Feeling of first time I had it – 3

“Feeling of first time I had it” Part-2 Continues….

We do…we both do,” I said, stammering somewhat, more than a little flustered here for obvious reasons.

“Then explain it to me,” she said, taking a much larger pull on her beer before sitting it down again.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“Remember, we’re adults, talking frankly with one another, so don’t be so timid or shy. Hell Rick, you just saw my bare breast, so you must know I’m not exactly a prude, but I’ll be the first to admit, I’m probably not as knowledgeable as my own daughter is in certain areas. All I’m trying to do here is gain a better understanding of things. Frankly, oral sex…wasn’t part of our marriage,” she openly admitted. “In all the years that Michael and I were married, never once did he ever put his mouth on me, so I have no idea what that’s even like.”

“Holy shit, really?”

“Yes…really. And I only gave him a blowjob, I guess you call it, a handful of times. Not that he didn’t like it, because he did. But he struggled with liking it for some damned reason, possibly because he knew I was expecting some sort of similar back from him, which like I said, he never did. So…again, I’m asking partially out of curiosity, yes. What’s so special about it for one thing I suppose, but again…is it special enough that you think, or even that Lily might think, it will be good enough without going on to anything else.

And what about masturbation? I know she told me that the two of you enjoyed doing that for one another too. I just find it hard to accept that the two of you could also be content to just sit and masturbate one another without wanting to take everything further.”

My head was swimming here. Almost too much frankness in a way, especially coming from Lily’s mother. And especially as she continued ironing again, and as her robe once again parted, her breast playing peek-a-boob with me once more.

“Now, like I was saying, and asking. There is a reason for my bluntness here with you. I really am trying to understand better here. So let’s quit skirting around the issue, and be open and frank with one another…again like adults, ok?”

“Ok,” I said softly, still feeling a bit shaken, totally off guard, confused…even frightened in a way, and admittedly aroused, which was making it even worse. Up until now, I hadn’t really given much thought to just how attractive Lily’s mother really was. They had similar shaped and sized breasts, that much I had learned. Mila’s nipples seemed to be slightly larger in diameter, and perhaps slightly darker in color too. Lily’s were more of a dark tan, whereas Mila’s were a slightly darker color, more like a chocolate, which had a very interesting appeal to them, especially as hard as her nipples obviously were, though I had in fact only really seen one of them.

“Good…I’m glad to hear you say that,” she said, finishing off her beer, setting it off to one side. Though watching her as she turned, her robe now parted completely, the sash coming undone. I caught the briefest glimpse of a dark triangle of hair down between her legs, though she again caught her robe, reaching back, grabbing the tie, though only loosely wrapping it around itself once more before turning back towards me.

“So as I was saying Rick, do you actually enjoy doing that to her? You know…actually licking her? Sticking your tongue inside my daughter’s pussy? Or are you only doing that in an attempt to get her aroused, excited and thus wanting to do more with you than just that.”

Now I truly was uncomfortable. And not because of this conversation we were obviously having either. I was hard as a fucking rock, and thus sitting here, with my prick now cramped and aching like hell, was making it even worse for me.

“No, I like doing it for her…to her,” I finally managed to answer. “I like making her feel good.”

“So she does enjoy it then.”

“I think so, yes…I mean, she does come.”

Mila raised her eyebrows at that one. “So you’re saying she has an orgasm while you’re doing that?”


She fell silent for a moment as though trying to visualize that, reaching over, hanging up another ironed blouse, once again bending over towards the basket to retrieve another. I couldn’t help it, my eyes followed. Sure enough, the robe parted, billowing as she stood. Placing the wrinkled blouse on the board, though she appeared to still be thinking, not yet reaching for the iron. Her right breast this time fully exposed as she stood there.

“So you don’t mind the way she tastes? That doesn’t bother you? You don’t find that repulsive or anything?”

I swallowed, swallowed hard, reached for my now empty beer.

“Why don’t you grab us each other,” she said, seeing me doing that. “And when you come back, I expect you to answer my question.”

The problem was, the moment I stood up to do that, I knew I’d most likely embarrass myself. Good hell, I had a fucking hard on, and there was no way in hell she wasn’t going to not see that. She held out her empty hand to me to throw it away. I had no choice now, figuring that maybe if I moved fast enough, quickly enough, she wouldn’t notice. I stood, grabbing my empty, and then hers, and then walking as quickly as I could back into the kitchen again, taking time to adjust myself as best as I could before grabbing two more beers for us.

There were two more remaining, and somehow I knew before the night was over, we’d have gone through the entire six-pack. I took a deep breath, looked down, checking myself. It was still obviously hard, and there was still a bit of a bulge, but at least it wasn’t quite as noticeable as it had been the first time. I came back into the room, handing her her beer. Her breast once more carefully tucked away. But I saw her eyes, took note of the fact that they immediately looked down in the direction of my crotch. “Holy fucking shit! She HAD seen!” I thought to myself, which she confirmed seconds later.

“Obviously you are aroused thinking about that,” she began, confirming my own suspicions. “I couldn’t help but notice,” she actually grinned just a little. “I can see and understand to some degree why you would be, and while admittedly I am too, just a little. It’s hard not to be,” She said chuckling at the unintended reference to my hard stiff cock. “Admittedly Rick, it has been a while for me obviously, as I’m sure you must know.

I’m certainly no prude either, I’m just like everyone else in that regard as well. I have desires, fantasies, thoughts, just like everyone else. But I do what I can to control them, work through them, and with them. Do I masturbate? Certainly, I am after all only human…just like the two of you. And am I tempted from time to time? To go out, be with a man again? Of course I am. But I have learned to control those desires, put them off…and in some ways, ignore them.”

“Glad you can,” I said aloud, not really meaning to perhaps, but I did. “I sure as hell know I couldn’t!”

Her eyes grew wide upon hearing that. Her smile took on an almost sinister appearance as she nodded her head at me. “And that dear boy…is my point. I’m not sure I can trust you not trying to pressure Lily into having sex with you eventually, even though she has herself promised me she wouldn’t. But…you still haven’t answered my other question either. So before we take this any further, I’d still like to hear what it is you have to say about the other.”

On the one hand, I wanted to stand up and bolt out the door. On the other hand, I was eerily aroused at this point, strangely enough, finding this whole conversation bizarre yes, but erotically arousing too. I decided to remain, see what else was going to come out of this, and where this all was eventually headed. One thing was for sure, Lily was going to get an earful when we next spoke again.

“Sweet. She tastes sweet. I like licking her pussy. I get as much pleasure in doing that for her, as I think she gets from my doing that to her.”

It was at that very moment I decided to fight fire with fire. If it had been, or was Mila’s intent to throw me off, embarrass me, or chase me away, by trying to intimidate me, or scare me, she was about to find out otherwise. If anything, it was now time to turn the tables on her to some degree perhaps.

Maybe now it was time to shock her, put her back onto the balls of her feet, get her to back off…accept things the way they were, and allow the two of us to make our own decisions. Though I was still pretty sure that sexual intercourse with Lily was a long way off. Maybe not until she actually graduated…but a long way off yet, yes.

**Things heat up, in more ways than one.**

“So you DO like doing it then. You’re not just going through the motions, doing something just to get your own way with her.”

“Yes, I like it. I enjoy going down on her, licking her pussy, especially sucking her clit.”

Yeah, maybe it was more than I should have said, or what I should have been telling her, sharing with her, but like I said, this was becoming a war of sorts, in a way. Though I was now wondering, asking myself if I had gone too far, especially by the look on her face. The fact she too now had to be flustered became obvious as she bent over once more reaching into the rapidly dwindling pile of skirts and blouses in her laundry basket.

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