The football party with a twist – part 1

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Henry’s hands came up to cup her breasts, fingers squeezing . . . molding. Moaning softly, she arched her back, jutting her tits out to display them and her proud, erect nipples.

“Ok guys, here’s the deal,” Henry announced, his hands manipulating her luscious mounds. “We’re all gonna enjoy my beautiful little wife here. Basically, whatever you want. BUT, if she tells you to stop doing something… anything… you stop.” He looked around the room to make sure they all understood before setting up the beginning scene he’d been fantasizing. “Alright then. Baby, let’s get you lying atop the table here so I can stuff my cock in your mouth while someone eats your pussy.”

While the others started undressing Henry helped Pam get settled. They’d used the table before – when it was just the two of them – so he knew that if she settled her ass at the one edge, her head would be right at the opposite edge, allowing him to easily enter her at either end. As he guided her into position she spread her legs, bending her knees and setting her feet on a couple little pegs Henry had added to the table for their fun.

Once she was settled he quickly stripped. When he dropped his pants and underwear his rigid cock sprang free, the tip shiny with pre-cum. Filling one hand with her hair, he moved toward her. Pam reached for him; one set of fingers wrapped themselves around his thick shaft as best they could and tugged needily, her other hand reached around him to grab his ass. She stared at his cock, heated breaths slipping past her parted lips. The bulbous head approached.

Her tongue darted out, licking at the pre-cum. He set the tip against her lips . . . leaned forward . . . pushed the head past them . . . into her mouth. Her lips followed its contours, hugging it tightly. Inches of his manhood followed . . . her lips remaining locked around it . . . the hand grabbing his ass pulling him to her greedily. As his hips pressed forward her lips eventually met her fingers, stopping his progress.

Reveling in the sensation of her suckling mouth he held himself steady and gazed down on his beautiful wife with her lips wrapped tightly around his cock. She lay splayed across the table, eyes closed, features radiating desire. With her arms raised to him as they were, her luscious tits quivered ever so slightly, topped by her hard nipples and speckled by freckles. Between her spread legs her wet panties clung to her even wetter sex.

In his peripheral vision he saw the others approach.

A hand appeared . . . reached out . . . covered one of her breasts.

“Mmm,” she mewed in her throat as Bill’s fingers squeezed her full mound.

George’s hand soon covered her other breast, eliciting another mew.

Kneeling between her legs, Joe slipped his arms under her limbs and slid them onto his broad shoulders. The fingers of one hand pulled her panties aside. Her neatly shaved pussy glistened with her juices. At the center of her inflamed sex her pink lips were slippery wet and starting to flower open in invitation. Her swollen clit poked out from under its hood.

Joe leaned forward . . . his tongue darted out to flicker against her engorged button.

“Mmm!” She whimpered, her body shuddering.

Watching their friends touching her, Henry felt his lust surge. He drew his hips back, withdrawing his cock until only the head remained within her mouth’s wet embrace. He pushed forward again, sliding himself back into her mouth until her lips again met her fingers. He pulled back . . . slid forward . . . back . . . forward.

Inches of his thick shaft slowly pumped in and out of her mouth, the hand on his ass urging him on, pulling him to her with each forward thrust, while her fingers tugged at the base of his cock.

Bill and George each manipulated her breasts, making them bulge and flow fluidly under their tensing fingers. Every few seconds one or the other would take a nipple between thumb and forefinger and give it a tweak, sometimes gently, sometimes not. Then they’d cover the breast, palm flattening the swollen nipple under it, fingers squeezing so that her flesh protruded from between them.

Between her legs Joe licked her pussy, his tongue slithering up and down her slit . . . rolling over her clit again and again. And each time he brushed against her button she’d mew around Henry’s shaft.

“Oh God, you are so beautiful, Baby” Henry groaned watching all this. “Such a beautiful little slut.”

“Mmm,” she mewed.

George’s hand changed position, cupping her tit and holding it steady as he lowered his mouth to cover her nipple.

“Mmm,” her back arched, offering herself to him. Her hand jerked away from Henry’s ass to grab the back of George’s head and hold it.

“Oh yea, you like that don’t you, Baby,” Henry growled, the pace of his rocking hips building.

“Mmm,” was his answer.

Joe licked her pussy, his tongue diving . . . swirling through her juices . . .

Lapping at her clit . . .

“You like being a naughty slut,” Henry groaned, watching the men touch his wife.

Bill lowered his mouth to her other nipple.

“Mmm. Mmm. Mmm!” She whimpered, her body quivering.

Henry watched his cock sliding in and out of her mouth . . . watched their friends touching her . . . sucking her tits . . . licking her pussy. He watched her body responding . . . her muscles shuddering . . . her flesh trembling . . .

“God, you are loving this,” he groaned.


“You’re being so naughty.”

“Mmm,” her hand tugged harder . . . hungrier at his pumping cock.

“Yes, you are,” he groaned, his hips rocking faster.

In and out of her mouth his cock slid . . .

Back and forth it glided along her lips . . .

In and out . . .

Back and forth . . .

In . . .

Out . . .

Back . . .

Forth . . .

Bill and George kept their mouths locked atop her breasts . . . suckling at her nipples . . . their tongues swirling over the swollen nubs. Their hands fondled her mounds . . . fingers squeezing . . . molding.

Joe brought two fingers to her opening . . . massaging her walls while his tongue continued to lick and lap at her.

“Suck it, Baby,” Henry groaned, his lust building. “Suck it like the little slut you are.”

Mewing around his pistoning cock Pam’s one hand remained holding the back of George’s head while the fingers of her other tugged at her husband’s member. She lay on the table, her body quivering from the multitude of attention.

His fingers continuing to massage the walls of her opening, Joe set his mouth directly atop her swollen clit to lap and press at the engorged button with his tongue.

“Mmm!” She whimpered almost immediately, her muscles starting to clench, her fingers tightening around Henry’s shaft.

“Yea, that’s my little slut,” Henry recognized the signs of her approaching climax.

Purring around the cock fucking her mouth, Pam’s back slowly arched up off the table, feeding herself to George’s suckling mouth even as she pressed harder on his head. Up . . . up . . . up her body arched, her legs pushing down on Joe’s shoulders, her hips lifting off the table to press her sex on his tongue and fingers.

“Yea, you’re being so naughty, Baby,” Henry told her, his fingers tensing in her hair.

Laying there, being suckled, fucked, and licked . . . her body arching off the table, Pam’s nearing orgasm caused her muscles to start to clench and her neck to bend back, straining.

Bill pulled up from her breast to stare down at her, his hand remaining on her full mound, fingers squeezing.

Henry’s cock pumped . . .

In . . .

Out . . .

Pam’s fingers bounced off her lips . . .

Joe shifted his head slightly, changing the angle of attack upon her clit.

“MMM!” She cried, her back arching higher as the orgasm exploded through her. With her body bent into the air she writhed and twisted as electricity jolted along her nerves and her muscles spasmed.

Loose strands of her hair hung over the table edge, a few sticking to the light coating of sweat upon her cheek and forehead. Her eyelids were closed tightly, her features contorting with the ecstasy rolling through her while her lips remained locked tightly around Henry’s pistoning shaft.

“Yes!” Henry cheered, thrilled by her beauty.

“Mmm! Mmm! MMM!” She moaned and whimpered.

“Damn, that’s hot,” Logan groaned off to one side where he, Alex, and Ted were waiting.

Pam continued writhing through the explosive orgasm. One second her body was forcing her pussy at Joe’s lapping tongue, the next it was shoving her tit at George’s suckling mouth, and the next it was cramming her other breast at Bill’s playing fingers. Under a sheen of sweat her flesh trembled, her abs quivering spastically.

Watching this, Henry felt his lust building and he humped himself at her mouth faster.

In . . .

Out . . .

After a few minutes her orgasm began to subside. Her body relaxed, settling back to the table where she trembled through a couple aftershocks.

The men continued their attentions; fingers squeezing, mouth suckling, tongue licking . . . cock pumping.

Then Joe pulled away from her clit to lick her pussy a few times, lapping at her orgasmic juices. Pulling away completely he stood up, draping each of her legs over the crux of an elbow, his hands cuffing her thighs.

Weakened by her juices and their recent treatment, Pam’s panties remained stretched out of the way on their own, leaving her glistening pussy exposed. Joe’s rigid cock stood out from his body . . . aimed directly at her wetness.

Henry reflexively compared himself to his friend. He judged that they were about the same size; longer and thicker than average, but not massive.

Joe set the tip of his sizable cock between her slippery folds . . .

Rubbed it around . . .

Pam’s hips rolled in invitation . . .

She mewed needily around Henry’s pistoning cock . . .

The tip settled at her opening . . .

Her hips froze . . .

Her labia wrapped themselves around the bulbous head . . . kissing it . . . sucking it . . .

He pressed forward . . .

Spread her walls . . . opened her . . .

Entered her . . .

First the head . . . then a few inches of his thick shaft . . .

The sight of this drew Henry’s climax to the edge. Tightening his grip in her hair he held her head still as he pumped his cock into her mouth again . . . and . . . again . . . using her . . . orally fucking her.

Tugging at his shaft, urging him toward orgasm, she reveled in his use of her as her fingers bounced off her lips.

Joe pulled back, extracting a portion of his cock from her pussy. As he pressed forward again Pam lifted her hips, sliding herself onto his shaft. His . . . entire . . . length . . . disappeared inside her. Their crotches met. Their hips rolled . . . grinding.

“Oh God, her pussy feels good,” Joe sighed heavily.

Henry stared at their union. At his wife lying before him, legs spread wide as another man buried his cock deep inside her pussy. He stared at her panties; wet, weakened, and stretched aside. It brought his lust roaring to the forefront . . . his climax boiling up from his balls.

“Oh God, Baby. I’m gonna cum,” he groaned, his hips rocking faster and faster. “Swallow it. Swallow my cum, you little slut.”

“Mmm,” she mewed hungrily as she and Joe continued grinding their crotches together.

Henry pumped himself at her once . . . twice . . . three more times. Then he froze, his hips jutting forward, pressing her fingers firmly against her lips as his cock unleashed his semen.

She swallowed. As she had many times before.

But this time she did it more enthusiastically, her fingers tugging at his shaft insistently.

“Oh, fuck yea,” Henry groaned.

Understanding that she needed to focus, Joe held himself still within her velvety folds.

Finishing, Henry held himself in her mouth while she suckled on his softening member, milking the last drops from him.

Then Joe pulled back, removing most of his cock before sliding forward again.

“Ooh,” she purred, pulling her mouth off Henry’s now-limp member.

Joe started to slowly pump himself in and out of her pussy, working into a rhythm.

“Yes. Oh God, yes” she purred over and over as his full length thrusted into her.

Watching this, Henry released her hair and staggered back to lean against the nearest chair.

As he settled into place, Logan and Ted stepped up to the area he’d just vacated, each of them holding their own stiff cocks. Pam also saw them. She released her hold on George’s head to reach out with both hands and grab their cocks, tugging on them as she had Henry’s. Like Bill, George pulled away from her tit, straightening up to gaze down on her while continuing to fondle her breast with his hand.

Tugging on the two cocks, Pam’s hips rocked with Joe’s thrusts, matching his rhythm, humping herself at him. Her body rocked upon the table, her breasts jiggling slightly under the pair of hands manipulating them.

With Alex still standing off to the side watching and waiting Henry quickly gauged his friends’ cock sizes;

For himself he was glad to see that none of them were particularly huge.

For Pam he was glad to see they were all above average.

For the next few minutes the action at the table continued; two men molesting her breasts while she jerked off the other two and Joe fucked her. As Joe’s cock stuffed her pussy again and again her hips rose up to meet his thrusts. She purred and whimpered. Her back arched, offering her tits to the pair of hands.

“Damn, she’s beautiful,” Bill sighed.

“So damn hot,” Ted agreed.

“Yea, such a beautiful little slut,” Joe grunted, the force of his thrusts building.

In and out his cock pistoned . . .

Stuffing her pussy . . .

In . . .

Out . . .

Filling her . . .

Using her . . .

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