Wrong personality make me interesting

This is new story called “Wrong personality make me interesting” let’s begin….. Once upon a time, you actually went to a theater to watch an adult, or X-rated movie. Not many exist anymore, certainly not where I live, though there used to be. Long before the advent or introduction of videocassettes even, about the only other way you saw or watched a dirty movie was on your father’s 8mm reels. At least I did anyway.

At the time, there just so happened to be a theater not too far away from where I lived. I’d been there a couple of times before, both times all by myself. Once in the middle of the day, a matinee as it were, which was a little strange even then. I was practically alone that first time. I remember counting heads, observing. As I recall, there was only one actual couple, sitting way up near the back, no doubt so they wouldn’t be disturbed. She was the only female I could even see. A handful of single men scattered elsewhere, including myself.

The second time I went, I went much later in the evening. The place was considerably busier too with far more couples, though still evenly dispersed within the theater, hoping for a bit of privacy themselves. Even then though, there always seemed to be a smattering of single guys, some sitting only a few seats over or away from many of these couples.

I hadn’t exactly planned it, but I’d been one of those guys. Three seats off to my right sat just such a couple. I’d glanced at them only briefly when they came in, but had then gotten involved in the movie, as it was a pretty good one. Obviously aroused, I sat with my arousal well hidden within my pants and had no intention of doing anything about it until after I’d returned home again.

Such wasn’t the case beside me, though it took a while for me to realize what was actually going on. When I did, I was torn between watching the movie on screen, and the real-live action taking place only a few seats away. It wasn’t as obvious of course, but it was real…happening as I sat watching. The young woman dressed, or rather almost undressed in a long coat. She’d opened it just enough to reveal to me that she wore absolutely nothing beneath it.

Even then, I only got a partial view of one of her breasts as the man sitting next to her reached over and nonchalantly fondled it. She however, had her hand in his lap, and it was quite obvious by her movements what she was doing to him.

I honestly believe I returned home hornier because of that, than the movie itself. Especially when the woman once actually looked over and smiled at me, and then licked and cleaned off her sticky fingers while I watched. They soon left after that, even before the movie had ended, leaving me with a slick hard prick, one hell of a wet spot, and wishing that I had someone I could have enjoyed doing something like that with myself.

At the time however, I was in between girlfriends, with no real prospects on the horizon.

Four months later I had met someone and had been dating again for several weeks now. It had only been recently however that anything sexual had finally occurred between us. Though Carol was certainly open-minded, just based on some of the fairly frank conversations we’d had, she wasn’t in any hurry to jump into bed with me either.

She preferred taking things slow, which we’d done. Giving me just enough, bits and pieces at a time that promised more as our relationship grew. So far though, my biggest accomplishment has been finally getting to play with her bare tits while sitting out in the front seat of my car. It wasn’t much, but it was a lot more than I’d enjoyed in quite some time with anyone else.

Needless to say, it was because of that that I was quite surprised when just by chance we happened to be driving by that very same movie theater on our way home from dinner one evening. The movie that was advertised and currently playing was one that for whatever reason, had been given a lot of notoriety and press. As such, the title was a fairly familiar one, even to those that didn’t, or wouldn’t actually go and see it.

I caught Carol looking over towards it, reading the title as we slowly passed by.

“Have you ever been there before?”

Her question surprised me, but I answered her truthfully. “A couple of times…yes.”

My answer didn’t surprise her. “So…what’s it like?”

“What do you mean?” I asked not sure what she was alluding to. “It’s an X-rated movie…you know, people doing it on camera.”

“That’s not quite what I meant,” she laughed, still looking back over her shoulder towards the theater. “I’m not that naïve, I’ve seen a couple of stag films myself you know.”

Her answer surprised me, however. “You have?” Once again she laughed, turning back around in her seat.

“What I was wondering about…was inside, you know…I mean is it dirty? Are there weirdos and freaks all sitting around wearing nothing but trench-coats?” Now it was my turn to laugh.

“I don’t know…maybe, but no one I actually saw…if you don’t count the one woman I did see in there, giving her husband, or boyfriend a hand-job just a few seats away from me the last time I went there,” I shared with her.

“Seriously? You saw that? She really did?”

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