Feeling of first time I had it – 4

“Feeling of first time I had it” Part-4 Continues…..

We literally had no place to really go, except her place, as she had to be there to look after her younger sister until her mother got home at night. All we could do and hope for on those nights when Lily wasn’t working, and I wasn’t…was that she’d give us another wink, sending us sprinting off into the back yard once again. Except for the fact, for nearly two weeks, she didn’t do that.

If anything, Mila for whatever reason allowed Julie  to stay up longer than normal. And didn’t even make any attempt to keep her occupied, or from bugging us. We groped when we could of course, but it just wasn’t the same. And even Mila tended to hover about and around us whenever Julie  wasn’t. Watching TV with us most of the time, joking and laughing of course, but never once letting us know she was ok with us going out back together again.

“I’m going nuts,” I told Lily one evening just before walking home. “I thought you said your mom was ok with us doing stuff once in a while.”

“Yeah, me too. Maybe this is what she meant by once in a while though. Let me talk to her, see what I can find out. Maybe she’s had a change of mind about it or something,” Lily said.

“Or something,” I said to myself as I walked home that evening. With our jobs and schedules, our next best opportunity would be Saturday night. Although Lily worked, she was supposed to get off around four or five. The plan was for me to come over then. We usually watched TV for a bit, but it was hoped that maybe tonight, we’d find some private time to be together.

Especially as Lily had informed me that Julie¬† had a sleep over that night, and wouldn’t be home. Rob was going to a concert, so he’d be out of the way too. And though Mila would be home, it was hoped with some persuasion from Lily, her mom would give us the go ahead once more to have some fun. Especially as there really was no reason not to. And either way, we were going to do something. Even Lily said that. Even if we walked down to the school and hid out beneath the bleachers or something. We were one way or the other, going to get one another off. Period.

I was actually hoping for the bleachers.

But, as we’d planned and agreed upon, I arrived at her place right around five o’clock. Lily wasn’t home yet, but Mila invited me inside in order to wait for her.

“She called earlier, said she was running a bit later. Something about one of the girls calling in sick or something,” Mila told me. “Told me to tell you to stick around. That she’d be here as soon as she could. Can I get you something to drink? Would you like a beer perhaps?”

It all seemed too vaguely familiar. “Ah, no thanks. I’ll just sit and watch some TV until Lily gets here,” I answered her.

“Ok, shoot yourself,” she smiled. “I’m going to go in and take a nice long bath anyway, so if you still want that beer, help yourself.”

Seconds later I heard her as she turned the water on in the tub, letting it run, though the door was obviously open. I then saw her as she turned the corner in the hallway heading back towards her bedroom. She was now wearing the same bathrobe I had seen her in before. I quickly averted my gaze back to the TV, not wanting her to catch me looking at her…remembering or anything.

Which is also when the phone rang. She had an extension in her room however, which she answered. I could hear her talking, but couldn’t make out who she was talking to, or what was being said. She soon after hung up, and came back out into the hall heading towards me.

“That was Lily. She said they’re still having problems locating another girl to come in and take over her shift. Told me to tell you…not to go anywhere, and that she’ll be home just as quickly as she can make it.”

“Ok,” I said, frustrated, but prepared to settle in and actually get interested in whatever the hell program that was on I’d been sort of watching.

“Do me a favor though if you would please,” Mila said as she reached the end of the hall before turning, heading into the bathroom. “Would you mind pouring me a glass of wine and bringing it to me? And if you’d like…feel free to pour one for yourself too,” she added. And then before I could respond to that, she disappeared into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Already I was beginning to wonder. But already reminding myself that I wasn’t about to let anything happen again either. I wasn’t about to make the same mistake twice as I headed off to pour her, her wine. And then poured myself one as an afterthought, though leaving it on the front room table as I then went down the hallway, stopping at the closed door, knocking.

“Here’s your wine…Mila,” I said, thinking she was not yet in the tub, waiting for me to hand it to her. Silly me.

“Come in, bring it over to me,” she said instead. I opened the door, sure enough, she was already sitting in the tub, though thank god there were tons of bubbles. She was taking a bubble bath, so at least she was decently covered as I walked over, standing there holding out her glass to her.

“Didn’t you get one for yourself?” She asked.

“Yeah, it’s back in the TV room,” I announced.

“Well then, go get it, bring it back with you. Might as well use the time to have another chat while we have the chance.”

“Another chat?” I asked.

“Yeah, there’s something else I think we need to talk about,” she smiled, taking a sip of her wine. “So…hurry back. We certainly wouldn’t want Lily coming home and finding you in here with me now would we?”

Once again, against my better judgment perhaps, I ran back, grabbed my wine. But…figuring she was right about that at least, and so that made it reasonably safe enough by my way of thinking, that she wasn’t about to suggest anything. Not with Lily’s coming home any time now at least. So maybe all she did want to do was have another chat. “About what though?” I wondered as I reentered the room taking a seat on the toilet next to the tub.

“I guess you know I was watching the two of you the other night,” she began sitting up just a bit, just enough that the upper slopes of her breasts broke through the suds, not enough to reveal her dark nipples yet…but damn fucking close. Once again, I tried to avert my eyes, looking into her eyes instead.

“Figured you might have. Though I saw the curtains open and then close later on.”

“Yeah, it was certainly interesting,” she said, sitting up a bit more, taking another sip of her wine, though this time a bit spilled, dropping between her breasts as she realized it, sitting up even more still. Her breasts of course, now coming up through the suds like a submarine surfacing through the ice caps. “Oops!” She giggled, actually reaching down, lifting one of her breasts, attempting to lick off the wine. “Damn, can’t quite reach it, would you like to?” She asked, actually offering me her breast to lick off.

“Ah no…thanks,” I said worried now.

She let go of her breast, though they remained revealed as she sat back closing her eyes. “Yes, I can almost still see it, see you two out there together. Quite a show you put on. And obviously, one you were putting on for me…weren’t you?” She pointedly asked, once again opening her eyes staring me down. “And don’t try denying it. It was quite obvious, especially the way you spread her, bent her over almost double so I could clearly see what you were doing to my daughter’s cunt. Even she looked surprised by that when you did it…though obviously pleased.”

I neither denied, nor confirmed it. Taking the third option by remaining silent, though silently chastising myself now for having done that. Maybe it hadn’t been such a good idea after all. What the hell was I thinking?

“Obviously, it worked. You got me very, very aroused watching you do that. I suppose you also know, I was standing there masturbating myself, watching the two of you, until I couldn’t stand up any more. Had to lay down…and then use this,” she said. Hidden beneath the bubbles, there in the tub with her, she suddenly brought up her hand. Within its grasp, she held a life-like rather large looking flexible dildo.

“I’m pretty sure it’s close to the size you are,” she added. “Maybe just a titch bigger is all, but pretty close.” She then lowered her hand again, though I noticed as she did, she seemed to be inserting it inside herself, right there in front of me.

“Ah…maybe I should leave you alone now,” I suggested, actually standing.

“No Rick…you’re not. You’re not going anywhere. We haven’t finished our little chat yet. I still have a few things I need to discuss with you. New things…”

“New things? Like what?”

“Being honest with me for one. Come on, admit it…you intentionally did that knowing full well I was watching you, didn’t you?”

“Ok, maybe I did…but I’m actually sorry I did it now,” I told her, feeling the hairs on the back of my neck beginning to stand up. I didn’t like the way any of this was going now.

“Well at least you are now being honest with me,” she said smiling. “So…I’ll be honest with you too. I haven’t been very good about giving the two of you any more private time now have I? Since then I mean?”

“No…not really. Not like we thought you would anyway.”

“Shame on me,” she said smiling once again, though the water was starting to swish back and forth in the tub just a little, proving to me now that she was in fact fucking herself with the flexible dildo as we talked. “And shame on you for making me horny…wondering what it would be like to feel that, to experience that…the way you were eating her. Eating my daughter’s pussy.”

Once again, I wanted to bolt, to flee…to run off into the night and try and explain it all to Lily later, if I could. But for some reason, I couldn’t. And I knew damn well, that the moment I even tried, Mila would come up and out of that fucking tub, suds and all clinging to her, and somehow, someway keep me from leaving the house until I’d heard her out. I wasn’t going anywhere. And we both knew it.

“What is it that you want from me Mila?” I was already fearful of the answer.

“Pretty much the same thing you want with Lily,” she answered. “More time alone obviously, which I can give you, and will give you…provided you’re willing to do something for me too. After all, you’ve already teased me with it…cruelly I might add if you think about it. So…you’re going to make it up to me Rick. I’m not asking for all that much here you know. Just the knowledge, the experience of actually feeling what it’s like. Just once at least. Do that for me, and I’ll start working with the two of you, making sure you have more time to be alone together.”

“And what if I don’t?” I had to ask.

Suddenly the water quit moving, as she sat up once again. “Well, a couple of things actually. One…I’ll see to it that the two of you never have a moment alone again, at least not while I’m around. Sure…I know that in a few weeks you’ll probably have the money to get your car fixed. So you can always drive off somewhere, risk getting picked up by some cop for indecent exposure or something. And I sure as hell won’t bail either one of you out if you are caught either. But that’s beside the point. Let’s just say you do that anyway, changing the risk. Well, then that would leave me only one other option.”

I was furious, now being actually threatened here. But I didn’t dare say or do anything, but listen…wait her out, hear what else it was that she had to say. Though I now drained my wine in one gulp, steeling myself for this.

“You have a very, very cute…and interesting little mole on your right testical,” she said, letting the implication sit. “But I also have a pretty good eye for detail too. I think I could pretty accurately describe your hard cock, how big it is, the shape and size of your head, the way one vein seems to stick off to the left side the way it does.

Accurate enough, to describe it in its obvious turgid state. Oh…and see that blue robe over there, hanging behind the door?” I looked, the same one I was familiar with, yes. “Well, that’s one of three I have. Happened to love that style and color of bathrobe. The one I was wearing that night? The one you managed to squirt all over?” She smiled. “Well, that one I have safely tucked away…with lots and lots and lots of your DNA all over it. Just in case I might ever need it to protect myself with.”

I felt like I’d been punched in the gut. I could hardly talk, hardly breathe.

“You wouldn’t dare…”

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