A sweet gift for my husband – 02

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I closed my eyes and moaned as he pushed his tongue in and out. I made him continue until my throbbing clit couldn’t handle anymore. Standing up, I lay back on the bed and spread my legs open, reached down and opened my pink pussy for him.

“Make me cum.” I placed my feet on his broad shoulders. “And fast. You can take your time later if you do a good job.”

Brad didn’t lick my pussy, he attacked it. Plunging two fingers into it he began roughly shoving them in and out. I was so wet I could hear his fingers plunging into my sopping cunt. As I’d demanded he wasn’t teasing or playing. Fastening his lips to my clit, Brad began sucking hard enough for his lips to smack when he released it. I released a long low moan as my yearning clit was finally receiving some well-deserved attention.

I let my head fall back onto the bed and grabbing my tender nipples began twisting them. I moaned softly at the divine mix of pain and pleasure flowing through my sensitive tits. Brad was slamming his fingers hard enough into me to hurt, but all that served to do was cause my pussy to gush around his long thick fingers. I lifted my hips in time with his thrusts, helping to drive him even deeper into me.

I turned my head to the side and smiled at my reflection in the mirror over the bureau. Brad on his knees, his powerful form slicked with sweat and his face buried between my thighs. I pulled on my nipples watching in the mirror as my red nails worked my sore pink nubs. My face was flushed and my eyes glazed over with lust. It was a hell of a visual and another thrill went through me at how good of show this was.

Brad began sucking my clit harder and faster and my hips matched his pace. I could already feel my orgasm building within me and began whimpering as each hard suck brought me that much closer.

“Fuck yeah.” I moaned, “Suck my pussy! Get me all hot and wet for that big fucking cock!”

I gasped and arched my back off the bed. Pushing my feet hard against his shoulders, I strained to push my pussy as hard into him as I could.

“Oh,” I whimpered, “So close! Suck me faster, suck…”

My words turned into a sharp cry of surprise and pain when with no warning Brad roughly shoved a finger in my ass. At the same time he gave my clit a nip with his teeth and the additional pain sent me over the edge.

I came like an animal, head back, mouth wide open and wailing like a banshee. Bucking my hips wildly, I gave my nipples a hard pinch and screamed again. Clamping my thighs tightly around Brad’s head, I ground my quivering pussy into his face. His fingers continued to work both my holes and I squealed in pleasure as my body contracted around them.

I squeezed my nipples harder and released cry after cry of pure pleasure as I writhed on the bed helpless against the amazing orgasm having its way with my body. I lifted my hips and arched my back until I heard it crack. My body seemed to hesitate for a moment then with a scream that tore through my already sore throat and when my pussy contracted then released in convulsion of wet heat.

Brad flinched between my legs and I felt a warm sticky flood of fluid begin to drip down my thighs and flow through my pussy and around his fingers. I let my legs fall from his shoulders and knowing what was coming, Brad pulled his face away. My body spasmed again and a long stream sprayed from my quivering pussy to splatter his face and chest.

With a pathetic sounding whimper my body relaxed and I slumped down onto the bed gasping for breath.

“Holy shit.” I stared up at the ceiling which appeared to be spinning. “I came so fucking hard!”

Brad eased his fingers from my holes and I smiled at the wet sound when they left my dripping pussy. With a smile he wiped his fingers along his face and put them in his mouth.

“Speaking of hard.” I said, propping myself up on my elbows, “You better be ready to fuck me.” Brad stood up to show me his big beautiful cock was almost as hard as it was before. He shoved his jeans down and as he kicked them off, I slid to the edge of the bed and sitting up took him in my hand.

“I think we can get him harder, don’t you?”

Without waiting for his response I took him back into my mouth and now with the edge off took my time. I sucked him slowly down to the base of his shaft and shaking my head back and forth worked my mouth back up his delicious cock. I bobbed my head in a low steady rhythm enjoying every inch of him as well as knowing how good my mouth looked making the slow trip up and down his once again throbbing prick. After all, my hubby did deserve a good show.

I glanced up to see Brad watching and took him deep once more letting him admire the view before releasing him. His gorgeous cock was standing at full attention and I smiled up at him.

“Hard again already,” I sighed, “I’m a lucky woman. Some men can barely get it up at once.”

“Then they’d be a waste of a woman like you.”

“Yes they would. But not you. Now,” lying back on the bed I lifted my legs and placed my feet on his shoulders. “How about you show me how a real man fucks a hot wife?”

“You’re the boss,” he grinned, stepping forward and sliding his cock teasingly through my wet lips.

“Good that you know that.” I told him, “Now do what your boss told you too!”

I screamed the last word when he plunged his cock balls deep into my still oozing twat. He held it there for a moment and I sighed at the feeling of my pussy stretching to accommodate his thick pole. Brad groaned and when he grabbed my ankles I could feel his hands trembling and saw the muscles tense in his chest and shoulders as he prepared to give it to me just the way I needed it.

He withdrew his cock to the tip then slammed it back into me so hard I cried out even though I had been ready for it. This time Brad didn’t linger he began fucking me as hard and fast as he could. I stared up at him yelping at every brutal thrust as he gave my pretty pussy the pounding it sorely needed. Brad grabbed my ankles and brought my feet to his lips, licked the bottom of each from heel to toe, before sucking each of them one by one.

I loved having my feet worshiped and moaned softly while watching his tongue work across my feet. He was fucking me hard enough for me to feel his balls slapping against me, but as good as it felt I wanted more.

“Harder, baby, harder!”

Putting my ankles together, Brad pulled up on them, lifting my ass effortlessly off the bed. That caused his cock to drive into me even deeper and I cried out in approval. Dropping me back onto the bed, he placed his arms behind my legs and leaning forward bent them back until my feet were over my face. He started plunging his cock straight down into my pussy and I began squealing in not just pleasure, but it was beginning to hurt as well.

Brad knew it and he had an evil little smile on his face as he hammered away at my helpless pussy. His dark eyes were bright as he stared down at me and He squeezed my ankles hard enough to make me whimper. That spurred him on to fuck me even harder and I could feel my sticky juice splattering down my thighs.

“Oh god you’re fucking deep!” I cried, “God it’s good to get fucked right!”

“I haven’t started yet.” He said and whipping his cock out, grabbed my hips and with a wrench of his shoulders flipped me over onto my stomach.

I had barely hit the bed when he dug his fingers hard enough into my hips to make me yelp and yanked my ass up and towards him. He pulled me to my knees and drove his cock into me in one long hard stroke.

“You always know just how to fuck me don’t you, baby?”

“Just how you taught me.” He moaned behind me while plundering my pussy from behind.

His balls were now slapping my clit and I moaned each time it did. I looked to the side and admired the view of him standing there fucking me while I was on my hands and knees, my legs sticking over the bed. The sight of his naked well muscled body behind my slender form looked almost as good as his cock felt. I was yelping louder and louder and sliding my hand down between my legs began rubbing my clit.

I whimpered at how worked up I was despite having just cum and started working my hard button in fast circles while Brad moaned and gasped behind me. He was breathing like a bull and his fingers were pressing harder into my soft hips. I knew he was getting close again and called out, “Just a little more, baby! I want to cum again! Fuck me until I cum!”

Brad started to slow down, but I cried, “No! faster, harder! You can’t cum until I do!”

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