Falling in love with Mary – 02

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Falling in love with Mary – 02 continues….

“Leave it,” you said from the doorway.

I glanced at you over my shoulder, noting how your eyes were glued to my naked ass. “Leave it open. I want the world to hear you while I fuck you.” I moaned at your words, and you crossed the distance between us, pressing your naked body against my back and pulling me hard into you. Your tongue and teeth found every spot on my neck and shoulders that drove me wild, and in an instant I was grinding my ass back against your sex, whimpering.

I took your hands from their hold on my hips and brought one up to my breast as I forced the other between my thighs, against my dripping pussy. I tried to turn to face you, to kiss you, but you kept me locked where I was; your fingers teased my nipples, your hand stroked my wet, naked pussy, slowly, lightly.

“Baby, I can’t take this anymore — the bed, Mary, please,” I gasped, as your fingertips continued their agonizing dance over my throbbing clit. You broke away from me and began pulling me to the bed, but I pushed you down on top of it and straddled your hips, lowering my body till our nipples met and my hair hung down around your face. Slowly, I moved, fluidly, liquidly, my hips grinding as I rode your naked hips and began tracing your bottom lip with my tongue.

“Go slow with me for a moment,” I whispered, kissing your lips. “Not for long, baby, just a little while.” I kissed your neck, letting my tongue trace circles over your flesh.

“I don’t know if I can, love.”

“Please, baby,” I kissed your mouth again, whimpering as I pressed my swollen clit against your flesh. “I’ve wanted this for so long… And we’re probably never going to have another chance like this again. I want to make it last, lover. I want to make it last a lifetime.” I kissed you deeply, sucking your tongue into my mouth as I brought my hands up to tease your breasts.

Releasing your mouth, I slowly moved my body lower against yours, letting my wet pussy slip over your thigh. I kissed your shoulders, your chest, your breasts, before letting my tongue dance over your nipple, sucking it into my mouth and feeling its texture beneath my tongue and between my teeth.

I moaned at the pleasure of having you in my mouth, and couldn’t help but bring my hand down to caress my sex as I continued to suckle and bite. My pussy had long since passed the word “need” and had gone straight on to “desperation”, and I attempted to calm my frenzy by lightly touching myself as I made love to you. But you felt what I was doing, and without a warning — quite unfair, lover — you suddenly had me on my back, looking up at your fierce and burning eyes. I tried to speak, but you silenced me with the most intense kiss of my life, forcing my legs apart in one violent move.

Your hands were on my breasts — not gently caressing, not teasing, not loving… they were frenzied, wanting, taking; there was no doubt in my mind who my body now belonged to. Your mouth encircled my nipple, and I felt your teeth bite down in your overwhelming hunger, as a bolt of heat shot straight through my body and my sex. Your body lay between my splayed legs, and I began to grind against you, needing pressure, needing release. You moaned into my breast as you felt my wet heat rubbing against your skin.

“Baby, please….”

Your head shot back, away from my body, your eyes gleaming with lust, dominance, and mischief. “Please what?”

“Taste me… please… God Mary, I need your mouth on me…”


“I am begging!”

“Beg on your hands and knees.” Your eyes sparkled in the dim lighting, and you moved away to stand at the foot of the bed. Compliant and only slightly grinning, I rolled over onto my stomach and slowly, slowly, rose up on all fours, pushing my ass into the air. “Please,” I whimpered. “Mary, please…. eat my pussy… God I need your tongue in my pussy…” I thrust my ass, my sex, towards you, quivering with the need to feel your mouth.

I didn’t have to wait long. Suddenly I felt your hot tongue licking the curve of my ass, down to my naked lips, my clit, the entrance to my sex, every inch dripping wet with my arousal. I moaned and pushed back against your face as you began fucking my pussy with your tongue. My knees were growing weaker by the moment; but more than this, I needed to see you — I needed to watch you as you licked me, sucked me, fucked me.

I fell onto my stomach and rolled over, breaking the connection between your mouth and my sex for a few agonizing moments. Then you returned, your tongue slowly licking between my swollen lips, tasting every drop of me that I had to offer you. I moaned, grinding against your face as you sucked my clit into your mouth, your tongue dancing over its throbbing heat. “Oh God, Mary — baby, fuck me! Fuck me, lover!” My hips bucked wildly into the air as you thrust three fingers deep inside of me, stretching my wet sex to the limit. “Mary!”

Suddenly your face was inches above mine, your body stretched out against my own as you pushed deep into me, again and again. I pulled you down on top of me, claiming your mouth and tasting my need on your lips. I moaned at my own scent and licked every spare drop from your chin and mouth. I felt you tickling and teasing my ass, not as a request, but as a statement of what you were about to claim.

As I relaxed my body, I felt you slip inside of me, and the feeling of You filling all of me was almost too much to bear. “Harder, baby!” I cried in your ear. “God fuck me hard!” It felt as if you were tearing me apart, so frenzied were your thrusts, and I met each one with a moan and my grinding hips. My fists were clutching the sheets so hard I was sure they were going to rip. When I felt the curve of your fingertips stroking my pussy as you fucked me, I began to lose my mind.

“Baby, no… please, I can’t.. don’t… make me cum, not yet… please…” I didn’t want it to end, I wanted this torture and pleasure to go on forever, I wanted this feeling of finally being owned, loved, and fucked by you to last for a lifetime.

I tried to push you away, but you weren’t having it. “Mary, no — don’t let me cum!” Your thrusts became harder, more violent and rough. “Oh Christ! Mary!” I threw my legs around your body as I gave up my fight, taking all of you that I could deep into my pussy and ass. Just as I was about to crash over the edge into the abyss, you pulled away, your fingers leaving my hot aching need unsatisfied.

Rolling onto your back, you took me with you, pulling me hard on top of you and crushing my mouth with a kiss. I spread your legs with my knee and pressed my throbbing clit against your own, moving my hips to ride the two together as our tongues made love. I placed my hands on either side of your face and pushed myself up, still rubbing against you, and slowly lowered my breast to you, hungry, waiting; I lightly rubbed my nipple across your lips before you sucked it into your mouth and between your teeth.

Grinding my sex against yours, feeling your teeth and your tongue on my flesh, the only clear thought that made it through the haze of ecstasy was that I could not wait another moment to have your wet sex in my mouth and surrounding my senses. I pulled away from you and nipped and licked my way down your body, pausing at your breasts and hips and thighs before slowly dipping into the heat of your pussy. Your clit felt like heaven against the tip of my tongue, and I felt drunk on the aroma of you. I could have stayed there forever and been perfectly happy with my lot in life.

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