anticipation of there soon being one. Everything was ready, all I could do now was sit quietly and wait for Naughty Time to finally contact me.

Even though I was expecting it, I was still startled when I heard the familiar ding.

Naughty time: “You there?”

I responded back almost immediately. Home Alone: “With bated breath!”

Naughty time: “LOL, with mastur-bated breath?” she had typed.

“Doing that too.”

“Get your web-cam fixed?”

“Oh yeah, already for you.”

“Are you doing what I asked?”


“Let’s see.”

It was time. I turned on the camera quickly checking to ensure I gave nothing away, the sheet curtain behind me effectively obscuring any familiarities within my room. My cock hard and stiff with anticipation, the excitement level I’d been feeling…was feeling beyond the norm.

“Nice…” she typed, obviously looking at me. “Here we come too,” she now added, a second later her invite on screen allowing me access to her web-cam appeared. The image of them slowly clearing until I now sat looking at my Aunt and mother sitting side by side in two of the kitchen chairs they had obviously dragged up to my fathers study. I could see no more of them of course than they could see of me. I had quite naturally agreed early on that we’d never reveal our faces or identities to one another.

Knowing that we lived in the same approximate locale, Naughty Time had been explicit about doing so, wanting to ensure and maintain her anonymity. I had to promise that in order for her to show me what she had so far on the cam. They both had on very sexy, very revealing nightgowns, which I chuckled at knowing. They had obviously scurried upstairs shortly after I had left in order to dress themselves and make ready for this. And though I still had no clue as to which one was which as I sat there looking at the two of them,

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