Feeling of first time I had it – 2

“Feeling of first time I had it” Part-2 Continues….

(Note to whoever decides to make a “first aid sex kit” to include a silk or satin pair of sexy panties…trust me. Oh, and maybe a short length of soft nylon rope too. I’ll explain later.)

The thing was, I’d actually seen my girlfriends pussy for the first time too, albeit very briefly, too briefly…but I had, and was now sitting there realizing that as the tickling sensation deep within my balls was alerting me to the fact I was going to be shooting off here in a second or two. And I also knew, just by that preliminary sensation, this was going to be the mother-fucking best orgasm of my entire life. (Sorry about that mom, it’s just an expression). But the truth was…it was going to be.

“Holy shit babe!” Was all I managed. And then I think my entire body somehow became weightless, or I found superhuman strength or something, lifting my ass completely off the seat, toes curling into the floorboard like a ballerina as I somehow arched my back, meeting that delicious stroke of my girlfriends hand as it came down, me coming up…and then just coming. Over, and over…and over again. Nonstop for what felt like a fucking eternity.

Her panties were soaked. But then again, they sorta had been before I soaked them myself, which was something else that added to all this wicked deliciousness too.

“Holy shit baby,” she said as my semen literally soaked through her panties, enough that it bubbled up through the material and still managed to soak her hands and fingers. “Do you…always come like that?”

“Only when you do it,” I informed her, seeing the smile on her face after saying that. She knew what I meant. The problem was, I was still pretty messy, even with the panties catching most of it, though she used those to finish wiping me off with the best that she could. And then she surprised me again, perhaps without thinking when she did it, actually licking some of the residue off her fingers. It was like watching her after she’d baked and frosted a cake. I don’t think I’d ever be able to see her do that again without thinking about this very moment.

“Shit babe,” I said looking at her as she just then realized what she’d done.


Don’t laugh…back then, I’m not even sure shit like that was legal. Or even if it was, I’d never heard of ANYONE, EVER doing that. I’d never even seen it, and it wasn’t a subject that was even discussed amongst any of the guys…seriously.

“My stuff, you ah…shit babe…you ok?” I asked somewhat worriedly. I mean the last thing I wanted to see was Lily suddenly gagging, puking on me after experiencing some horrible chemical reaction or something. I could almost see it happening. Talk about a major bummer after such a major orgasmic explosion, especially as it was my first one ever with her.

But what she said was, “Actually, it’s not half bad…not like anything my girlfriends said it would be like.”

“Jesus,” I thought to myself. “You mean to tell me girls actually talk about shit like that when guys don’t?” And then I said…”Yeah?”

“Yeah, haven’t you ever tasted yourself?”

“Are you kidding? Why would I? Have you?”

Lily’s look gave me the answer. But what was even more interesting, was the fact we’d never really discussed it, never talked about it, it was a subject that just never came up, until now anyway. And then I suddenly knew, Lily masturbated too, obviously…and now I had another interesting image, fantasy, to add to my stored collection.

“Of course I am silly,” she responded back. “Kind of hard not to…you know?” As she now wiggled her fingers at me, laughing. Two fingers in fact, which again spoke volumes. “Well,” she then said, suddenly changing the subject to me here, leaving me with my mouth still hanging open, my somewhat flaccid dick still hanging out.

“I’d best go inside before mom discovers we’re out here,” she said, putting all my toys away, straightening her skirt once more, though tossing her cum filled panties into the back seat, along with the bra she’d discarded earlier. “Oh, and do me a favor though if you would please. When do you wash them? And you WILL be bringing them back, along with ALL my other bras, make sure you wash them on the delicate cycle, otherwise you’ll ruin everything.”

“Ah…Lily?” I began finally putting myself away. “Would you like it if I…” She actually blushed, giggled and then opened her car door stepping out before I could run around to do it for her. She stood waiting for me as I finally managed to get out myself, speaking at me over the roof of the car.

“Eventually…maybe. Let’s not rush things ok?”

“Ok,” I responded back a bit dejectedly, though I asked her something else. “Can I…at least see it again? This time a bit longer than a second or two? I mean after all, you’ve seen me…so I’d sort of really enjoy seeing you.”

She turned and walked up the steps towards the front door, but I heard her as she said, “Maybe…I’ll think about it.”

I kissed her goodnight at the door, thanked her for the lovely hand job, and floated home I think. It had been one of those incredibly memorable evenings. And yes…I washed her delicate stuff the following day after mom and dad left for a while. With plans on seeing her again the following day, even though it was a Sunday, her mom had pulled a Sunday shift at the restaurant she was working at, so we had every intention of taking advantage of things again. Something we always did too of course.

And we would yet again accomplish another milestone when we did.

*Mirror Images*

The nice thing about Sundays was, even though Sunday’s were a rarer day for us in being together, it was if Lily’s mom had to work one. When she did, it meant we had all sorts of private time to be together. Being Catholic, Lily’s sister and brother had no choice but to go to church. Which usually meant, a minimum of two hours, if not usually three where we were totally alone. Sure, Lily was expected to go too, but at eighteen now, that was one of the few things her mom allowed her to make her own decisions about.

And since she did go most of the time even then, on the days when her mom worked and didn’t go herself, neither did Lily. Though her sister and brother weren’t given the same options as she was. Which was fine by me. I pretty much had the same call myself needless to say. And so it was that I rushed over to her place the minute she called me to inform me her siblings had just left. After what happened the night before, I was hopeful for just about anything, and rushed over (with her panties and bras all cleaned and folded for her too!)

She must have been thinking about the night before almost as much as I had been. Almost from the moment I walked in the door, taking my hand, leading me over to sit down on the couch, we got right to it. This time there were no preliminaries, no small talk, no easing into anything. I honestly believe this was the first time she was hornier than I was!

I swear, it was inside of two minutes that I was sitting next to her on the couch sucking on her tits. And it was two minutes after that, when she asked me. “So…you still want to see it?”

Do bears shit in the woods? Though I think all I managed to do was sit there shaking my head yes. And then she stood, telling me she’d be right back as I watched her walk around the hallway corner heading towards her bedroom. I had no idea why…but I was certainly content to wait. She came back moments later carrying a fairly large hand held mirror. Ok, don’t laugh…but this is the way I first got a really good look at her pussy. No kidding.

Lily came out sitting back down next to me there on the couch. Curious, I sat waiting…wondering. “Sit back, look…it’s the only way you’re going to see it,” she told me. (No…I’m still not kidding here). So I did. She’d been wearing a skirt, and like the night before, she’d removed her panties, only this time, leaving them back in her bedroom perhaps. So there we are, sitting side by side on the couch, and she holds this enormous hand-held mirror down between her legs, and then says. “OK, go ahead and look.”

Now…it wasn’t the style back then to run around sporting a shaved, or even a trimmed pussy per say. And I’ll be the first to admit, I’d caught a glimpse here and there of my own mother’s on infrequent occasions. And she was Irish. So you can only imagine. But here…Lily being Spanish and all, I was surprised at what I initially was looking at. She didn’t have much pubic hair at all. And what she did have, was so fine…and thin, that it literally laid down straight, almost as though she’d combed it that way.

Now it’s not like I’d seen a lot of women’s cunts before…not like this anyway, mostly in a few magazines (the really dirty kind) where about all you ever did see was a thick bush. (Much like mom’s, only her’s was bright fucking red in color!) Lily’s pussy hair was jet black, but like I said, not much of it, thin, and wispy, laying down flat just above this magnificent looking slit. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. But…I wasn’t seeing much else, not certainly inside, not with her legs tightly closed, and me looking into a mirror at her, which we both were.

“Well? Satisfied?”

I think I remember saying “It’s beautiful!” (Score points for me on this one, because it led to a hell of a lot more because of it, I think.)

“Yeah? Really? Do you think so? Really?”

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