A honest and hot Encounter with my farm lady

Hi everyone this is my story, the way I had my sex with my farm lady. I’m Ajith from Calcutta, completed my graduation and working in MNC which is loaded with dolls circumventing me. I like little kid’s boobs to suck like a mango and snatch ass as football toward my penis. More than little kids I like mature ladies who have large boobs and ass.

I’m truly distraught about amazingly mature ladies. Since youth I used to watch the boobs of them who come to my home and stroke off and ponder them.

Allow me to come to the story. I’m 6feet tall with medium DICK size. During the excursion I used to visit our field and have shower in a stream close to our field. Like some ranch house keeper working around the used to wash their material and their hot hard body in the waterway.

I used to watch while washing, generally having full perspective on their boobs (with coat) while washing their fabric and halfway tissue part of their boobs while changing their dress on the waterway side. This happen each time I went to waterway its psyche publishing content to a blog sex places. I generally want to screw one of them. In contrast with city young ladies these ladies have a solid body to endure the power of man and their tremendous boobs and ass, their dark skin is marvelous.

Like this I went to clean up in the stream late at night so nobody was there so I chose to have a bare shower in the waterway and stroking off inside the waterway. Out of nowhere I heard the stride of somebody coming toward me. It’s our neighbor ranch house keeper Kamala, age around 36, a booby structure 38-36-38 with such gigantic construction.

On seeing I invite her, while coming on way toward waterway she saw my clothing in stream side and had a metaphor and enquired about my wellbeing and I notice a year old kid in his midsection, I asked her who was that, his replay was stunning that is child (at age 36).I grinned and praised her.

To which she enquired for what reason am I chuckling. I only replied when she demanded it. Since she is a servant unafraid I addressed “following long term birth of first and second kid, you and ur spouse getting a charge out of sexual coexistence and bringing forth third kid”.

To which she replayed more than my better half cock  isn’t fulfilling. To answer, I got a moment hard inside the water. Also, she tied this skirt over the boobs and began washing her material. In the span of not many moments her whole skirt was wet and her coin in boobs is apparent and my longing to screw her mounted like a paradise.

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Out of nowhere her youngster began to cry; she went there to bosom feed the kid. I was anxious to see her boobs, however she wouldn’t remove the skirt since it was tied at her back, yet the youngster was crying like anything. So she called to eliminate his bunch, however I was naked and the fabric was not in reach so I said if it’s not too much trouble, attempt to eliminate ur self. In any case, she proved unable. Again she demanded of me, I replayed my circumstance. to which she answered nothing will occur assuming I see u naked… … .,please… …

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