Be happy for me – 2

“Be happy for me” Part-2 Continues……

“Yes, I just thought I should call and tell you that, yes dear…we do have a lot to discuss and talk about when you get home. Yes…yes, I will, we will,” she said. “I love you too honey, and no…don’t worry about it. Sophia and I will talk to him about all that in a minute here, we’ll tell you how it went when you get home from your trip,” she finished, saying good-bye and hanging up the phone.

I turned into the bathroom, closing the door, not trying to be quiet about it either. The last thing I wanted them to be wondering about, was if I was trying to spy on their conversation this time, even though I had been.

It wasn’t more than a few minutes when I suddenly heard a knock on the bathroom door. “Jim? When you’re done there? Can I…ah, can we speak to you for a minute?” Mom asked.

I waited for a moment before answering. “Ah yeah…sure,” I said, pausing again. “I’ll be right out.”

Although I was already done peeing, I continued to sit there in my chair now, wondering as I did what it was they had, or wanted to speak to me about. Not only that…but I also couldn’t help wondering what mom had spoken to dad about on the phone. By the sounds of it, a lot…and that made me more than just a little anxious.

I sat collecting myself for a minute more, and then flushed, taking time in washing my hands before finally opening the door, wheeling myself out. Surprisingly, no one stood in the hallway expectantly waiting for me, though the door was again half open, beckoning to me from down the hall. I wheeled towards it, rolling in. Mom was sitting on the end of her bed waiting for me, though she had appeared to have changed clothes, or rather was in the process of doing so perhaps as she currently had her morning robe on. Sophia on the other hand was nowhere in sight.

“You ah…wanted to see me? Speak to me about something?” I asked, sounding ridiculous even as I asked the question.

“I would yes,” mom said, actually patting a place on the bed next to her, indicating that she wanted me to come over and sit down beside her. I rolled over close enough, and then easily pulled myself up out of the chair and onto her bed.

“Where’s ah…Aunt Sophia?” I now asked.

“Right here,” she said, stepping out of mom’s private bathroom, though I guess I should have expected that. What I didn’t expect when she did…was to see her naked.

“Jesus!” I said looking over towards her, and then at mom. “Ah…someone wants to tell me what the hell’s going on around here?”

“If seeing me like this makes you nervous, or uneasy, I can get dressed again,” Sophia said. “We just thought it might make things easier for you, for us…if we were to basically put things on an even level here while we talked. So…would you rather I get dressed again?”

This time I didn’t pause or hesitate. “No!” I said almost a little too quickly. “You’re a…fine, it’s cool…whatever you want,” I continued to stammer, now feeling my face blushing a bit. I mean shit…my Aunt was naked!

She smiled then, crossing over to sit next to me on the bed, effectively sandwiching me between the two of them. I was still at a loss for words however, not at all sure where any of this was going…or why.

“Ok, so…someone wants to fill me in on what is really going on here?” I now asked.

“What’s going on…” My Aunt began looking over towards mom, “Is that we felt like it was time for the three of us to discuss…to openly discuss, things that were said, things some of us are obviously feeling and thinking about. It’s not fair to you…not fair of us, to say, or do what we’ve both done, freely and openly admitted to, unfortunately…to one another, and no one else…yet.”

“Like your father,” mom said, jumping in.

“Like Jeff yes…and you too,” my Aunt went on. “You…overheard things, things about us, stuff we were sharing, feeling and thinking about behind your back. And to continue to do so, without you hearing all of it, is an injustice to you, as well as to everyone else…including your dad.”

“Ok, but I’m still not sure I’m following all this, or why you’re suddenly sitting here next to me naked…not that I mind, mind you. I don’t. But…since we’re all being honest here, or at least I hope that’s what we’re doing…then I need to tell you, ah…seeing you like this? Well, let’s just say I’m starting to get aroused again.”

“We were sort of hoping you’d say that,” mom spoke suddenly standing, and then she too removed her bathrobe. Suddenly I was looking at my own mother, also naked now…and speechless. I’d seen her naked a few times in the past, but not for a couple of years now, and not ever for very long either when I accidentally had,

though even then she’d never made an issue out of it, or any sort of a fuss over it either. Mom and dad had always been fairly decently cool when it came to things like that, even sex discussions whenever there was something I wanted to know or was curious about. Even dad…years ago, had told me all about masturbation, something I’d started doing frequently ever since. Up until recently anyway. But now…here I was, looking at my nude mother as she sat down beside me once again.

“I’m still not sure I understand where any of this is going…or what the conversation was with dad on the phone,” I tossed in, which stupidly confirmed for the two of them I’d overheard part of that discussion too, though they just grinned looking at one another, and thankfully let it go.

“We’ll discuss all that later when dad gets home on Sunday,” mom said. “But for now…we need to discuss the three of us.”


“Yeah…us,” Aunt Sophia said. “Here’s the deal Jim, at the moment…you’re sort of in an awkward situation. What I did…and what your mother in a way basically admitted to herself, which is part of what you overheard, was each of us…expressing a desire to at least temporarily help you out with that. Now…that being said, we’re basically offering a few things for your enjoyment, benefit etc. As well as our own too.”

“Ah huh…” I said, still not quite believing what I was hearing yet. Was this actually going in the direction it seemed to be?

“And as you also probably overheard…your mom and I, years ago now…used to ah…well, fool around together a little bit ourselves. And then with things happening the way they did here, that sort of stirred up a few of those old feelings again.”

“The thing is Jim,” Mom said, jumping in. “Your father and I made a promise to one another years ago, which we’ve both lived up to. And that was…if either one of us decided to do anything outside of our relationship, we’d tell one another about it first, so far…we’ve done that. And so…before I could allow myself to do anything with my sister again, I had to tell him that I wanted to. And before I could approach you, I needed to tell your dad I wanted to do that too.”

“Jesus! You…you talked to dad about that…all this?” I said once again glancing over towards my Aunt, and then back to mom. “And…and…he was cool with it?”

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