Hannah and Tony exploring things out

Hannah and Tony had been married for twenty years, and the home fires had grown pretty cold. Hannah was on the verge of asking for a divorce, but Tony was a good man, and had never done anything to wrong her. He just wasn’t much of a husband anymore.

He worked and brought home a paycheck, sure, but at home he was a slug, spending his time watching TV or online. Even his hobbies left her out: playing basketball with buddies two nights a week, and lifting weights in their little home gym in the morning before work. Hannah had tried to show an interest in those things, but Tony more-or-less told her to mind her own business, those things were his. She was at a loss how to bring her marriage back.

The two were a striking couple, even in their forties. Both remained fit and slim, and their faces were mostly unlined. Her friends envied Hannah, her sexy husband, not realizing it had been years since they had any kind of real sex life. It happened slowly. Sex became mundane: the same foreplay (her giving head); the same position (missionary); the same outcome (mediocre orgasms.)

For several years, Hannah had been satisfying her own needs for sexual release through erotic literature and self-pleasuring. It wasn’t optimum, but it worked for a while. Those activities were starting to feel pretty empty though, too. She really needed the love and appreciation of her husband, but wasn’t sure she could ever get that again. At the end of her patience, she decided to try some new tactics.

Hannah found some stories on the internet that depicted highly erotic situations, and emailed one of them to Tony. That first story he seemed to ignore, never even mentioning he had received it, and Hannah worried things were too far gone. Crossing her fingers, she sent another one.

This story told of a woman and man finding each other in a post-apocalyptic nightmare and quickly becoming dependent on each other for survival, including emotional and sexual release and reassurance. Hannah liked the story for the clear lines drawn linking sexual intimacy with trust and acceptance, as well as the tender romance. She thought her husband would appreciate the graphic scenes of lusty sex.

Tony responded to this email. His reply simply asked, “Why?”

She had another story ready to send, so she prefaced it with, “Let’s try to bring back the heat.” This story had a married couple who enjoyed role-playing and who tried things like anal stimulation, just to see if it was right for them, no pressure, just experimentation, but nothing was off-limits. The language they used was often filthy, and fueled the sex to new heights. Hannah wanted to play that way.

When Tony came home that evening, he wore a funny smile. He walked up to her in the kitchen and asked what he always did when he got home, ‘What’s for dinner?” as he gave her a peck on the cheek.

Hannah sighed. “Pork roast and vegetables.”

“Sounds good,” Tony replied. “I picked up something for dessert,” he continued, and winked at her.

That was unusual. “What?” Hannah asked, noticing the wicked little grin.

“It’s a surprise,” he answered, giving her a little wave over his shoulder as he started to walk away.

She wasn’t sure why, but suddenly Hannah felt warmth flow to her cunt, and she blushed. Tony was still watching her as he walked away, and his smile became a laugh as he continued on to the den to flip on the news.

Hannah went to get Tony when dinner was ready, but he wasn’t in the den. She called down the hall toward the bathroom, but he didn’t answer. Curious, she headed for the stairs.

Tony was trotting down the steps before she got there. “What were you doing?’ she asked suspiciously.

“Nothing,” he answered, taking her shoulder and turning her back toward the kitchen. He left his hand pressed to the small of her back, rubbing his fingers down her ass so lightly she wasn’t even sure it was him and not her imagination. “Let’s eat, I’m starved.”

Tony talked about work at dinner, and Hannah watched him closely. Occasionally she saw that little grin creep across his face, but he would look up and be expressionless again.

At one point, late in the meal, Tony mentioned an email he had received. He hesitated strangely, so Hannah looked up to find him grinning wolfishly at her. She noticed the moisture between her legs instantly. She waited for him to go on, but he stood up and walked to her. Suddenly she was cradled in his arms and they were headed for the stairs.

In their room, Hannah learned what Tony had been doing upstairs. There were rose petals scattered on the floor and table-tops, and several items on the bed, some vaguely familiar, others completely foreign. She recognized a bottle of lubricant, and what looked like a penis-shaped vibrator, as well as some hand-cuffs and soft rope, but the three pink plastic devices were a mystery.

Tony kissed her deeply. It had been a while since he had captured her mouth so completely. His tongue caressed hers with a sensual demand she hadn’t experienced since their dating days. She was buzzing with sexual energy by the time he moved his lips to her neck and started unbuttoning her blouse.

He pulled back to look at her as he peeled her blouse off her shoulders. His fingertips ran appreciatively down from her collar bones to the edges of her bra cups.

“I’d forgotten how gorgeous you are,” Tony murmured, sliding the straps from her shoulders and reaching around to unhook the strap in the back. As her bra fell to the floor, her nipples were immediately seized by Tony’s mouth and hand. He sucked and rolled her nipples until she moaned.

“Gawd, that feels good,” Hannah breathed, lacing her fingers into Tony’s hair and pushing him into her chest gently. Opening her eyes, she noticed the items on the bed again. “What’s all that?”

Tony reluctantly pulled away from Hannah’s breast and glanced at the bed before trailing kisses back up her chest and neck till he was looking into her eyes. “Dessert,” he said simply.

At the confused look on Hannah’s face, Tony explained, “I picked up a few toys that were talked about in that last story you sent me. I thought we could spend some time experimenting,” he practically growled the last few words before crushing her mouth in another deep, demanding kiss.

Hannah began peeling Tony’s clothes off as fast as she could. The excitement of trying something new had her dripping wet and more than ready.

Hannah and Tony exploring things out will continue in the next page.

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